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  1. Would you be able to let me know if I could hook up these speakers to this back panel (as per attachment)? As per the manual these left in/outs are "for connecting to analog audio components". Thank you for all of your help. Cheers
  2. I have also seen the first page of your topic in this sub-forum about all in one music system. For me and for what I was planning to do with the receiver, one of those DAC and AMP in one devices would be ideal. Do yo know of any such devices that exist in the current market?
  3. At the moment I am thinking of using the receiver plus the speakers as a HIFI system. To listem to my high res audio files and my turntable as well. In couple of months time, or more likely somwhere around Christmas time, I would look at buying a proper 5.1 speaker setup or buy them individually over time...
  4. I wanted to buy a good receiver and then add different components to it in time. I was just after some advice on if I am able to use the current speakers with that receiver. I will buy proper floor speakers in time etc. I am really liking the Yamaha RXV681 because of the phono too. It has some nice features I can expand on in future. If I happen to do this, how do I connect the speakers to this receiver? Will it be able to bypass the volume control of the speakers? Blybo thank you for your time in replying and for finding these ads. Cheers
  5. Thank you for your replies and suggestons. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi there, If I am in the wrong section could admin please move this to the correct part of the forum. I am planning to buy either RXV681 and was planning on using it with my Audioengine 5+ powered speakers or buy RXV481 and buy a pair of speakers with total price of around $1100 - $1200. I was reading on different forums but couldn't find the answer anywhere, so I decided to post my dilemma here. I was wondering if I can use Audioengine 5+ with any AV receiver as they are powered speakers, they have their own volume control etc? I saved up some money and decided to buy recveiver that supports high resoution audio so I can listen to my growing library of 24 bit FLAC and DSD files. I also have a turntable I would like to hook up to this receiver, but this is not mandatory. Could someone let me know if this is possible or should I look at a cheaper receiver and a pair of active speakrs? Thanks,
  7. Thank you all again for your recommendations. I was looking at Plannar 3 and at the moment is a bit outside of my budget, but I would say around Christmas time this year I would have saved enough for one. As for Acrylic platter, it is used without a mat (I read few debates online regarding this). I have an Origin Live mat I purchased a year ago. Would you recommend to use new Acrylic platter once it arrives, with or without this mat? Cheers, Mirza
  8. Thank you all for your input. I can't certanily say how many hours I have put into this cart, but I am listening to at least one album a night for over two years now. I will see how much of an improvement I get with acrylic platter and will then decide on the cartridge. #Souwalker, what type of phono preamp are you using with your setup? What is in your experience a difference between an in-built phono and an external, dediceted one? The reason I am asking is the difference in sound one might be getting from dediceted phono pre amp compared to an in built one. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  9. Hi everyone, This would be my first post on this forum. I am after some advice on upgrading my current turntable. I have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Phono USB turntable with stock Ortofon OM10 cart and Origin Live mat. I use it with Audioengine 5+ bookshelf speakers. I have ordered a Pro-Ject Acryl-It platter to try and get rid of some static I've been hearing for a while now. I am also looking at upgrading my current cart. I was looking at Ortofon 2M Blue but I read some amazing things about Nagaoka MP-110 cart too, so I at the moment I am leaning towards that one. Can anyone comment on these two carts and give me their opinions on both and some recommendations on other possible cartridges? Also, would you recommend to get myself a proper phono pre-amp before upgrading my cartridge or any other components?
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