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  1. doesn't seem to have the digital integration of the Onkyo which you can hook straight into the network for local or internet streaming plus there's the multi room capabilities indeed while maybe not top shelf i do like how they are re-defining what you can do with in the name of 2 channel stereo. some integrateds still label the analogue inputs as tape or tuner, which i find a bit behind the times
  2. is that any different to many integrateds that include a phono input?
  3. wasabijim

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    Is an end date specified?
  4. I had a good outcome at JB. I missed out on the internet discount I wanted. Went into a city store, found a dude with dreads who looked older enough to have a kid or two. He bettered the internet deal on 2x mob phones bought outright then I got a $200 voucher for switching my plan over to Telstra. That went on vinyl the next time they did 20% off. I think JB is one of the better performing retail shares on ASX
  5. wasabijim

    Show us your Ride

    Flat-landing Nice stuff
  6. wasabijim

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    is that good or bad? I've had a few and found them recommendable
  7. wasabijim

    Show us your Ride

    certainly a potent ride in its time and still worth getting out on can't wait to see the new rig when it arrives
  8. wasabijim

    Dangers of cycling

    i think we rate high for agro on the road in general
  9. wasabijim

    VAF DC X63 Speakers

    So that's like surrounding yourself with some 40 odd drivers [emoji15]
  10. wasabijim

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    ^^ fool me once... a bit one dimensional and syrupy, overly sweet but no tang or bite with it leaving a lingering thick mouthful that over stays its welcome. yes you're left wanting another mouth full but that's mostly to wash away the last. It lacks a freshness that I think would actually tie it all together an lift it a notch and make it acceptable. its rather flat with no body to the suds, the head lasts only a few sips. plus it makes me feel like a beer snob for pointing this all out. it was on special, I gave it the benefit of the doubt, I hoped I'd be ok ignoring the fine print on the tin saying "brewed and canned at various locations around Australia under licence from Panhead Brewery (part of the Lion Group)" ...fool me twice, shame on me
  11. wasabijim

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    thoughts to follow
  12. This was the first in awhile that I didn't vote on. I've mostly switched over to Double J these days and even having bought 19 2018 LP releases I couldn't b bothered. Yes u would expect music the listeners preference etc. to change but that underlying anti commercial indie thread should remain. But I think biggest thing now is that most voters don't actually listen to JJJ. eg 2017, despite hi JJJ listening hours I didn't recognise half the songs.
  13. wasabijim

    Beer: "proof that God loves us"

    ^^ is that a stemless stemmed glass?
  14. wasabijim

    BMW M135i

    so the maintenance plan I took out when buying the car expires shortly and I've got the quote to extend - 5 yrs or 100k-kms, which ever first, most likely 5yrs as even now the car has less than 40k on the clock. this is with the Brisbane BMW Shop any thoughts? just over $1K it covers just typical servicing, no unplanned/scheduled work but he hinted that within reason on good will they try handle any minor stuff not usually covered it anything pops up.
  15. wasabijim

    BMW M135i

    after ringing around I went with the BMW shop, brand was 3M if I recall correctly. it was $50 more than other shops but the convenience of getting it done while in for a service off set that, plus i figured they wouldn't be in the business of cutting corners - be more trouble than its worth with typical bmw drivers eh? i just found the quote in my email, looks like i went with 50%. I think a few shops stated "legal" was 35%, but i didn't want to go overly dark. my brother advised at the time - you want folk to know its you driving such a nice car... in hind sight might have gone just a touch darker but otherwise I'm most happy. you're only thinking about this now?