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  1. Johnno2017

    FS: Cables Lot1

    One pair of speaker cable and silver link rca to Sydney pls.
  2. Hi SNAer, I watched a YouTube review on tube pre amp. It said one of the tube pre amp characteristic is the holographic sound stage, only the very good ones can separate instruments and bodies wide and deep enough that you could imagine yourself walking around them. I’m thinking wow, I want to try that, then popped a question, whether this is possible for me as I do not have the hi-end stuff. My question is, whether 2k in the used market is enough to buy a quality pre amp that offer the holographic experience? My components consist of: - Nuprime ST10 - Nuprime DAC 9 (Which can be used as a DAC/PRE) - Sotm SMS200 (source Tidal) - AT LP3 table - Focal 926, AE2, Equinox Solatice, and Focal E.... - Planned to get a Mutec USB clock My sound preference is neutral with details. I also enjoy musical and sweet sound. Thank you for your contribution in advance. Cheers, John
  3. Too much goodness for the price - Bargain!
  4. Johnno2017

    SOLD: FS: ENERGY VERITAS 2.4i Reference Speakers!

    Haha I do need to sell before I buy my next speaker...which I said that on my second pair.
  5. Johnno2017

    SOLD: FS: ENERGY VERITAS 2.4i Reference Speakers!

    Another great pair from Phil. So tempting!
  6. Johnno2017

    SOLD: Kimber hero xlr 1.5 meter

    Matt looks after his gear and it’s a great guy to deal with. Great price!
  7. Been waiting for this for over 6 months.
  8. Make it 52+. Pls check pm
  9. Johnno2017

    FS: Audiospace AS 300B mk2 amplifier

    Looks like a bargain.
  10. Agree. This pair is a gem. Sweet and fluid high and mid. Small drivers can pump out respectable bass too alike my AE2. Would do well with warm speakers and able to tone down those leaner ones too. Beats many 2k priced speakers.
  11. Johnno2017

    FS: Relist Equinox Solstice Speakers (Price drop)

    I always wondered what are the bass drivers.
  12. Johnno2017

    EOI: Stello AI500 Integrated amp

    These are awesome. I could hit a six with the remote and leave a dent in the pink ball.