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  1. Further information: This is such a great unit vital to my system. Only considering a higher end model p15 or p20 so not sure if I am going to sell it or not at this stage so just an eoi. If I get no bites I'm just as happy to keep. If I decide to sell I am in Sydney and would prefer a local cash pick up. I believe I do have the box but I need to check Happy to make a donation here too for the sale Photos:
  2. Can't go wrong with goldenear man. I had the ones and upgraded to references. Very nice top to bottom sound. Good for music and movies as well
  3. Buy the goldenear book shelf brx s if space is an issue. However I have references in an apartment, so there is always room 😂
  4. Incredible price for a legendary tt! I love mine. I have heard from owners of these and the brand d new $20k sp 10r that that table is only 10% better so there is good buying to be had here. Plinth looks excellent as well
  5. Nice welcome! What goldenear do you have?
  6. The Deqx is amazing. I have a chord Dave and mscaler I use with it but the deqx alone is that good I sometimes ask whether I need the chord combo. I would never have a system without a deqx. It is the single biggest improvement I have made in my system. It does so much like correct the speakers time alignment and tailors the speakers to your room. The fact I am running massive Triton references in an apartment is testament to how good the room correction is. I sometimes a/b test without the deqx in the chain (bypass mode) and the set up I have without it sounds overbearing on the
  7. I would be using those black discuss on my speaker cables on my amp. They sound amazing
  8. I used to run it via USB but I found optical had a much cleaner sound that matches my taste so optical is preferred. Would be interested to try this to assess the improvements
  9. I have a large USB chain as it is (see signature ) do you think if I added this instead of my USB to optical converter into my mscaler I will see an improvement ?
  10. Item: Panasonic Plasma VT 30-65 inch Location:Sydney Item Condition:Excellent Reason for selling:upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Bit the bullet on a new Panasonic OLED 65 inch This TV has been flawless since I bought it new. Amazing Picture which still stacks up today for any non 4k panel and even some other 4k. Tbh if I knew the small step up of how my new OLED compares to this with darbee, I wouldn't have gone 4k yet. Most stuff is still in 1080p and this panel displays 1080p better
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