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  1. ^^ as film it sets a frantic pace with cinematography to match. not that I've been in a firefight but it comes across raw and we're spared the typical over done Hollywood approach to action, this not to suggest its anything but immersive as a story its scary to think its mostly based on true evens i was at a lecture by one of the Pakistani troop commanders involved in the rescue operation, this was before the movie release. the 1999 book by Bowden makes for good multifaceted account if you're into that
  2. wish this was released on Vinyl Japanese jazz-phunk ska-influenced fusion
  3. I wish they would move on from those 436 wheels. They do nothing for me. When will you get your hands on it? (if not already)
  4. I'm surprised these new generation "super" integrated amps don't get much more street cred this one ticks so many boxes even tho its only got a single analogue input, I like how they haven't just thrown in a token phono stage as many do, if you're serious (or even half serious) about vinyl you'll mostly likely have a separate phono stage, even a $200 Rega mini to get going. I'd be all over this if the timing was right GLWTS
  5. check out the vid on this story about testing carbon sh!t gets real at 5:00 https://www.pinkbike.com/news/santa-cruz-bicycles-test-lab.html regardless, agree I'm still hesitant with CF
  6. yeah almost need a tinnie to wash away that thought of a sour relationship with beer
  7. ^^ let us know your thoughts, I'd lean towards the Intense then RM, but mainly cause Intense make great looking bikes
  8. Fav track atm would be the Gipsy Kings' cover of Hotel California, but that's just like my opinion
  9. I'm currently running the "Blue on Silver" - blue's nude elliptical stylus in the silver body with its improved windings I've not done any back to back testing across the 4 potential combinations on offer - Red, Blue, Silver, Blue/Silver hybrid And i probably don't have enough (satisfactory) experience with other carts to comment on comparisons. I've an old AT VM8 based cart (original mid 70's that was stock on my Hitachi TT) but upgraded with generic bonded elliptical -its a fun capable unit but doesn't have the detail and all-round musicality of the ortofon combo. Although i am eyeing off a certain someone's AT 440...
  10. while sinking a soda (or tinnie of choice)
  11. in a year or so I'll probably be up for getting a more dedicated commuter than scooting into work on my HT mt bike. I like the balance here of speed and handling with the "fat" tires and flat bar. I still want to be bomb stairs, hop a traffic island, etc. rather than having the outright speed a traditional road bike gives.
  12. not my ride per se but some great Aussie make items https://www.pinkbike.com/news/eight-bikes-from-the-2019-handmade-bicycle-show-australia.html
  13. isn't it a private family/village-based company in the alpes? a few years back I figured I'd look into the company from an investment point of view to find it wasn't listed, like its a elf-shop set up like Santa has. of course i could be wrong and spinning BS
  14. few simple odds and ends to play round with from Decibelhifi
  15. tonight I'm easing into the weekend with this NZ beauty rich creamy caramel with pleasant bitter crispness in the tail leaving you wanting more (mmm shall I crack the last tin in the fridge???)
  16. had this as a 6pack few weeks back. wasn't expecting too much and as a contingency if needed I planned to trade them off at get together with the crew. I was rather impressed. i don't go for these novelty type beers. however it had the right balance of zest with a simple no fuss but classy character, very well rounded, probably more on the malty side once the the citrus was cut through. I'm almost tempted to grab a carton next time and adopt it as a my "go to" for a while. highly recommend even if a little different.
  17. I was looking to the steel a few years back before settling with a Ti hardtail mtbike. there's some new Reynolds 9xx series steel out (i forget the exact designation), its stainless and meant to set a new standard. looked interesting. regarding stem length and steering response, the vogue with mtbikes is wider bars then a short stem to speed up the steering (anything over 50mm these days is considered long), so I'm guessing a wider set of drops on the road could stabilise things. but there's probably more to it than what i'm speculating.
  18. "chop" as in reduce the stem's stack height? otherwise a change in the stem length can slow or speed up the steering response.
  19. https://www.bmwblog.com/2019/04/27/video-bmw-840d-vs-bmw-m140i-vs-bmw-e60-m5/ VIDEO: BMW 840d vs BMW M140i vs BMW E60 M5
  20. Reynolds steel? how often do you get out on it?
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