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  1. Hi It comes with the manual and original boxes.
  2. I sold this but got it back. Selling to funding an upgrade. I have the upgraded tubes, can sell for 500$ for the pair, it is worth approx 900$ in the market. Photos
  3. I’ve got a few interested but in VIC. These would have been sold if posting was possible.
  4. Can stream via its app or Bluetooth from your mobile.
  5. Further information: it’s a versatile unit can be streamer and also a pre. It’s hassle free connection and performs very well for the money. Purchased in early 2020. I have the original boxes. Photos:
  6. Further information: A musical performer, this brand is popular in Japan and Hong Kong. But, not too well known here. It is an unknown gem. Photos:
  7. Further information: - Excellent sounding cable - Transparent cable - Top notch make - Only selling to fund a cable costing over 3k rrp Photos:
  8. Further information: - It’s a musical cable - Swiss made - current version is $300 plus Photos:
  9. Further information: 1m pair XLR by PAD. A well trusted and known brand in the audiophile world. Big Bang for buck here🦾 Photos:
  10. Really nice speakers here. Silly to compare this to MA. Completely different tier in the game of audio. Not to diss MA, they do make decent speakers for their target audience.
  11. Accepting reasonable offers before listing elsewhere.
  12. Further information: A must have for digital source system. I think it is the first time this reference grade combo has been on sale on SNA. This makes digital sound better in all ways. That is my experience. I am sure there are many who would share the same experience on this forum. If you have invested heavily in your system to make it sound great, this may just be the missing components to take it to full potential. EOI for now. Photos:
  13. Further information: The best I have owned, the sound is analog like, it is my second Ayon dac, the first was sold to fund this as this has a better power supply unit and a CD player. The sound of this is very engaging, non edgy and yet retain the details. I have compared this DAC to other hi end DACs at around 7k-15k Rrp and I preferred the Ayon. If listening to music is one of your priority, try this dac - get an Ayon. This is one of the best CD player out there. Purchased from audiophile mate, outside of SNA. At this stage it is EOI only. Photos:
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