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  1. Item: Usb to Spdif converter Price Range: south of $100 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for something low-end or mid-end to have a play with - feed USB output from my Android tablet into downstream device taking SPDIF coax input. Can be posted from anywhere, or else I could pick up near inner Sydney or north shore.
  2. If you have an analogue Parm EQ available (or a digital one with a "virtual" freq adjust knob), you could set up a narrow-band boost (sharp peak parametric filter) and, while the music plays, sweep the filter's centre freq from 5k through 16kHz. When the sweep hits the annoying frequency, your ears should have an "Ah-hah" moment.
  3. Same here, emails with classifieds suddenly show no pricing, making the emails rather pointless.
  4. Thanks for chipping in, Paul. Given the plots show "small signal" responses, my takeaway is that, if you choose to apply EQ to your finished sub, then these plots do not tell you enough. You need the equivalent of a type of "max practical SPL" plot to know what -3dB point you can achieve for each box volume with EQ added.
  5. Is it something I said - everyone's run away? I was genuinely interested in the answer. Maybe my social skills are lacking ... just didn't realise it's all that offensive.
  6. Good work Dave. Looking at the spec sheet for the driver, it says "3-way" but then only talks about a woofer, a "free edge cone" plus a tweeter. Does it mean two transducers only - woofer voice coil plus tweeter compression driver? What freq does the woofer hand over to the tweeter, and do you know the low freq cutoff of your completed speaker?
  7. Don't have a project or drivers at the moment, but plan one in future, so I'm trying to learn from you builders as much as I can. Thanks for the graphs; looks like you have a reputable driver there in the Faital 15", which Paul Spencer may well characterise as a "high sensitivity pro audio driver". Your plots show the variation in LF cut-off for different box volumes, but then, using EQ one could make any of them more usefully flat. Thus the key issue may be one of max SPL available from each option without excessive excursion. Are these four plots normalised to the same SPL for each alignment (e.g. does the 0dB red line represent a common SPL value across all four plots)?
  8. Interesting insight - can you expand a little on why this is? I realise that, if you apply EQ to shift a subwoofer's -3db cut-off point lower, you typically sacrifice attainable SPL over the whole LF freq region (not just the mid-bass). Is that what you're referring to?
  9. Great insights, thanks for the detailed posts in this thread Paul.
  10. My eye caught the name "Toscanini" and this guy is a real puzzle to me. In the first 2 minutes of a Toscanini rendition of a Beethoven/Brahms symphony, I think to myself - this is way too fast, and the recording is vintage and sounds thin. But, you somehow can't walk away, and before you know it you listen to the whole thing (and this is not a pop/rock track of 4 minutes; it 's typically 30+ minutes). Toscanini doesn't seem to let up, goes hard all the way. And looking at the expression of him conducting, you'd think he'd be a demanding man in rehearsals too. Buyer of this is likely in for a treat.
  11. Hi there, PWilson, may I take these please? I've sent you a private msg.
  12. Question about device drivers. In the past, whenever I needed to clean up an older Windows PC to remove bloat and remnants of uninstalled applications, I always try to capture/download some Device Drivers before I do a fresh Windows OS install. I have the impression (maybe I have not looked hard enough) that only a minority of manufacturer's offer Linux drivers for their peripherals, sound cards etc. So, if you were to wipe your HDD and install Linux MINT, where would you get all the latest device drivers from? I note that, when posts appear in Windows forums about sound cards or other peripherals misbehaving, probably the most common advice is to "download the latest drivers" from the manufacturer's web site. So what would the equivalent advice be for a MINT user?
  13. This is what Microsoft itself says about data harvesting by Windows 10: “Examples of data we collect include your name, email address, preferences and interests; browsing, search and file history; phone call and SMS data; device configuration and sensor data; and application usage.” If an app harvests your personal data you can look for an alternative, block it or uninstall it. But if your operating system disrespects your privacy, you're basically a sitting duck. What business does an operating system have with tracking things like your personal browsing history, search history, your interests and phone calls? I will avoid upgrading to Windows 10 for as long as I can.
  14. Thanks for the input Snoopy, but it's not that complicated - he has bought a 5.1 Kef speaker set for HT. But, he also has a beloved pair of heavy, active 2-ways, one of which has bad electronics. So an active crossover will allow us to play around with to see if we can match the sound of the amp-less one with the good one before deciding how to proceed with those. Even though he lives far away, we look forward to the crossover fiddling. But this thread isn't to delve into his scenarios - as mentioned, I'm just keen to learn about the high/low filter features that may or may not exist on "typical", garden variety AV pre-pros to avoid having to download and read AV manufacturer's manuals.
  15. Could be right, but my understanding of the 2.1 feature of most low/mid priced pre-pros is that they: 1) usually output the subwoofer in mono, whereas the requirement is for stereo woofers 2) often limit the subwoofer cut-off frequency to something under 200Hz, whereas crossing to a woofer may need north of 800Hz. Know of any one that does subwoofers in stereo with choice of cutoff freq up to 1000Hz? Because I have offered to sort out some options for an elderly family member. It would be nice if he could cover home theatre and 2-channel with one box, and not need to hook up a PC to make adjustments as you do with miniDSP. I'm just checking in SNA's specialist AV forum to avoid having to read AV manufacturer's manuals. In my own system I don't use miniDSP but I do play with outboard crossovers using a 6-channel usb DAC and also some pro audio 3-way crossovers. I don't do HT. To Colin (cwt) - thanks for your informative post. That JBL Synthesis covers a lot of bases, even throwing in Dirac Live room correction; very impressive. Though at 6k in the US, it's Australian price is going to be well out of range for my man. I am a bit surprised that, apparently, one cannot do the low/high pass filters for a crossover with a garden variety AV Pre-Pro, given it already has a cpu, operating system and app software to handle more complex functions like parametric eq and surround decoding for DTS, ATMOS etc. So the hardware and software infrastructure is already all there, just needs an extra bit of application software to do simple high/low filters and route the outputs.
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