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  1. How long have you had yours for?
  2. Giving this one a spin. Who doesn't love the Bee Gees.
  3. You've obviously got some nice gear there Chris. I like to keep things simple. I'd be like a dog with 60 dicks with that many choices. I have to share my addictions between hifi, guns and cars. LOL
  4. I wish. Worth a lot of money now. Have got a 62 Valiant though.
  5. In my system the dx is a perfect match. It tracks like it's on rails and records that had a lot of surface noise ans sibilence with the 2m black are now almost deathly quiet. I am more than happy with the result and maybe the cart just matches the rega arm. Definitely going to have this cart for a long time.
  6. Bit of the Priest whilst having dinner. Love this album. Still have the original cassette I bought for my girlfriend about 30 years ago. She got me into Judas Priest and we used to zoom around in her Mk 1 Cortina listening to cassettes on the Ferris deck. That bloody thing chewed up a lot of tapes but never a Judas Priest one. Only got it on vinyl a couple of years ago. Oh, and I married her. Lol.
  7. Thank you April. Bought this box set from a fellow SNAer and it is absolutely minty. Looking forward to a few sherbies and ploughing through it.
  8. Just got this in the post today so in for a Rolling Stones session tonight.
  9. Led Zep iv Japanese pressing. Really good SQ on this one
  10. Bit of jazz to start off. John Coltrane Blue Note 1577 Ltd Edition Green Vinyl Good SQ on this one
  11. Classic iconic Aussie album, Goanna - Spirit of Place
  12. Yep, I had to play it after reading your post on the cd/vinyl topic that april started. I was surprised that you have alot of noise from yours as mine is deadly quite. Maybe it's my new cart as I have found that records that had noise before are now either alot quieter or silent.
  13. Bit Roxy Music to get dinner started.
  14. Gave this one a spin last night. Exit Calm The Future Isn't What It Used To Be. Splatter Vinyl
  15. Bit of boogie before dinner. KC & The Sunshine Band Greatest Hits.
  16. I've got one of his larger centres which he custom built for me and it is fantastic. Haven't tried a soundbar but I have two other sets of floor standers as well. Great speakers for the price. I would definitely suggest giving Edward a call. He is extremely helpful and loves a chat.
  17. Just running in the new DV 17DX so had to show it off. Love this album and it's sounding amazeballs with the new cart.
  18. Setup was pretty easy albeit a little fiddly. I've got a magnifier app on my phone that I use and it makes it alot easier. Definitely harder to setup than the black though. I've got it on an rb600 arm so this cart is right at the top end of its range but I've also got a gt underslung counter weight so just put on the 150 gram weights and all is good. I use the counter weight to set vtf and have the vtf dial cranked all the way past 3. Apparently this removes any unwanted resonance from the spring. Dunno if it does or not but that's how I do it and it works well.
  19. Hi, yes plenty of grunt in the phono, running at same volume levels as I was with the mm cart. Lots of detail in the dv. Just playing dsotm at the moment and it's amazing.
  20. If anyone is still following this, just an update. Pulled the trigger on a dx and got it up and running today. Initially I didn't think it was much better than the 2m black but after on two records it was quite apparent that this cart is extremely musical and pulls great detail from the vinyl. It tracks like it's on rails and the quiet passages are inky black. It is really detailed through the entire spectrum. I've only played DS - love over gold and Sade- Promise and what I'm hearing makes me want to play all the records in my collection. Could be a long night lol. It was a lot of coin to out
  21. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has been using one of these new DV carts and what their thoughts are. I have not used a MC cart before and am thinking of upgrading my Ortofon 2m Black. I have read that DV carts are a good match with Rega TT's. I am running a highly modded P-25 through a Cary PH302 Mk2 phono. Would this phono handle the low output of this cartridge as well. Look forward to the responses. Cheers
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