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  1. equipment and accessories aside, does the upgrade scope extend to room construction and treatment considerations? it plays an important part regardless of the $$ thrown at your playback chain which you can readily change when and as needed but opportunities to address physical aspects of the room isn't so easy, eg - do you need isolation from the rest of the house or neighbours? - the glass and tiles are going to mess with mid to high frequencies so that should be a consideration - do you have flexibility with the shape and size? some L:W:H ratio's can be problematic with
  2. it could be the new phono simply outperforms the Marantz and the fact it incorporates tubes is only part of the equation
  3. very nice should make for a happy buyer, made in Oz to boot GLWTS
  4. very nice wont sit on the shelf for long is seems
  5. in the interest of reading widely, if its a specific item I'm researching, I'll search using a foreign language or start on a foreign Google page (e.g. Deutschland or Nederland or the home country of the component) then slog thru any review using Google translate. They tend to use “test” not “review”
  6. so USB to the DAC is with Spotify running on a PC or a streamer with Connect? I'm not surprised that if the Chromecast with its HDMI does a lesser job, more so if it needs to pass thru several devises. On one system I can stream Spotify into the CC that feeds the TV that then has an optical connection to a Yamaha streamer/pre-amp. This itself has Spotify Connect which sounds much better than the CC-TV input (but obviously no track display on the TV). In a few weeks i might hook the yamaha up to the other bigger integrated amp system and compare this to the CC via HDMI straigh
  7. ahh... cheers, did not watch the vid (too many people watching now we're back in the office....) this is getting more exciting talking earlier about the jump in data download for mobile ph usage - I hope, just as it is now, its simple enough to switch between quality settings and that you can save the hi-res files for offline listening. Also, once upon a time Spotify on Android phones didn't play well with portable amp-DACs. Has that been sorted now?
  8. I've the benefit of the ChromeCast going into the amp first then do that HDMI arc wizardry thingo to pass the visual content onto the TV - best of both worlds is that the plan? hard to argue with that
  9. wow! committing to those bends at 160km/h how cool
  10. Sounds like a good outcome Not disagreeing that quality is a factor, but technically it is just 1s and 0s... No, see where you're coming from - reading errors, how they are handled, maintaining correct clock timings, etc. etc. but it does remind me of another point of discussion and that's claims some people make concerning generally poor performance attributes in the digital domain that manifests in the analogue domain. another can of worms.
  11. I wouldn't mind trying one of these some time, a good price for what you get in a very crowded market segment GLWTS
  12. I was looking to get to the bottom of myself a few months ago, I have a Yamaha unit similar to that Panasonic from my readings, I concluded that, assuming no significant problems with jitter etc., the source of digital 1s and 0s into a half decent DAC (i.e. one you are otherwise happy with) will have minimal impact until you start getting towards the higher end of mid-fi my amp has pretty slick D2A trickery so I passed on a new CDP But I've no personal experience and was more curios if a 2nd hand device at say $200-300 would yield a noticeable improvement my other ta
  13. I'm a happy member of the Spotify premium class but I'll believe it when I see. Details sound a little too vague. "select markets sometime this year." that could mean anything
  14. looks interesting I think I'll take this for a spin (on Spotify that is) 🍺
  15. i'm not necessarily a huge Missy fan but its a really well produced and pressed record - great piano and vocals Missy Higgins - The Sound Of White LP, Ltd, Whi Eleven: A Music Company, Virgin ELEVENV27 2019 Australia
  16. might just be me and not following the series in earnest for some time, but that looks like a lot of racing. is this a typical year's schedule these days?
  17. say it isn't so! hope it finds an appreciative home i'd be tempted if i hadn't just upgraded my sub, forked out a bit for a service n fix on the main amp, and have a house move to undertake in the coming weeks which will need room treatment, etc... GLWTS
  18. I think Tool is best via CD (or hi-res Tidel which I've personally not done tho)
  19. spotify does the same, it makes sense in a compilation where not every song is available so at least you know its meant to be in there it can be a streaming in general thing for an artist/group like Tool up to a year ago or even an Australian thing - i had some cheesey Michael Bolton Christmas songs in a playlist but they were blocked out, i happened to try youtube and got a messaging saying the track wasn't available to stream in my country - literally ruined Christmas...
  20. i appreciate the digital convenience of skipping tracks or progressing through whatever combo takes your fancy regarding artists, genres, release, etc etc however in most cases the artists are working towards releasing an album and this collection of songs are bound by the world as the artist experiences it at a given time and place (including who is/isn't there with them). we're asking the to express something and share their a window into their universe. this is embedded in each song in some way or another and its when elements of this resonates with your space-time journey that connect
  21. can't believe this still available I've max'd out my audio budget otherwise I'd be on this GLWTS
  22. my fav DS album but don;t have a vinyl copy i should probably grab one of the $5 options found in every second crate
  23. been enjoying this one lately as well
  24. I sure will Awhile back it wasn't available there, but now I see it is, cheers
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