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  1. Final picture added showing finished refoam job. Carefully peeled off sticky fabric, removed drivers, installed new foams making sure they centred properly with no rubbing on voice coil, reattached fabric. Simple really I guess. Oh, and no response to my emails or phone calls to Pawel Acoustics. Goodness knows why they ignored me. Will wait for the glue to dry in a day or so before I hook the speakers up to my Naim system. Thanks to everyone who contributed to these posts.
  2. My speakers are Ensemble PA-1s made by Pawel Acoustics in Switzerland. I'm hoping to talk to someone at Pawel to get the low down on how to do the refoam.
  3. Thanks for the tip to use a hot air gun Ron. I have one but hadn't thought to use it. I've had a bit of a try at lifting the edge of the fabric on one speaker and it will lift. The Velcro pads are attached to the speaker not to the fabric so they would remain once the fabric is lifted. Here's a question: if I remove the fabric I suspect the surface will be the rather nice rosewood finish on the rest of the speaker box. I could clean off the sticky residue, polish the surface and not replace the fabric. Does the fabric affect sound reproduction? I suspect not. Is it just for cosmetic purposes or does it have a dynamic purpose with the sound as well? Can I get away with just removing it and not replacing???
  4. I'm inclined to think removing the fabric and replacing is the way to go. I would still like Pawel Acoustics to confirm this though. Has anyone done a refoam of the PA-1 before???
  5. Whether foam or rubber, I still need to get to the darn woofer edge!!
  6. Thanks everyone. I have new foam surrounds in the post from the vendor George suggested. I've added a couple more photos, not the best I'm afraid, which show the KEF radiator mount screws. They may be accessible but even so how would I get the woofer out from inside?? The mounting screws for the woofer must be on the surface under the fabric. Pawel Acoustics must have considered the need to refoam so there must be an "easy" way to get into the woofer frame. Surely drilling out the KEF radiator screws wasn't intended.
  7. Hi Deano23. I've done refoams before and am confident I can do this one. The problem is how to access the outer edge of the woofer frame to attach the new surround to. I've added photos of the rear of the speaker which comprises a KEF bass radiator. If you look closely you will see the screws for the bass radiator have been painted over in the manufacture. I suspect therefore there is another way to access the woofer. I can refoam with it in situ but would prefer to remove the woofer to be sure of doing a good job. How do I access the outer rim of the woofer? Do I need to lift the black plastic fabric to do that? I'm sure I would then be able to access the outer rim of the woofer but would the black fabric restick afterwards??!!
  8. Howdy. I have a pair of Ensemble PA-1 speakers which were made by Pawel Acoustics in Switzerland. The woofer surrounds have perished and need replacing. See pics. I have sourced some replacements but need some advice on how to do the fix. The speakers have a black fabric stuck to the front panel which covers the rims of the woofers so the edges aren't accessible. The black fabric seems liftable but I don't want to do that if there is another way to access the edge of the woofer to attach the new surround to. I've contacted Pawel Acoustics but haven't had a reply. Can anyone offer advice on the best way to approach this refoam job? Thanks.
  9. Item: Small collection of vintage speaker drivers. 2x Wharfedale Super 5 model, 10m ohms 13,000 lines; 2x Wharfedale Super 8/ES model 15 ohms, 14,500 lines; one Wharfedale W15/FS model, 15 ohms red (alnico?) magnet; one Bakers "Selhurst" Radio driver red (alnico?) magnet. The Bakers appears to be 15 inch, the W15/FS slightly smaller. All will need work (refoaming) and cones don't seem to move. All are from the 1950s I think. All made in England. I put a multimeter across them and they appear to have resistance and not out of circuit. But they should be considered for parts or renovation. Location: Canberra. Price: Open to offers. Item Condition: Used, need work. Reason for selling: Not needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Is this still available? Would need pozted to Canberra.
  11. Item: Quad 11 valve power amp and Quad QC11 mono valve preamp. Untested and will need refurbishment. Two Mullard EF86, two Osram KT66 (one loose in mount) and one GZ 32 in power amp. QC11 preamp has one Mullard EF86 and a Mullard ECC93. Both units have some pitting in the metal and are showing their age. Location: Canberra Price: $799 the pair PRICE REDUCTION offers over $700 considered Item Condition: Used and in need of refurbishment. These are untested. Reason for selling: Way too much stuff. I won't get round to doing these up. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The power amp is heavy and the valves are delicate. I have not tested the valves so don't know if they work. I could post at buyer's cost and risk. Pictures:
  12. Hi everyone. Apologies for posting a WTB here but I can't seem to find the WTB part in classifieds so thought I'd start here as it's marked "beginners" and I guess I'm a beginner! I collect vintage hifi and over the next few months want to sell some to make way for more stuff. But first I want to find some Technics honeycomb tweeters for my SB-6s. Can someone please point a newbee in the right direction for the WTB section?! Many thanks.
  13. Did these go in the end? I have a single HB1 and want a match.
  14. I'm interested in the lot, but need to get to Canberra. Anyway we can do this? Paul
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