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  1. I didnt know what eventuated from those lawsuits. I know they went after a few everyday ppl to make an example but i didn't know that dispite all noise not much happened when bankruptcies come into the picture I thought there would b more mention of the mp3 tech, n ripping these from CDs you already purchased. It seemed to me once the iPod legitimised the mp3 it was the sharing of these and not necessarily via p2p platforms that really drove the nails in, for example, you could rip a few hours on to a single CD or even dvd and feed that into your car stereo. P2p just industrialise
  2. Even in Brisbane there are days when static is off the chart for me. This could b a combo of floor carpet n clothing with a dry winter westerly.
  3. I'm in similar situation with an old Hitachi direct drive TT, although that Kenwood has a few more features (including solid looks) Research n advice suggests $2k+ to get similar performance from new TT. Unless parts thats can't be readily changed out are past their use by date (the feet on mine are degrading now) I'd keep it n invest in other parts of the chain. As suggested look at a flashier cart, a separate phono stage if you dont have one already. Also consider updating interconnects. you may open it up n easily swap the output cable for something better for delicate phono si
  4. In the meantime hook the Rega up uf its readily available. Don't underestimate it and it will give you a baseline for comparison +1 with ascencions
  5. Today We’re The Greatest - Middle Kids just dropped on Spotify
  6. HF is directional but not always direct to your ears. reflections from the walls and ceiling that arrive fractionally later that the direct pathway will mess with your perception - including those that bounce off the rear wall. plus speakers don't just fire sound forward, energy will radiate from the sides, up and backwards, even HF to a degree. again these reflections muddle with the direct sound. Carpet helps tame the HF first reflection points on the floor, similar with ceiling clouds, but also think about the prolonged decaying echo that rooms with hard surfaces have - stone cathedrals,
  7. earlier The Bamboos - Night Time People 2xLP, Ltd, 180 Pacific Theatre PT005LP 2018 Australia now Kate Miller-Heidke - Child In Reverse LP, Album, Pal EMI 3502615 2020 Australia
  8. equipment and accessories aside, does the upgrade scope extend to room construction and treatment considerations? it plays an important part regardless of the $$ thrown at your playback chain which you can readily change when and as needed but opportunities to address physical aspects of the room isn't so easy, eg - do you need isolation from the rest of the house or neighbours? - the glass and tiles are going to mess with mid to high frequencies so that should be a consideration - do you have flexibility with the shape and size? some L:W:H ratio's can be problematic with
  9. it could be the new phono simply outperforms the Marantz and the fact it incorporates tubes is only part of the equation
  10. in the interest of reading widely, if its a specific item I'm researching, I'll search using a foreign language or start on a foreign Google page (e.g. Deutschland or Nederland or the home country of the component) then slog thru any review using Google translate. They tend to use “test” not “review”
  11. so USB to the DAC is with Spotify running on a PC or a streamer with Connect? I'm not surprised that if the Chromecast with its HDMI does a lesser job, more so if it needs to pass thru several devises. On one system I can stream Spotify into the CC that feeds the TV that then has an optical connection to a Yamaha streamer/pre-amp. This itself has Spotify Connect which sounds much better than the CC-TV input (but obviously no track display on the TV). In a few weeks i might hook the yamaha up to the other bigger integrated amp system and compare this to the CC via HDMI straigh
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