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  1. The Spider

    Bargain Extended Play / EP thread

    @Teksiis I finally pulled my finger out and started this thread....hopefully some experts will provide their favorite bands bargain priced output. Might do Aphex Twin Come to daddy - that's a lot of great music at an excellent price, with the title track being awesome!
  2. The Spider

    Bargain Extended Play / EP thread

    The only EP I have on digital, CD and vinyl... Metallica Wherever I may roam EP, 1992 $15 Tracklist Wherever I May Roam Last Caress / Am I Evil? / Battery (Live) Wherever I May Roam (Demo) The live medley (in Moscow) is just amazing, around 12 minutes long, so once again 25ish minutes of Metallica
  3. The Spider

    Bargain Extended Play / EP thread

    Orbital Style EP, 1999 $3 Tracklist Style Bigpipe Style New Style Old Style Approximate 25minutes. all versions are so massively different you'd be hard pressed to think it's the same song. the album 'middle of nowhere' is difficult to find on vinyl and is around $60-$80. so the value for money is outstanding at $3!
  4. As a Scottish decedent I love value for money...some of my favorite records are EP's, giving a fantastic sample of a artists output...at a bargain price. So I'm going list a few...would love to hear others....I guess there should be some stipulations.... Affordable: considerably less than an album, don't list a rare EP that only hard-core fans can get at $200 Quality: has to be as good as if not better than an album or great non-album tracks To begin: Chemical Brothers Loops of Fury, 1995 $8 for VG/NM Tracklist Loops Of Fury 4:41 (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up 5:44 Get Up On It Like This 6:03 Chemical Beats (Dave Clarke Remix) 5:04 2 non-album track, one album track, one remix. all amazing. can be easily found on Discogs etc
  5. The Spider

    SOLD: FS: Rega Apollo R CD player

    bargain alert. bought one for mum...frickin rocks!!!!
  6. The Spider

    Rega Elex-R amplifier

    Sold. Pending payment
  7. The Spider

    Rega Elex-R amplifier

    What about the brownies & pizza😂 Terry’s only being kind cause I have a few great records on the way from the UK for him!
  8. The Spider

    Rega Elex-R amplifier

    Spendor D7...current graphs were from Stereophile review. They sound awesome on the amp, so only willing to see what happens with a 50% increase in watts. i’ve previously Tested Elex-r vs Elicit-r in a shop - same TT & speakers - I couldn’t detect any difference in that set up! So hear’s hoping!
  9. The Spider

    Rega Elex-R amplifier

    Item: Rega Elex-R Location: Melbourne South-Eastern suburbs Price: $1250 Item Condition: soul-soaringly excellent Reason for selling: Have been told my speakers would respond to more power, so have ordered an Elixir-R....don't want to give up the sound! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit Extra Info: This is the amplifier that started me on the slippery slope to audiophile heaven....and a Rega fan-boy too! Soon as I heard this in my system I knew every other piece was going to need to be upgraded to match it's potential. Love it. Just a great amp at this price point. Has MM phono section (would be useful for a Planar 1,2,3 level turntable). Remote control pictured. Comes with standard power cord (in case the eagle eyes spot the Evo3 coming from the back!). No box, sorry, so local pick up preferred....and that way I also get visitation rights to make sure the new owner is treating her right Pictures:
  10. The Spider

    SOLD: Rega Elicit-R Amp

    I had a Rega Elicit-R ad in there for the past year....no stirrings! @JSBach well done mate, I have an Elex-R and very happy with it....let me know your thoughts on the Elicit! @Josipg what are you upgrading to? Thank you
  11. Damn has been sold. Thank you
  12. The Spider

    LPs. Sale Pending

    @Spider27 mate, if you don't like Adele, drop it over, my wife likes her. Cheers
  13. can someone please buy Run The Jewels 2...this is one of the most amazing hip hop/rap albums of the past decade. just amazing. Seriously. someone who likes aggressive, clever, angry, righteous, socially aware and FUN lyrics with brilliant beats. c'mon people...don't let me down here.
  14. Item: as described Location: Melbourne SE suburbs Price: Lamar @ $30 each Bully @ $20 Burial @ 15 sold to the man in black. Item Condition: Played once/if that Reason for selling: not my thing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, can ship too! $8 each I believe from what others tell me Extra Info: All records are EU versions Kendrick: Good kid, MAAD City Damn Bully: Feels Like https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/20484-bully-feels-like/ Burial: River dealer Pictures:
  15. The Spider

    SOLD: FS: Rega RP8 TT - Brisbane (Relist)

    you could leave him a safety deposit, of let's say, $2200 whilst you do it....that would be good too!