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  1. Classic film and a great soundtrack. Deadpool OST
  2. Giving this one a spin before dinner Joe Henry Shuffletown
  3. Just picked this one up today. The Tea Party the edges of twilight This is the 2015 reissue which gets a bit of a bad rap for sq but it sounds good to me.
  4. Giving this a spin. What a great album. My daughter bought it on cd and I just had to get it on vinyl. Amy Shark Love Monster
  5. Yeah and he actually charged less than the base model because there was a bit less material required. I can't speak highly enough of my experience with Edward. By the way I have no association with Adelaide Speakers at all, just one very happy customer.
  6. Not at all. They are a modified version of the 1293PQTL. Basically the drivers are the same but the size was changed to suit my requirement to fit in under the architrave of the window. He changed the position of the mid and the tweeter so that the transmission line length would work with the shorter height and made them left and right. He also added floor spikes. They are finished in Blackwood veneer. The transmission line bass design is fantastic and I have a aaron 240 sub sitting there that I have never had the need to turn on. The beauty of the TL design is you can position the speakers against a wall with no problems. I had him put the ports out the side just for aesthetics. I mostly play vinyl but I have also got a cdp and a dac hooked up and the music reproduction to my ears is great. Soundstage is wide and has great depth. I would definitely recommend calling Edward and talk to him about your requirements as he is more than accommodating. Good luck in your quest. Keep an eye out in the classifieds as well as they do occasionally pop up for sale although rarely.
  7. I don't really know about the sound comparisons as I've not heard the speakers you mention but i have a pair of custom built 1293pqtl from Edward and they are definitely not analytical. I can sit there and listen to them for hours on end. Not fatiguing at all. Great bass with the modified peerless woofer and I drive mine with a Rogue tube amp. Absolutely love the music these make. I've also got a pair of 863prtl and a custom built 253sq on ht duties. Probably haven't really answered your question as such but if you get a chance to listen to them I think you would be pleasantly surprised. Value for money is pretty hard to beat.
  8. I'll PM you some photos and details, cheers.
  9. I have a set of 5 speakers you can have for a slab if you want. There is nothing at all wrong with them. They aren't expensive speakrrs by any means but they've served me for almost 20 years. They are DTS which were sold by JB many moons ago. They are the Malaysian made ones which I understand were way better than the later Chinese ones. I haven't got the model numbers on me but if you are interested I can send you photos and other details. Fronts are towers and rears are bookshelves. All in black ash veneer. I don't have a sub though. Well not a working one anyway.
  10. I'm running a pair of Niles CM7FX as rear surrounds and very happy with them. They are expensive though but they do different models which may fit your budget.
  11. Bit more Evanescence-the Open Door
  12. Hey Ken, I have the 40th Anniversary repress and the SQ is brilliant. You won't be disappointed.
  13. Got the Beach Boys Album from Aldi's yesterday and sq is quite good on that one as well. For $10 you can't go wrong.
  14. Bit of Evanescence tonight-Fallen. Saw them at Rod Laver Arena last year. Fantastic live.
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