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  1. that is terrific advice Mat, thanks very much. i've got a couple of months before the build so just finalising plans now - great to get that info. i like the look of the 2nd hand gear for sale and offered as examples. exactly what i'm after.
  2. Thanks very much everyone for the great info and warm welcome. I'm not sure how to do the quote thing from each post, so I'll try to run through a few answers and pose a couple of extra questions. time is something that i do have - not in any mad rush to get through all this. I'm happy to purchase components one at a time (will help with the budget really) and do so after proper consideration. the system is for music only. vinyl and the occasional CD. Not really sure about floor standing or stand mount speakers - i could incorporate a custom space in my shelving, but will also have space on the floor. i guess I'll have to have a look and compare options. looks like speakers first is the general consensus (having no real specific audio component in mind other than a TT Cafad). I guess captain.j is only half joking when he suggests a 99% spend on the speakers. in reality what is the best distribution of funds here? 40% speakers, 30% TT + components, 15% amp, 10% CD player, 5% cables??? I also appreciate the point tubularbells makes - would definitely be easier and maybe better to just walk into a hifi store. i kind of prefer the digging, am happy to take the time and do the necessary research. its got to be part of the fun right? I'm obviously more than happy to consider whatever the members have for sale and will try and keep an eye on the classifies when i have a better idea about what I want. not sure how this works, but where are the best places in melbourne to go and listen to this stuff?
  3. thanks joz the main room for the setup is around 3.5 x 5m. brick walls + the wall of wooden cabinetry that I'm planning to rest my turntable in and store my music collection.
  4. need some advice on spending my money. have around $15k to invest but need to replace my entire setup including turntable/speakers/cables/amp (+CD player). I am a music fan and have always spent my money buying CD's, records, going to gigs. I've never had the spare dough to own anything good to play them on. Have the unique opportunity during a house reno to get serious about my system. I buy and listen to almost exclusively vinyl now, but plan on keeping about 1000 of my favourite CDs in a drawer as i can't bear to get rid of that investment in time and money. I currently run a 30 year old kenwood turntable with cheap cartridge, a low quality amp and a pair of $300 second hand speakers. i think i need a belt drive table and would be happy with a solid base not suspended. I am designing my own wall/shelving in lounge room to keep all this stuff - bench of solid wood, hard floor with rugs or carpet. (in fact that is another question: if anyone has advice on the best physical set up, in terms of the shelving/materials etc I'd love to hear about it) I prefer the vintage styling and am probably looking at going second hand on most things. I like the look of something like the VPI classic, and vintage thorens, but also the shape and look of Dr Feickert woodpecker. I appreciate that the key is in the tonearm and cart - I really have no idea how to approach those. I'm not even sure I know about all the components I'd need to run the system - TT, amp/?pre amp/speakers/cables is that about it? I'd like to get a good CD player as well and this will need to be worked in somewhere. I live in melbourne and would be happy to shop local, but notice a lot of this stuff 2nd hand is online from overseas - buying advice? so basically, getting half of my house steamrolled and have an opportunity to set up my record player (and CD) as i want. around $15k +/- to spend on TT + everything i need to make it sound great. belt drive, vintage styling, 2nd hand ok. would love some ideas on what to get and where from. thanks very much for your help.
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