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  1. my research suggested that if going double glazing there's a few variables to be across, otherwise you may not get sufficient benefit - the thickness of each pane and the gap. ideally at least 12mm gap and different thickness for each pane. while there's real benefit with 100-200mm air gaps, the framing etc gets complicated and costly. plus the style of window helps - awnings get a better seal as there's no need to accommodate a sliding interface. We are looking to go with 10.38mm laminate to most of the front windows (awnings) and the sliding door entry to the listening room. it had a good cost-performance balance. and if needed there's the option to retro fit double glazing, which is meant to be easy enough if the marketing is to be believed.
  2. We are looking at fencing options and some had literature concerning noise reduction. To my wife some investment committee members, this seemed worth further consideration despite the additional costs. I wasn't as readily convinced. I've added the applicable marketing material in pics below. I concluded the benefits were probably measured at ground level right up against the biggest 3m fence they do.... question - in your typical suburban setting, assuming the fence material is a good absorber/blocker/dissipater, etc., and we're dealing with a 1800mm fence are the claimed benefits (or any for that matter) practically going to be felt? I'm thinking that in the open air a good degree of the sound is still going to find is way to you / from you. and lets say you have line of sight to a busy road from an upper story room, would you maybe get clearer noise because its blocking that which would otherwise dribble along the ground and reflect up. We're mainly looking at a side boundary to neighbours, but also to the front for blocking traffic although here I was initially only looking at a fence heights of 1200-1500mm.
  3. makes sense i had a few mates who moved over there when the mining was on the up and were doing rather well. then when it went off the boil so did their jobs, houses, cars, lady friends etc. I thought something along those lines was contributing to a local oversupply of 2nd hi-fi gear as the economy cooled
  4. being on a budget doesn't have to mean being hands off or not understanding the options available to you to max your enjoyment. you can get the well regarded AT-95e in the $60-70 area or less with a bit of research and timing (or the new model AT replaced it with) around $20 for basic spray on vinyl cleaner its $10 for a stylus alignment protractor or print out the free stencil from vinylengine.com keep an eye out on the forums for tips ( like fixing a length of pacer-pencil lead on your cart to help with alignment) or just ask questions yourself
  5. welcome, hope to see you around the forums
  6. hello and welcome, enjoy yourself. hope to see you aruond
  7. hello, enjoy yourself, hope to see you around
  8. welcome and enjoy yourself to me it seems WA has a disproportionate amount of nice kit hitting the classifieds
  9. sweet setup welcome and enjoy yourself 🍻
  10. I've 4 in there, 3 in the top 50 including Random Access Memories and Currents. maybe 2-3 on my want list. I like the quote below from the comments Important to keep in mind that this is not a typical “Top Albums According to Somebody” list. This list is representative of what discogs users have/want in their collection. It’s a by-the-numbers game, using quantitative data. …Which is what makes it interesting, in its own way. I think it’s obvious that no reasonable person would place Daft Punk’s Random Access in the number 1 slot, let alone The Guardians of The Galaxy soundtrack into the top 15. Whether they’re good albums or not is beside the point. This is a showcase of what’s popular. Here we can observe that discogs users are apparently relatively mainstream, but also harbor plenty of edgy flirtations with authentic independent music. Fun list.
  11. hard to pass if you're in the market for no fuss solid performer
  12. Discogs List The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s based on wants and ownership not so much charts and industry critics https://blog.discogs.com/en/the-200-best-albums-of-the-2010s/?utm_source=mktg&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=DC_POTop200_191028 Thoughts? some Aussie surprises in there
  13. sorry, a misfire with my post - was mean to be referring to GregW and the issue with 500ml bottles vs tinnies yes i like them, they're more like a cider than a beer tho, but i'm keen to try more, in between not at the expense of beer of course
  14. 500ml bottle but no cans?!?!? yes we must all learn to roll with life's little misfortunes
  15. not really a beer or even like a beer i came across these at the Brissy food and wine event. like a finely done ginger beer. dangerously refreshing at 5%, i have a carton coming
  16. big fan of slipstream and ballistic which is also in that direction
  17. loving this. went on holiday and got a carton to help the days ease away
  18. this is a similar budget set up but without a DAC. old ipod, $40 amp from Jaycar, cradle with remote support, power supply and audio out, old surrounds from 2004...
  19. actually no, i just put the top on the shaker to pour it. easy that way and otherwise the Mrs asks question about why only use half the shaker and then the strainer and why is the music up and....
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