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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome all...
  2. Good Morning and Hello to All, I stumbled onto this forum last night while looking for a tonearm for my Technics SP10Mkii... Have been involved in audio craziness for 50 years... I am located in the USA, The state I live in is Maine... It is as far Northeast in the USA as you can get before you get wet in the Atlantic and that's only 5 miles away from me. Current System: Hovland HP100 Preamp w/ MC phono stage. Hovland Radia Amplifier,Classic Audio T-3 Loudspeakers, Oppo 105, Technics SP10Mkii , Obsidian plinth, Corian armboard, Tonearm (looking now) , Denon 103R, Denon Zu103, Cardas Golden Cross cables. Synergestic Research A/C Master coupler power cables to: amp, preamp and CDP.. Looking forward to being part of this forum. Pup