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  1. 15 hours ago, Ittaku said:

    He just needs to turn around and face backwards to see if the balance is unchanged.


    15 hours ago, 08Boss302 said:

    I'll do that tomorrow! I'll bring a kitchen chair in a listen forward then backward..my wife already thinks I've gone crazy during lockdown, this should confirm it for her 😂



    you're going to have to flip hearing by going ar$e-over-head so the forward orientation of your head and ears is maintained 


  2. On 29/07/2020 at 9:52 PM, Al.M said:



    Used budget will get you increased 2-3 times value, speaker examples like Kef Ls50, Lenehan, VAF, Whatmough, Proac, B&W, Momitor Audio, Focal





    plus compared to new you can always sell them on with less of a hit to the pocket, sometime no more than the running round to ship or pick-up 


  3. this may be a silly question, but do all rooms need the "return" aspect of ducted air? when I looked at brochure material etc. for the brand we're getting it looked to me that one per floor or as needed is the approach not necessarily every room?

    maybe my question should be does the sound room (its not for proper HT, more a rumpus dedicated to music listening and 2.1 HT), dose it need the a/c (or heat) vent AND this return? or is this the "dead-vent" can be used for? it passively allows air flow from adjacent rooms without compromising sound sealing. I can do this into the garage. 


    At this its dealing with the a/c ducted feed I'm mainly looking at


    Its probably a bit late in the project to switch from ducted to several splits - you known how they like charging for any variations. 

  4. On 13/06/2020 at 10:46 AM, benz1980 said:

    We will have ducted air and heating. How much sound travels through the vents?


    On 13/06/2020 at 12:26 PM, blybo said:

    lots but you can get specialist duct designs to lessen it


    any additional details on these? 

    we have a house build underway and we have ducted air con for a room that's had a bit additional work for sound isolation. the builder isn't really across what solutions are out there that he can readily add into the mix to help with limiting sound escaping via the vents. he's looking into it but asked if looked into it also. we thought there might be specialist vent diffusers or duct dampening accessories (like a muffler of sorts).     


    not had much joy so I plan to ring around, but thought i'd ask here



  5. I'm loving my Hitachi PS-38 (late 70's) but don't really have anything to compare it to accept alternative sources in my chain


    i lucked out and got my hands on my father in-law's that essentially hadn't been spun since the 80's and prior to that was mostly used to record onto tap

    it came with an early re-badged AT VM8 cart which stares the same stylus as the AT10 thru to the AT13 units so its simple enough to move off the stock conical to square nudes or even Shibatas 


    the DD looks to have been progressive for the time - https://www.petervis.com/gallery/Vintage Advertisements/hitachi-hi-fi-1979/unitorque-motor.html


    i come across a few threads and was able to chat with others about 'back in the day' improvements and hacks etc. including packing out he guts with nearly 2kg of modelling clay and dampening the underside of the aluminium platter with several coats of spray on rubber. 


    the speed adjust pots are known for being fickle but respond to non-residue electronic cleaner. after 40-odd years the simple feet could do with replacing but there's nothing readily out there. I think it would respond to a tone-arm upgrade but its effective length at 220mm is not well represented. 


    while nothing flash I've progressed thru carts and phono stages to now have an Ortofon Bronze and Graham Slee  Gram Amp SE + PSU1 and at every tweak include matts are noticeable enough, and I don't feel the TT itself is holding things back.











  6. 5 hours ago, needlerunner said:

    Had a listen last night on Spotify.

    Not what l expected. But l quite liked it.

    check out some of the Gunship music film clips on YT

    too many good ones to list 


  7. personally i find too much visual engagement distracting for critical listening, its like my mind can't process the sound stage and instrument placement because its not in sync with the visual message my eyes send. kinda like the saying - remove one sensory input and other are heightened. but still when zoning out is the order of the day, sweet tunes and an immersive view is hard to beat 


    maybe them heavy hanging roller doors with acoustic treatment. assumes sound isolation is not a concern up in the hinterland there 



    while some of the recommended room sizes are large also consider that for critical listening you're not actually 'using' the entire space. you may have 20-33% of a room length behind the listening position which can cater for other interests without overly compromising the rooms acoustics. pong or pool table, judo/yoga space, indoor garden-scape... anything to help the business case 


    some also suggest to remove right-angles and parallel walls, not sure if that's workable in the case at hand.  maybe in a large room a split level floor is consideration?


    good luck with the build project! i was in a similar situation, we're now in month 2 of the actual build 

  8. lots of options in that price range. the Garrott units have a loyal following i don't think you can go wrong. i'm really enjoying my Ortofon 2M Bronze, ( i only have an old AT and Garrott Bros with Shibata for comparison.  if it was me for no other reason than what I read or been personally recommended,  I'd consider the:

    > AT VM740ML 

    > Soundsmith Otello

    otherwise if you can find them here in Oz options by Denon or Nagaoka

  9. 3 hours ago, blybo said:

    Can I ask why Brisvegas needs less lube? Coastal city with higher rainfall & humidity on average than any other major city... I thought you'd need more.

    Hope is built for UK conditions, simple n and sealed accordingly. That's what the comparison is based on. Dispute this its relatively easy to pop it all open for a lookly n clean-lube as needed 

  10. what's your budget? are you comfortable spending $700 or do you have a higher or lower value in mind?


    competition in that $500-900 range is pretty fierce, plenty of good options each with different characteristics to suit system and taste. it can be a bit of a can of worms... everyone will have an opinion


    while you're figuring out what unit to invest your money in, i'd suggest getting a new AT VM95e for $70 so in the mean-time you can still spin and have a OK back-up cart. they come highly recommended for the value they provide

  11. up here in QLD I can get away with minimal lube on the engagement claws, I wipe out the grease and just use a thick chain lube - zziiizzzzz!!!! 

    great for crowd control on the busy riverside paths

  12. On 16/06/2020 at 6:20 PM, betty boop said:

    sorry to hear this was a similar thing with @agelessgoodguy with the charge pipe...seems a common occurence as get up in the ks....not sure if afflicts m140i but kind of thing probably worth doing at some stage i suppose.


    re tyres am at 24k still looking good with the PSS :D will have to settle on a set at one stage i suppose...


    I vaguely recall this issue in the m235i (N55 in general) when reading up on it years ago. 


    i think this is the site



    but I'm sure we could waste a day putting into Google - N55 m135/m235 problems 



  13. On 16/06/2020 at 8:43 PM, Cafad said:

    in a few weeks when I move in to my new flat.  My new lounge will be twice the size of the old one, and I'll be free to treat the place as much as I want since I'll own the walls so if I want to punch holes in them and hang icicle foam from them then I damn well will. 


    I guess that means there will be a new Addicts Guide thread starting up too.  Eventually, when I recover from the move.

    Addicts Guide to....?

    - lounge rooms

    - lounge sofas

    - new flats

    - punching holes in walls

    - room treatment 

    - all of the above


    either way can't wait 


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