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  1. cheers steel is real... i had a steel NS Surge prior - bright Tonka tough yellow (just like the cool kids had in the 80's) this bad boy is a keeper. loving the UK approach to geo and Ti combo plus the modern interfaces. many Ti frames I looked at where often 5-10yrs behind the times: steep boxy angles, QR axles, designed for old XC chaps 😂
  2. for the ease to test the streaming waters i think Chromecast is a good option. its cheap, cheaper 2nd hand, small enough to buy/sell online. Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon music, youtube, etc. have introductory offers - try it and if you like it... happy days. if you don't, then understand why and go from there
  3. pain is literally in the mind, and when you have hours over days over weeks with everything in the body screaming "stop" you get very good at living with it
  4. in mt bike circles its recommended to keep wd-40 and crc away from suspension seals which can be sensitive to petro-chem solvents, they will perish then bleed suspension juice everywhere vinyl would also be susceptible to this also yes? melting or deforming at the near-micro level (not leaking juice) and it would embed itself deep in the groves and collect crap
  5. Let me talk to mother. This local Adelaide chap, Wolfgang, is looking after the train stuff
  6. My mum's brother passed away a few months back and mum travelled down from Brisbane to Adelaide to sort what there was of his estate. he was a bit of a collector / hoarder - everything from antiques, train engine whistles, coins and notes, and boxes of music.... 80 odd 45 from 60s and 70s mostly Australian pressed, first or early issues, most just the sleeve tho. not kept overly well but discs looked fine if in need of a good dusting 80 odd DVD and CDs (All the LPs were take by his old friend ) he had an eclectic taste - your typical pop and rock from that time, orchestral, jazz, lots of live performances I only had a quick flick through and put a few items into discogs to see what's what. the pick was a CD box set of The Easybeats, still half wrapped in its shirk wrap, probably only played once. I've got only limited interest in the 45s and digital media. I'm wanting advise, tips, ideas of what to do about the music as mum really only shipped the music up thinking I'd be all over it. I suggested taking the time to capture it all in a Discog collection - at least that way its easy enough to share for a bulk sale, we'd have a better idea if there's any item fetching a pretty penny or we can just let them sit listed for sale in the platform to see what happens. its just that mum might struggle with the app by her self. Mum spoke to a local suburban record store who didn't show much interest. Or list them here? cheers
  7. my current integrated amp comes with most digital features baked in but for a second system I'm keen to go with separates with something like this to still have those digital options when convenience and selection favours dedicated vinyl listening
  8. hi, what power supply unit does it come with?
  9. Hi Mark, do you have a thread / page with more details on this unit and review thoughts on SQ, plus how it compares to other options i dig the idea behind these Pi based units, just not in a position to buy just now ps - love your work
  10. the over-run is certainly addictive it might take a bit to dig out some vid footage from when i mod'ed the exhaust with an axle-back (from Remus). sounded best with the "delete" fitted... even if we didn't get flames shooting the back like we hoped
  11. could be interesting to drop by a store, show feigned interest, see how the sales folk go about promoting it and handling the tricky questions
  12. what's with the arm pictured? referring to the holes and numbering. to me it looks like a length adjustment??? IDK. has me curious but not enough to dig into the ref material myself...
  13. https://www.discogs.com/Nirvana-Nevermind/release/7097051 ??
  14. winner! i got Nevermind also, the B2B release - i usually stay away from that label already had MTV Unplugged did u get the B2B also? they go OK for me, not best or a standout but far from poor
  15. http://www.bmwblog.com/2018/01/23/video-bmw-m140i-vs-bmw-m240i-get/ I came across this 1 vs 2 M*40i article on the bmw blogs (few months old, apologies if its been discussed already) no surprises in outcome apart from the diff in price that seems to be exaggerated here in Aust, grrr
  16. Item: 5-7m single RCA cable Price Range: $30-45 pick-up / shipped to BNE Item Condition: Used Extra Info: subwoofer "friendly" ( convince me ) prefer thinner over thicker, it has to run under a carpet rug, say 5mm or less male to male Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  17. I have a similar set-up but in the multi-use lounge room - just a little bigger but on one end opens its open to the dinning and kitchen area. My psb bookshelves go down to a claimed 55hz, (vs the 75Hz of your v7's) I've matched them with a yamaha sub (on the basic side but does the trick). once you get it set (which can require a bit of trial and error, tinkering, and room placement experiments) it doesn't dominate the music but you do notice when its turned off. it lets speaker do their thing and adds good slam and rhythm with the extra tension in bass driving the tunes along. you'll also get to experience those floor shaking deep strings and synth bass that you'd be currently missing out on. for you budget I'd go for a 2nd hand sub or 2 even... you can always sell it on if your circumstances change and the opportunity for more full range tower speakers presents itself.
  18. the sony write up has shown me some finger-prints of an amp (or set-up in general) that are potentially unfavourable - again articulated in a way that cuts to the heard of the matter and makes sense to me and rather than just rubbishing it outright, i can understand the approach may be preferred in some circumstances.... as pointed out by @rantan
  19. big thanks to Cam and David and everyone else that welcomed my new face at the get together hopefully see you all again
  20. what a weapon that trek looks, bit clean no? lol.... I ride those same places, i'll keep an eye out, but usually late arvo owing to late night listening sessions (yeah maybe a bit of drinking) will you participate at those races out at Hidden Vale? the 3+3 and epic, i think they call them?
  21. i've found it hit and miss, I have some great coloured/white/clear releases and some absolute shocking examples. now I'll try see if discogs has any comments about the release. in the absence of reviews and given a choice I opt for black. it seems to be the vogue to have a limited run coloured disk for pop / newly produced music. Some Aussie bands do this (even JB HiFi "exclusive" items) and you see them listed for sale over seas at 2-3 times the price we can get retail (makes me smile, like the tables have momentarily turned for us - more so when I know the super-fun special edition is a dud)
  22. yes yes just jokes, same has been said about 2-series coupes new Supra is getting closer, joint project with new Z4
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