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  1. i appreciate the digital convenience of skipping tracks or progressing through whatever combo takes your fancy regarding artists, genres, release, etc etc however in most cases the artists are working towards releasing an album and this collection of songs are bound by the world as the artist experiences it at a given time and place (including who is/isn't there with them). we're asking the to express something and share their a window into their universe. this is embedded in each song in some way or another and its when elements of this resonates with your space-time journey that connect
  2. can't believe this still available I've max'd out my audio budget otherwise I'd be on this GLWTS
  3. my fav DS album but don;t have a vinyl copy i should probably grab one of the $5 options found in every second crate
  4. I sure will Awhile back it wasn't available there, but now I see it is, cheers
  5. How you find it? I've a few Bob James records, some seem to be a bit meh (synth grave yard for jazz that's more elevator music) this one's meant to b a standout however, not heard it but I came across 2 copies in a local shop the other day
  6. i thought it would be hard to match Phase, but i'm loving it just as much Mildlife - Automatic LP Heavenly Recordings HVNLP182 2020 UK & US
  7. my first spin was on the fence with getting this record, figured WAF would justify it. really really impressed. its making the system sound sublime, so much more going on and jumping out vs my Spotify and radio listens. creamy layer upon layer but spiked with attitude, swagger and angst. yes still pop but not as we know it Kate Miller-Heidke ‎– Child In Reverse Label: EMI ‎– 3502615 Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Pale Pink Vinyl Country: Australia
  8. first spin after it arrived today - very nice. music with soul and groove and big vocals, tight musicianship and production, and aside from an ever so faint crackle in the dead wax an otherwise crisp clean pressing. smiles "The Bamboos are Australia's premier Deep Funk outfit. Masters of super-heavy, raw and upfront drum-break driven grooves" The Bamboos - Night Time People 2xLP, Ltd, 180 Pacific Theatre PT005LP 2018 Australia
  9. these just arrived Angie McMahon - Salt Kate Miller-Heidke - Child In Reverse Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine Ramin Djawadi - Game Of Thrones (Selections From The HBO Series) Season 8
  10. I'm so out of the loop - > Alonso > budget caps
  11. what happening at Renault now? did i (briefly) read right that the team is changing its branding or something?
  12. now - not the cleanest on first spin, good depth and dynamics, very moody (never actually watched a GOT episode... ) Ramin Djawadi - Game Of Thrones (Selections From The HBO Series) Season 8 LP, Ltd, Gra WaterTower Music WTM40293 2019 USA & Europe << active links to discogs >> earlier - Nothing But Thieves - Brok
  13. very happy with my unit, running it into a basic 100+watt class D pwr amp and its sounding clean and solid. tempted to couple it with a more flashy amp. found the remote the other day in the 3rd draw - its not really needed as the yamaha or streaming apps do everything you need and in good time glwts
  14. currently - taking a while to grow on me, initially I found too much fill between the few stand out tracks. this spin is taking me in more. also its really 3 sides spread over 4 pressing is fine Mark Ronson - Late Night Feelings 2xLP, Album Sony Music, Columbia 19075938931 2019 Europe earlier - this really deserves more rotation. its a great release Birds Of Tokyo - Brace
  15. my local gym has its floors covered in what looks like 40x40cm blocks of 7-10cm thick rubber pads, similar to the black fused-particle Whites blocks. it handles people dropping 30-40kg weights on it etc. I'm not sure how you would source them however. I think Bunnings has something similar but only like 1 inch thick also at Bunnings in the gear for outdoor playgrounds they have rubber mats, about 12mm thick and roughly 1x1m. they come in various colours
  16. this week I've re-set amp volume to about 10.30. it seems to have made synching the subwoofer easier / less fickle so that's a worthwhile plus if any. I'll up it a bit more but I'll need to knock back a few of the inputs coming into the pre-amp now as the level differences are more emphasised.
  17. very nice addition of the rollers and gold tubing I've been trying to find reducing coupling bolts - something like M16 to M8/M6 so I can terminate with carpet spikes. I think my brother has access to a wielder so that might be the simplest options
  18. wow! Merry Christmas Would-be-buyer! you must have been top of the nice list glwts
  19. if you don't get it on the first strike its OK, you get like 4 bars to think on it
  20. if you are in the market this should be on your short list glwts
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