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  1. Hi there. Just for interest as this is an old post but I have just set up two of Edwards 10" subs in my home theater and they are fantastic. Very musical and go down to about 24hz. Brillant on home theatre and two channel. You would be able to connect to the high level speaker terminals on the sub amp if you don't have a pre out on your amp.
  2. About an hour from the cbd depending on time of day of course. There are pictures of mine on here if you search for me. Cheers
  3. I have basically this same front end with the summoners and the centre is customised to suit the spot it lives in. I also have just aquired 2 of his 10" subs and also have another pair of custom built ones just for two channel. Highly recommend them. Happy for you to come and have a listen. I'm on the Mornington Peninsula. Pm me if you are keen.
  4. Cheers mate. I'll get it sorted one way or another. I was given this record about 34 years ago by my sisters ex boyfriend at the time and it was warped then from him leaving it in a car. He bought it new so it has seen very little play time and is near mint other than the warp so it would be nice to get it 100% playable. If I do I'll post it on the vinyl now playing page. 🤘
  5. Ah, OK I might have to post it to them. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. How long does the process take? Is it a while you wait or drop off and pick up?
  7. A question regarding the results. Does it impact on the sound quality or playability once flattened. I have heard mixed reports that it damages the grooves. I'd be happy just to get it flat enough to play the first track on each side as it plays beautifully if I cue to the second track which is essentially past the warp. It's a blue label Highway to Hell and by all accounts is worth a few bucks. Also if anyone knows of someone on the Mornington Peninsula side of town that would be a bonus. Long way to the other side.😁 Thanks Matt.
  8. Thanks Jon. I'll look them up.
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone in Vic has a record flattening machine. I have a 1st pressing of Highway to Hell that is VG++ Sleeve and the record would be near mint other than an edge warp which makes track 1 on both sides unplayable. If I start from the second track in it plays absolutely perfect with no background noise at all. Would love to be able to get most of the warp out if possible. I have tried in the past by putting heavy weights on it but no joy I'm afraid. Happy to pay for the service, thanks in advance. Highway to Hell warp.pdf
  10. Hi all, this is my very humble Rega P25 which has had some major tweaking over the last 4 years that I've owned it. Bought it stock standard and have since done various tweeks. It's a very sweet sounding table. Tweaks as follows :- Incognito silver cardas rewire, Rega 24v motor with PSU upgrade, Tango Spinner adjustable feet, brass dual pulley, silicon belts, Delrin/Aluminium platter, VLT bearing housing, Subplatter, record clamp. Groove Tracer under slung counter weight. Have run Rega Exact, Ortofon 2M Red, 2M Black and currently DV 17DX. Really love what the DV brings out of the grooves. Big
  11. Absolute bargain here. Someone needs to buy these. You won't be disappointed. If I didn't already have 3 sets of Edwards speakers, I'd be all over these. GLWTS.
  12. Process of elimination mate. Sounds like you're onto it though. Those hums are quite annoying and once you know it's there, it's like a scab. Good luck on your quest.
  13. I run all tube gear with my 1293's and they sound amazing. Preamp is a bat 30vk into a rogue audio amp modified by Dallas Clarke and using kt120 output tubes for about 100w/channel. Very nice sound. I play mostly vinyl but also a bit of streaming and silver discs.
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