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  1. very nice clean release Powderfinger - Internationalist LP, Album Polydor 6735993 2018 Australia
  2. ^^ one of our local record shops has this on the wall for sale - a pretty penny indeed for a classic piece its mildly frustrating that several great albums from the period (and that hold a personal significance) when vinyl was some what of an after thought are ridiculously priced and have no re-issues hats off to you - enjoy!
  3. I have a simple Rega Fono Mini A2D boxed in a draw not being used. as new condition. not the most flashy flash unit going. i swapped it in awhile back for some digital ripping and I was impressed particularly with that Rega grip on the bass groove.
  4. Item: Yamaha WXA-50 Price Range: 375 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: have a WXC-50 (pre-amp) would rather have single integrated box (open to a swap plus difference) require shipping to Brisbane if you're not here already Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. hello, I have one of these. I was just about grab a small bedroom power amp as an update to the jaycar unit its currently paired to, however if I could get my hands on a WXA-50, then we might be able to talk. Can't promise anything, I'll see how I go.
  6. Trevor Jones, Randy Edelman - The Last Of The Mohicans (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2xLP, 45rpm, Album, RE Edel Germany GmbH 0209641MCM 2014 Germany
  7. i have this its like you're there with Kurt and his 3 cups of tea already can't compare to '94 pressings or other well regarded releases but i also have a rudimentary Back to Black release which I though was OK, so glad I also got this, i think is fantastic glwts
  8. cheers I'll keep an eye out if anyone else is able to chip in glwts
  9. do you know if this works with Spotify (premium) from an Android mob device? I understand that this combo doesn't usually get along with external DACs even if you do some minor "power user" stuff in the Android OS. but that may have changed recently, or there's now workarounds for this. cheers
  10. these should make for a happy buyer psb seem to be under the radar for what they deliver glwts
  11. The Crusaders - Unsung Heroes LP, Album, Gat Blue Thumb Records SWX-6142 1974 Japan
  12. Donny Benet - The Don LP, Album, RP Dot Dash DASH047LP 2018 Australia try it, you might like it
  13. only a few times off Spotify has the same slick coolness but need a few more proper listens to make up my mind
  14. Mildlife - Phase Wind down to gear up for Friday arvo
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