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  1. SA23

    FS: REL G1 sub bass system

    Nice!!! Wish this was in Melbourne, would snap it up. I auditioned this some time ago and it’s amazing for music. Great price. If you change your mind and are willing to send it interstate, please pm me!!
  2. SA23

    Dynaudio C4 Mk2

    Not Sub6’s, but I added a pair of REL 212SE’s to my C4’s and it lifted them to another level. Best upgrade I have made to the hifi has been to add a pair if subs.
  3. I have a pair of C4’s and they are terrific speakers. If I didn’t have mine I would have snapped these up long ago. Great price!
  4. SA23

    FS: Aurender x100l streamer

    Great deal here. Wish you were in Melbourne. Good luck with the sale!!
  5. I hear you mushroom01! Saturday mornings, everyone is out and it’s just me and my music!
  6. Wish this was in Melbourne What’s the chances of sending?
  7. Some photos would really help. Considering EOI is being requested for a large $$
  8. Very nice and impressive subs. Would be interested in one if you were in Melbourne.
  9. Can I go backup if it falls through.
  10. Hi Is this TT shelf still available?