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  1. I have a sw515 - "High 270W Dynamic Power" i think you'll enjoy the step up from the Sony units and its a great price for a $1k+ rrp item. just keep in mind there's a reason REL and SVS etc. seem to hold their value more proper sub set up including placement, cross over, volume etc. is generally no simple task. there's plenty of good advise ( and bad probably) and tips out there so do your research and invest in some trial and error. enjoy!
  2. I think a new unit with streaming backed in is the way forward. The M10 being a solid contender. I've recently switched integrated amps and didn't use the physical remove on either but the app for each. If wife and daughter both have phones, then that's a remote for everyone.... or even use an old one that's just connected to wi-fi purely for managing streaming.
  3. streamer no DAC $2-2.5k Aussie made them hard to meet requirements there, even the first 2
  4. nice work can you share more info and/or pics on the base plate and feet replacement? I've PS-38 and at 40+ yrs it too looks to be is suffering from deterioration with the feet. it doesn't have a sprung floating chassis however so this difference may or may impact the feet involved.
  5. earlier - a bit too boundary and frantic for me at this stage in my jazz journey James Blood Ulmer - Free Lancing LP, Album CBS/Sony 25AP 2251 1981 Japan Now - complete change of pace generally think twice with "back to black" re-issues but this is deft and smooth and nicely puts the first class singing in the spot light Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella And Louis LP, Album, RE, RM, 180 Verve Records, Universal Music Catalogue 0600753458860, MG V-4003 2013 Europe
  6. you're going to have to flip hearing by going ar$e-over-head so the forward orientation of your head and ears is maintained
  7. yeah i was thinking the same - your post beat me to it
  8. how are your ears themselves these days? maybe treat them to a nice clean out? i.e. a flush via a GP or specialist vs hooking in with ear buds. just a thought no malice. although for a larf i did think of suggesting to slip a bit blu tack or something in your right ear
  9. plus compared to new you can always sell them on with less of a hit to the pocket, sometime no more than the running round to ship or pick-up
  10. cheers i thought that might be the case, some organs have foot pedals (keys?) that would allow that?
  11. first spin after it came today really enjoying it, very much towards the blues end of the equation (they don'y credit a bass player but you hear someone walking it - I can't figure it out) 'Baby Face' Willette - Face To Face LP, Album, RE, 180 Blue Note, Blue Note, Blue Note, Blue Note B0029750-01, ST-84068, BST 84068, 84068 2019 US
  12. There's a not insubstantial market for massive sloppy deep over the top bass Been to a festival lately? (covid aside....)
  13. do or do not... there is no investigating hello and welcome to sna, enjoy yourself!
  14. this may be a silly question, but do all rooms need the "return" aspect of ducted air? when I looked at brochure material etc. for the brand we're getting it looked to me that one per floor or as needed is the approach not necessarily every room? maybe my question should be does the sound room (its not for proper HT, more a rumpus dedicated to music listening and 2.1 HT), dose it need the a/c (or heat) vent AND this return? or is this the "dead-vent" can be used for? it passively allows air flow from adjacent rooms without compromising sound sealing. I can do this into the garage. At this its dealing with the a/c ducted feed I'm mainly looking at Its probably a bit late in the project to switch from ducted to several splits - you known how they like charging for any variations.
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