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  1. i came across some crates of records in an old bricka-brack shop that is literally a tin shed with the back half on stilts extending out into SE Qld's Morton bay. I think it was $10 for 5, olden jazz and classical etc. albums from the 60's, covers a little worn and who knows how long they had been there. the items I got were in branded inner-sleeves so must have been loved at some point and they looked clean enough.


    I figured they's be rough with an Amazon jungle's worth of mould and mildew growing in the grooves, plus salt hazing etc. so I didn't have high expectations 


    they're all fine, so you can't be keeping them any worse than these were kept!

    this one gets regular rotation :

    Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra* - Film Festival


  2. On 19/02/2020 at 12:21 PM, blybo said:

    QLD and northern Oz in general is humid and warm, it's not actually hot that often. Come south if you want to be worried about real heat. Many years ago I was in Noosa when they had 1 of their hottest days in living memory, or so they said, it was 39! We get hotter in Melbourne around 6-10 days every Summer.



  3. wow some really good reading archived here and expands beyond just talking mats.


    Belonging to the Hitachi club i'll be digging through to pick out some pearls o' wisdom.


    i replaced the stock ringed rubber mat with cork and on top I've a fancy (in my books anyway) Origin Live mat. under all this directly on the aluminium platter I played with a very thin layer of silicon (cut it from a $3 dog's bowl matt I saw in the Reject shop), I've been happy enough to leave it in the mix.    


    @rantan did you replace the tonearm on your unit? 


  4. Item: Garrott Bros OptimS2
    Location: Brisbane CBD
    Price: $280 (plus postage)
    Item Condition: used (recently inspected)
    Reason for selling: NLR
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
    Extra Info: 


    Here we have the combo of the highly regarded Australian Garrot Bros cartridge with a Shibata stylus. Recently inspected and deemed "excellent condition". 


    I picked this up from SNA last year. I've rotated it in and out of my rig but never for long. I found it had an extremely low noise floor, very refined with nice top end detail and good with difficult female vocals.  However I'm not sure it made for a good fit with my system as I found myself enjoying my other carts more. I can't adjust VTA which may have benefited from some tweaks. I had Decibel HiFi look at it to ensure it was otherwise in good condition. 






    Favourable review




    (Cart and stylus FS only, headshell etc. not included)  













    Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

  5. On 19/01/2020 at 10:24 PM, sir sanders zingmore said:

    Is that a new second or an old one :) 

    certainly not a New York second,  the Yank concept of time is whack too, even the 92nd Oscars went way more than the minute and a half they were touted as 


  6. lFbKaZFDgi5CxiRa7sjt9-zbigU_VvAJ5EEfFt5j


    Spotify just informed me of this fresh 2020 LP release. getting into it now. so smooth and well produced, simple but nicely polished. bass riding shotgun up the front, lazy guitar funk wondering around out the back 


    Top 10 Albums Of The Year


    not quite 10 and in no particular order



    The John Butler Trio - Home



    Black Mountain - Destroyer



    The Cat Empire - Stolen Diamonds



    Olympia (11) - Flamingo




    Hot Chip - A Bath Full Of Ecstasy


    Fear Inoculum album cover  Tool (2) ‎– Fear Inoculum


    Discovery Of The Year (bought, but not released in 2019)

    GUNSHIP - Dark All Day (Horsie In The Hedge LLP - HITH008LPS) 2018


    Genre Album Of The Year


    Japanese feel-good Jazz Scar Funk Fusion crossover (or something like that)


    Your Song Is Good - Sessions (Kakubarhythm - DDCK-1059)




    Australian Album Of The Year


    The Cat Empire - Stolen Diamonds


    Olympia (11) - Flamingo a close second 






    On 01/12/2019 at 1:07 PM, proftournesol said:

    OK folks, it's that time of the year, again.


    Top 10 Albums Of The Year



    Discovery Of The Year (bought, but not released in 2019)



    Genre Album Of The Year



    Australian Album Of The Year


  8. belated post - last week picked up that bronzed pack from the classifieds here:

    - Ortofon 2M Bronze cart with practically new stylus mounted and set in the matching Ortofon bronze headshell

    - Spare Bronze stylus with 150hrs on it


    So far just did a one for one swap of the 2M Blue stylus I had running for the loose Bronze stylus. Me likely. hearing much more detail especially percussion, string plucks and top end sparkle. 




  9. on my daily commute into the CBD I pref to share the road with traffic vs the river side walkways which are just too random. road traffic rarely gets above 40 km/h (even when the limit is set at 60) and cars etc. yes you have to be confident and balance assertiveness and courtesy but on the whole obey rules and are more predictable than e-scooters, pedestrians with headphones, dogs, tourists and walking clubs. plus there's  johnny come lycra-clad lately who thinks the congested paths are his personal raceway

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