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  1. I’ll be upgrading from a Yamaha aventage a-1050 connected to an elektra 5 channel amp. So should be a massive upgrade on the processing side.
  2. At the risk of resurrecting an older thread. I'm seriously looking at the Lyngdorf MP-40 once it has been upgraded to HDMI 2.1. Has anyone whom has bought any of the lyngdorf pre pro's (40, 50 or 60) been able to negotiate a discount (if so rough percentage I should be aiming for?). Secondly, I know it's unlikely but has anyone had the opportunity to demo in their own home before buying?
  3. Unrelated, but Very nice speakers and excellent colour choice :). I have the same ones. Good luck with the sale of the tv.
  4. Very Nice! I see you have the Monitor Audio platinum’s. I only have the gold’s, but I’ll be very interested to hear your impressions! ?
  5. Nice! I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to the Acurus muse, anthem AVM70 and Marantz av8805. I’ll be very interested in hearing your thoughts!
  6. Hi Colin, do you own the MUSE and if so, how do you find it? I like the fact they are seemingly upgradable. I've been watching some reviews but info is fairly limited. ASPEQT looks interesting and will be interesting to see some reviews when it finally starts proper rollout.
  7. Thanks for the video. The muse looks quite interesting.
  8. Let us know your thoughts! I’ll be very interested given your speakers etc.
  9. ha ha that’s quite the coincidence. Me too. I have the gold 200, centre and the gold 100 as surrounds (no walls for the fx).
  10. Thanks for the responses. My speakers are the monitor audio gold 5g. I do need 4k and if I’m making an investment in a processor. I’d prefer some chance of going to 2.1 (or at least eARC). I’m not at all concerned with 8k, but I do game a bit. Other than having too many processing channels, the 8805 does tick every other box and there are few others that do (in my price range anyway!)
  11. I had a few questions about this processor. I only have a 5.1 lounge room setup (non dedicated home theatre room). I don’t have any intention of going overheads anytime soon (or possibly even ever) but I do want to get the very best out of my speakers. Would this processor be overkill for my needs given the number of channels it can process? It would be kept in my entertainment unit which is quite enclosed, but has several 140mm fans cooling the components (the Elektra 5 channel amp is barely warm). Would this be an issue? I’ll probably have a few more quest
  12. which did you prefer out of the Marantz and Denon if I may ask?
  13. Funny you should mention this processor in this thread. I wish the MP-40 was more reasonably priced as I only need a couple of inputs and the room correction is supposed to be really good - I also really like the look. However, at well over double the price of the 8805, I don't think I could ever justify it (well, actually, I probably could, but my wife... ha ha). I am hoping to demo the 8805 and maybe the new anthems in my setup, later in the year.
  14. Agree 100%, these are great on a desk. Genuinely amazed in their bass response.
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