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  1. I own one. Great sounding unit, app is so easy to use whether it is hard disk or Tidal streaming. Installation is seamless. Can do MQA as well if you needed. Played HD files on this and works as good as a CD player. But more mobile without needed to physically change CDs.
  2. This unit is scalable from economical system to high end systems. All people I know who use this is very happy with it. For future upgrade you can pair it with a word clock. Eg the Mutec reference 3. This is a bargain, retails for around 1.5k. I bought mine new as it is so rare and hot on SNA .
  3. The only component that is still in my chain after 2 system overhauls.
  4. Dali fan Yay. I would love to try the Epicon range, if I have the spare $$$. What amp did you use to pair them?
  5. You have the Rubicon. That’s the top of the line. The Musical Fidelity M6 loves the JPS labs power cable, there is one selling on SNA. Should consider it.
  6. Thanks. I am surprised this brand doesn’t get more traction in Australia.
  7. Further information: A musical performer, this brand is popular in Japan and Hong Kong. But, not too well known here. It is an unknown gem. Photos:
  8. Further information: Bought this to start a vinly rig but I needed fund for a purchase. This unit has received very good reviews. Check it out on youtube. Photos:
  9. Further information: Bought early 2020. functions as it should. I couldn’t get the small tip out of the binding post, I connect it with Bill’s speaker cables (3 metres), bare wire and banana to the speakers end. So I will throw in for free which costed me around 100$ if I remember correctly. This received very good reviews from Steven Gutenberg and Shawn from Zero Fidelity. I have original boxes but I prefer a local sale. Photos:
  10. Further information: it’s a versatile unit can be streamer and also a pre. It’s hassle free connection and performs very well for the money. Purchased in early 2020. I have the original boxes. Photos:
  11. Item: 2 sets of Silver XLR cables 1.5m and AES cable 1.5m Price Range: Around 400$ a set Item Condition:Used Extra Info:
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