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  1. i was able to play on the Acoustic Modelling calculator and get an idea
  2. that's some pretty comprehensive subject matter. its not the first time I've tried wading into it but you've definitely added a degree of clarity without headache inducing statements (or opinions) - cheers. another topic entirely indeed, and without hijacking the thread I'm really trying to find my own comfortable balance point, somewhere among - do nothing, subjectively just put stuff up, putting a worthwhile degree of thinking and objective measurement into it, or doing a master's degree in applied acoustic engineering. Am I right that a take away is that the air gap is movi
  3. thanks for tips we should be moving into our new build in about 6 weeks. I was able to grab a bunch of perfectly fine left over HD fluffy batts and I plan to have a go at some top to bottom corner DIY "superchunk" traps, just the 2 behind speakers. then look into a worthwhile mic and software to get a measured baseline. I'm considering ceiling clouds and had the sparkie set it up so i can readily run some LED strips into the mix for effect.
  4. i've mixed results with colour/clear vinyl. some are fine, great even, yet I've got too many bad examples that ruin what are otherwise good albums I'd like to listen to more but can't bear to. given the option - black, unless there's enough reviews to say otherwise
  5. Purity Ring - Womb LP, Album 4AD 4AD0235LP 2020 US
  6. Moths pull ahead in evolutionary arms race with sophisticated wing design (phys.org) studies on moths reveal how they defeat a bat's echo-locating detection with wings that utilise broadband acoustic absorption. this is all the while still keeping the wing mass low and strong for its main design remit. will we see some trickle down into Hi-Fi products? or maybe listening room transformed into moth habitats? quote - Dr. Holderied, "Such a broadband absorption is very hard to achieve in the ultrathin structures of moths' wings, which is what make
  7. I'm sold cheers I'll try CRS directly or try pull some favours with tradie mates who hopefully have an account already
  8. as in you just set this up now? sweet
  9. quick question to the brains trust ref volume on the unit. I am i right that some people recommend that your amp (I assume they mean the separate power stage) should be set and left at full gain/volume and the pre-amp input used to set listening levels accordingly?? the specs for this state - 160W/ 4 ΩTHD = 10%; so far from fantastic as you move towards its red line currently I've got it set at about 20% / 9 o'clock as per the pic below. should i a) set it at max, b) leave it as is, or c) set it somewhere in between (say 12 o'clock) ?? cheers
  10. i remember seeing these a year back or so. i was going through another period where everything i come across was scoped for potential vinyl use. so its good to see its been picked up and put to task
  11. freaky I was in a very similar situation a few years back - late 70's TT, Onkyo integrated amp, eyeing off a 2M blue.. and the first external phono stage I moved onto was the wee fono mini. its not an overly refined unit but its... i would say fun - has a tight sense of rhythm and cheeky bass swagger. (its sitting in its box in my draw - PM if you want to talk). I've now settled with entry level Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 SE with the additional upgraded power supply. to me it just gets out of the way and lets the music and other components shine thru. while i'm running a Bronze 2M now, I'll still
  12. Only By The Night by Kings Of Leon 2xVinyl, LP, Album RCA, Sony BMG Music Entertainment88697 32712 1 2008 Europe if only all recent (i.e. since the LP "come back") vinyl releases were done this well. i don't froth over KoL but this grabs your attention and wont let go.
  13. Black Mountain - IV 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Whi Jagjaguwar, Jagjaguwar JAG277, JAG277LPC1 2016 US
  14. yeah go for it the time spent analysing this or that could be spent happily enjoying the music often coming to terms and appreciating any subtle differences comes with... listening experience over time (funny enough), and the fact its used means should you desire it can be replace with minimal hit to the back pocket
  15. what no vinyl spinning? that is very sad (unless you mean to say you've not installed it yet)
  16. i got about 1/2 way through, I'll probably watch the rest but it was a bit of a jerk-circle especially those getting all gooey but not necessarily because they like dedicated listening to good sounding music. sure they touched on hi-fi side, but I found it ironic that while trying to shift the stereo-types (no pun intended) they kinda re-enforced several
  17. any progress, activity thoughts on experience with the newly acquired items?
  18. nice how did you terminate the rods at very bottom ends at the floor? I thinking of a similar project but it will rest on carpet over concrete slab not wood
  19. are you considering 2nd hand? if you are based in the UK I'd have thought local options from Rega or Graham Slee would be on the table for consideration as they are in comparable class and price to the Mani (and there's likely other UK based and made options to consider also) the mani is widely regarded so I think you'll be fine
  20. i'm temporarily running such a combo in my living room system, the wxc-50 with a simple class-D amp. very versatile, takes up no room, really enjoying the grip on the bass, i can see the attraction of a good pre/amp combo or rather the ability to try options till you find a keeper to your tastes
  21. > an external phono stage - there are many 2nd hand options in the $200 ( hell i got a wee Rega mini not being used, i see you is in Bne if you want to dabble - just PM) > new cart - the AT95 /(newer) ATVM-95 options would be top of my list they are in the area of $100 new > odds and ends: platter mat (leather or the fancy branded mystery mixture ones), carbon brush, cleaning spray, you might need additional cables to incorporate the phono stage, cart alignment and tracking force tools, test LP, etc, etc. these should yield noticeable changes but aren't immedi
  22. yep on my watch list maybe even tonight's viewing if i got time after spinning the compulsory minimum of 3LPs nightly
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