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  1. Thanks for your reply much appreciated, I noticed you have a Fiio M11 Pro I bought the M11 ( just before the AKM fire ) . What’s your thoughts on it I do find the SW a bit buggy sometimes, but it sounds great. I’m just using a pair of 1more Triple Drive ear buds, would like to try the balance out one day. Thanks Paul. Thanks Snoop
  2. Hi, anyone here have any experience using Dirac Live, I intended to run it this weekend but wanted any tips before embarking with it . Using it with NAD M33. Cheers Paul.
  3. Yer I guess so, ear wigglin was neat. Family wants to watch more .
  4. I wish , would make it even funnier
  5. Are you serious, I can’t stop laughing at this cool looking antlers thou, LOL. Thanks.
  6. Yes , the web page looks pretty busy, seems like a good deal only $20 bucks. I would be primarily streaming to a Streamer / DAC used in my stereo ( NAD M33 ) . But like you I have a Mac too. Hows the sound quality and streaming reliability ? Thanks Paul.
  7. Anyone here currently using Neil Young Archives streaming site ? what are your thoughts ? Thanks Paul
  8. Yes I live in the Gold Coast Hinterland, timber floors too. I bought a Bluesound Powernode 2i , I found the manual a bit vague especially for subwoofer settings. I also swapped out the M33 power cord with this one, a slight improvement in SQ.
  9. Hi, first impressions I think it needs more time to run in , sound was detailed but lacked liveness.I haven't used Dirac as yet. Working out crossover & Sub settings for now. I saw a good video on You Tube that compared the M33 , Yamaha as3200 and the Cambridge Edge A integrated amp. The Cambridge sounded great , you could really hear the difference in SQ even on You Tube. Comparison was done by a German Hi Fi retailer ( Fidelity Hamburg ). I might hook up the M33 to my Amp later for a comparison . Cheers
  10. Finally, turned up this arvo. Replaced with a new Player. Music and Beers this weekend !
  11. Afternoon, I have this CD Target for sale. INXS. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks Paul
  12. Yeah , at least there organising the courier. Hopefully it will be a quick turnaround. Chhers
  13. Hi,no luck yet , will have to send back to get it looked at, NAD sent thru an update but it didn't help ( oh the joys of Hi Fi ) Talk later . Cheers Paul.
  14. I did consider the Hegel also , but as you mentioned no tone controls etc. Aurender has some nice gear too. Ive seen a few videos with the M33 driving some good sized speakers. Had my eye on the B&W 803 D3 for a while , one day maybe. As you said its a bit difficult to find a retailer who has gear in stock to demo. What we need is a company who could arrange a demo in your own house for what ever brand or equipment Australia wide, you pay a small fee for shipping/demo , and if you buy the product that fee is deducted from the sale price, just a thought. Than
  15. Well I just Stream most of the time now and have sold all my sources CD Player etc. So I will be 1st connecting straight to my speakers for a few weeks, then use the M33 Pre outs to my Mcintosh Amp and do a comparison. So I might end up selling my Mcintosh Amp also. All the above depends on the NAD getting sorted out. Cheers Paul.
  16. Yes , hardwired to the router. Been using a Bluesound Powernode 2i since December hardwired also , so it’s not a Network issue . Might have to send back to Convoy International for repairs.
  17. I haven’t got it running yet, gets halfway thru the update then goes to standby mode. Sent a requested to NAD for some help. Still in the process with that. Will eventually connect to a pair of B&W CM9 Series One. Fingers crossed, don’t like my chances of getting a replacement now. Hopefully just a SW cliche. Cheers Paul.
  18. Further information: Very versatile Pre Amp connect all your sources , including headphones. Pre Amp is in mint condition.Original packaging. RRP. $7995. Thanks for looking. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a
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