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  1. SOLD: FS: Rega DAC

    Nice price Spider!
  2. New Rega TT unleashed

    good point gentlemen, Rega definitely have the cash to go all out...sales are through the roof....so I could see a 'statement' turntable being a possibility.
  3. New Rega TT unleashed

    logically would be a replacement for the RP8. if I was a betting man. Think the rp8 and 10 will be replaced by a single model.
  4. My most eclectic shipment yet... Beatles next to Run The Jewels Burial next to Spoon but all share a common attribute....I really like them!
  5. I have an ex-wife that you can have. Pick up only. no $ required.
  6. FS: (NSW) NAD System: C350/542/ C420 - $250

    complete bargain! someone get this....and you'll be amazed at what $250 gets you!
  7. FS: Rega RP8 TT - Brisbane (Relist)

    wow, that's a lot of turntable for the money. GLWS. Really happy with mine, go guys!
  8. Currently Spinning

    shipment arrived....so this is my afternoon and evening....
  9. Met a lovely bloke last week who bought some cables....they just haven't got the 5 (is it 5?) posts yet but...sure....I understand your reluctance if you have big $ in equipment.
  10. I've had shocking luck with US made vinyl...and very good luck with Euro vinyl. I know these are very generic statements and I'm sure there are good and bad in both countries....but everything that's come from my UK stores is flat whilst my US orders are running at 25% rejection rate. Anyone else have an experience like this or have I just had this very biased experience?
  11. Currently Spinning

    listened to both those earlier today. Cigarettes...first time I listened it didn't grab me, I have to be in a laid back mood...but late at night, before bed, very nice. Some of the lyrics are lovely, a very modern take on relationships...more plenty of fish/bumble then marriage then children kind of deal. Slowdive....very....precise...very powerful for what feels like sparse sonical layout...but I guess that's what the good guys can do, make complex seem easy and make empty feel full.
  12. Currently Spinning

    Thanks to @scuzzii for this recommendation (in the SNA Albums of 2017 thread) I don't have very much experience with jazz (a few Miles Davis and Brubeck that's all)....but really glad I took the plunge on this one...
  13. I sold my Planar 3 (2017) for $800, the Elys2 for $100 and the TT-PSU (mk2) for $200. So I agree, $850-$1000 would be the range. Enjoy the Planar6 - think you'll get a decent upgrade by taking that step.
  14. Rega appreciation thread (Volume two)

    @Powerglide @EV Cali Lovely systems gentlemen!
  15. Hmm Love indeed

    If my wife tried to dance like that....she'd kick over the TV, knock over a vase with her arm and then collide with the kitchen bench and knock herself unconscious.