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  1. have to agree, these are steal. would go nicely in a neat 2.2 set-up I've a low balance in the WAF reserves owing to a recent purchase, otherwise I would be all over these to replace my Yamaha sub
  2. can you do it the other way round also?
  3. I think I'm going to head back to work my way through this thread I've referenced below. While its great haphazardly finding gems in the store, it seems to be so much easier to search/browse and order online, particularly when its not necessarily a recent release/repress that you're after. Plus, lately when I do go to the store , it seems I come away buying stuff full retail that I wasn't really looking for, or I've taken a punt on it. I end up only to listening to it a couple of times before its relegated to the bottom of the listening stack. You'd think I'd learn.... I could have invested that on actual items on my want list.
  4. you're doing it wrong!
  5. nice rides bit of an over-lap in intent / capability?? i.e. both trail weapons vs having an XC and a 8in park bike (i'd find it hard to pass on the Intense) yes - nice bikes and nice listening gear, not great hobbies for keeping pennies in your pocket
  6. duplicate post from currently spinning but thought i was in the jazz lounge pls excuse
  7. Picked this up Saturday, has been on my want list for awhile Music on Vinyl 2019 Europe pressing very clean, no noise at all in any of the dead wax. makes for a happy man
  8. Got in about 10.30. Didn't look like they had all that much to begin with, let alone the couple I was after. Heaps of Madonna tho... And the Weezer item. I got the Jebadiha repress. Use to listen to them back in the day n saw them a few times in Canberra. Grab 2 other albums but not rsd releases to make the visit worth while.
  9. Jimiroquai's latest. A return his/their basic formula
  10. cheers for both ceiling and walls I'm leaning towards sound clips (i.e. uses rubber for isolation) and furring channel can I get away with a single layer of plaster board fixed to this? i.e. 13 or 16mm Frychek or is a double layer with that green glue better, even if its just 2 layers of standard 10mm board? I'll fill the cavities with insulation
  11. some nice shots of a nice cart i'd grab it as a spare if i didn't already a spare... GLWTS
  12. cheers in summary my takeaways : > wiki is your friend and a target 50 STC is pretty good. > double layer firecheck drywall with green glue, i've seen it suggested to have one layer the std 10mm to get different resonance going > modern fibre glass - its cheap and just as effective > thicken the actual flooring layers above the ceiling - he rattled off some examples but I couldn't make sense of it all > Not sure a double decoupled wall approach is applicable. I don't need much isolation internally down stairs and would rather that extra slither of space. Maybe with the laundry in the odd chance the drier or spin cycle is going, but the Mrs already wants more space in the laundry > he emphasises the removal of "heating" ducts. not so much applicable in Qld and you can't do in-floor cooling can you? so that's still a problem to solve > he mentioned clips and resonance channel but pushed 2x drywall + GG. it would be good to know if there a different in SQ. he goes on about Star Wars not so much music.
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