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  1. I have a pair of C4’s and they are terrific speakers. If I didn’t have mine I would have snapped these up long ago. Great price!
  2. SA23

    FS: Aurender x100l streamer

    Great deal here. Wish you were in Melbourne. Good luck with the sale!!
  3. I hear you mushroom01! Saturday mornings, everyone is out and it’s just me and my music!
  4. Wish this was in Melbourne What’s the chances of sending?
  5. SA23

    FS: B&W 800 series (D2 Diamond) and Mcintosh System

    Some photos would really help. Considering EOI is being requested for a large $$
  6. Very nice and impressive subs. Would be interested in one if you were in Melbourne.
  7. Can I go backup if it falls through.
  8. Hi Is this TT shelf still available?
  9. SA23

    SOLD: FS: REL S2 Subwoofer

    Shame I just bought a pair of REL’s. These would have been great.