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  1. Sorry to hear @Ittaku Hope it gets better you
  2. How are you connecting this to the deqx? @legend
  3. Hi @Sime V2 I didn't get to see your original reply. I have a feeling I will like the mscaler in my home setting and actually still considering pulling the trigger. I would be interested to hear your thoughts
  4. These are all incredible cables. What are you upgrading to?
  5. sandrews888

    Kef LS50 v the rest

    Which Osborn speakers? @Irek
  6. @legend it will be interesting to experiment again with the deqx active tikandi system and the mscaler/qutest combo going into the analog input. I know last time you said it sounded softer than the deqx alone, but it may change with the mscaler. This is why I hesitated with the mscaler yesterday as I don't know how it will play with the deqx. I am running the Dave at the moment in the analog input with my passive system in preparation for an active system. I think it sounds better this way than the deqx alone. I could run it as digital out but it's better for me as analog in due to potentailly going active and not needing the Dave in the chain when I watch movies. I may have to push forward my visit to your place with my Dave once the mscaler has settled in at your place! we can also talk about the tikandis as well and get a live example of what it will sound like with Dave and mscaler going analog in. Congrats on the purchase!
  7. Nice work @legend let me know how it goes with your incredible speakers!
  8. Hey guys. Long post incoming. I went to a couple of dealers today and tried the mscaler and I brought my Dave along to listen to it as a few dealers don't stock the Dave. I listened to it on sennheiser hd820s which I now plan to get. I tried it with Dave alone as a baseline. I then tried the mscaler paired with the Dave. I have to say, compared to a lot of reviews I have read, I was struggling to see the distinct difference between 44 kHz and 706khz upscaled. I guess the upscaled versions had a bit more body to it on the headphones. I then had to go to another dealer to test on loudspeakers. My main application for the mscaler will be with my home system with speakers with occasional use of the senn hd 820s. The problem I had is the system in the store was not as good as what I listen to at home and it wasn't the best set up either in terms of where the system was positioned. I found it easier to hear on speakers, that the m scaler had a wider open soundstage and clarity, but to be honest, I feel I have recieved better uplifts on certain interconnect and speaker cables I have bought previously. Namely from the well know Mike lenehan in qld (Shameless plug:top shelf stuff he makes, check him out:) Yes, the mscaler was better upscaled then with it unupscaled. However, I am trying to justify the price to myself with the moderate uplift I heard. The second dealer even commented that it did sound better but was even saying himself, the justification for the extra expense for that improvement he heard was debatable. He seemed impressed with the Dave, as they don't stock the Dave's and he had never heard one. I was impressed with him sharing with me his candid opinion, which can be rare in a sales environment with such an item. I agreed with him and shared his conclusion. I am really confused. Ever since I read about the blu 2 mscaler I have wanted it and have bought the Dave in preparation to pair it with the mscaler since its announcement. I find listening to stuff at dealers really difficult, as the set-ups are so different, and you are not as comfortable there as at home, which feel makes a huge difference in emotionally connecting with the music. I remember reading a comment on here, that some people didn't like the mscaler at the shop but loved it at home and now can't live without it. I would love to hear more rom you now with more explanation about your experiences Sell me! The problem is, it seems no dealer local to me or even interstate will allow a demo trial without a large return fee. In fact, I find a lot of dealers in general these days, are hesitant to lend out gear for a demo. The issue is, I would probably be happy with it, if I got to try it out in my home setting and would end up keeping it. However, based on my initial and very limited impressions today, I am nervous to risk the purchase price of the mscaler, for effectively a demo trial. I was expecting to hear it and instantly want/need it and am disappointed in myself I didn't have that feeling. Don't get me wrong, the mscaler seemed better on both headphone and speakers but it still sounded pretty good on the bypass at 44. I am wondering if the mscaler even improves the dac in bypass mode? It's hard to test back to back as you need to switch out cords, rather than instant switching the sample rates. I got the feeling the mscaler was better than the Dave alone even in 44 mode, but it was hard to tell, due to the time it took to switch out the cords. Audio memory is hard sometimes and unreliable at most times as well. Both dealers were fantastic to me today and very accommodating. If either one allowed a risk free trial I would have probably bought it on the spot. On a side note, As far as I am concerned, I have never heard headphones sound as good as with the Dave and m scaler. For night time listening I am going to buy the closed back sennheiser hd820s as it pairs really well With the Dave and better than the open hd800s, or so I have heard. Either way, closed back is what I need so I was happy with it and look forward to it with my Dave. Come on guys, I need to hear more stories about the mscaler, and especially from people who weren't impressed with the mscaler at the dealers and ended up loving it at home. It's so hard getting a baseline at the dealers due to different setups. I'm not knocking chord,after all I own a Dave, but i am really questioning the value proposition for the mscaler, which even to me sounds crazy because so many people say it's the best audio purchase they have ever made, not even including all the great reviews even in this thread alone! I assume you have to live with it for a while and then you will miss it when it's gone. I really wish dealers would lend this gear out, but I can also understand the risk and costs of doing so, and some people would not treat the heat right. So either way, I dont blame them for that policy, but it is stopping me pulling the trigger. I would Love to hear any feedback
  9. Any other Mscaler users here that want to report on it since it has broken in? I would be happy to hear about those experiences, as I already have a Dave and am considering the mscaler as the final piece in my current system. I have updated everything else I possible can and am looking at legends Tikandis as a speaker replacement as I have reached my limit on my current speakers, and after the mscaler I will have no where else to go. However I would be keen to hear about mscaler experiences. Any users in Sydney who can easily come over and test a mscaler with a dave? It doesnt appear any dealers are offering me an in home demo so its strange to hear how people have organised that. I am concerned as I have heard a (very small) minority that hasn't liked the mscaler. The only reason I am concerned is I am using a deqx with it so I don't know if that's going to mitigate or dilute the impact on the mscaler, which is why I want to trial it in my set up first as hearing it elsewhere would not really give me a sense of what it is doing in my system. I am hopeful since I have a dave but I still don't want to gamble the cost of the mscaler to try it out. My current system is already at a level I am completely happy with so if the mscaler is a big jump from this point I will be very happy.
  10. Out of curiosity what did you upgrade to?
  11. How good are the new cables from Mike!? What are you using these with?
  12. Are these the Deqx active ones? And what else are you using now instead of these?
  13. sandrews888

    New Cables from LenehanAudio

    Hey guys. Just letting you know I went up to finally meet Mike after buying cables off him for years and having chats on the phone. First of all as you guys know, his ML5s are a special speaker. It's like taking off a layer and seeing through the music with about a 50 foot soundstage! Anyway I was picking up a pair of his xlrs to use between my deqx and my power amps. I knew straight away after I replaced them in my system they were another level. The music seems so much more focused and detailed. I was already using his new speaker cables too so this is saying something. Every step of the way I am getting better gains with mike's cables. I'm really enjoying my system with these in at the moment. Going to have to explore getting some of his rcas between by Dac and deqx and see if there is a jump there as well. Either way Mike, as you know, your cables are fantastic. Nice meeting you up there
  14. We can probably do this when I bring my Dave to @legend s place. We can use @Sime V2 mscaler and experiment a bit. I need to clear up a suitable sunday
  15. sandrews888

    SOLD: Les Davis 3D2 Damper feet

    I'll grab the boxed one