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  1. this has been getting a fair amount of rotation of late Olympia (11) - Flamingo LP, Album, Ltd, Mag EMI 7746238 2019 Australia
  2. i think there's a wide perception those scratches and pops etc. is normal, its what vinyl all is about - we suffer for our art. they don't realize that even a half descent budget set-up with a clean disk will be free from that "lovely warm fuzz with the clicks and pops that lets you know you're listening to vinyl"
  3. hello and welcome hope you enjoy yourself see you around
  4. cheers, will add to the reading list I'm reading that book "how music works" by David Bryne of Talking Heads. he makes mention of recording there. I was also reading about the recording of Brother's in Arms also at some Caribbean island - but its seems not specifically at Compass Pint for that album. seems tropical islands were all the vogue for recording at that time
  5. The Legendary Flower Punk ‎– Zen Variations everything but vocals - funky progressive psychedelic with a twist of jazz fusion (they're a Russian experimental group...)
  6. Not that I've done much listening to Grace Jones but they say the production on these records is really something how are you finding this release? Back to Black can be hit and miss I've found.
  7. lovely easy going yet dark at times pop, driven by nice clean guitars, bass and piano/synth edit : this is a cover of the whole Cure album
  8. farout Bob, that sounds real bad and no doubt put several things into a new perspective for Christmas
  9. one of my fav late night spins (good test of system synergy also) MCA Records ‎– MCA-37072, 1981 (USA)
  10. earlier just getting towards the end of this
  11. cheers have added to the listen list don't mind me some Dark/Synth Wave
  12. welcome to the light my fav album of their is Aenima, tho for many its Lateralus
  13. another top 2019 release getting good rotation on my table
  14. ^^ really liked Astronaut so got the album just on that track alone it get a weekly spin. mines a bit noisy in places - particularly thru the transition into said Astronaut. C/D is cleaner than A/B
  15. https://www.soundtrack.net/album/bombshell/
  16. much appreciated, your technical knowledge and approachability both how you went about the reviews and interactions with us all here i got more out of a good read on your threads than most of the other sources out there on the subject cheers! have a fab summer holiday
  17. late start to proceedings for a friday night in
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