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  1. It is just an energizer. so i try to connect that to my marantz HD-Dac 1. regarding to the electrostatic headphone because is a home made brand so it wont have much information on the internet. please see link below for other people's view: https://www.superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/the-interesting-chuxin-electrostatic-headphones.9907/ also the spec for my HD- DAC 1 https://manuals.marantz.com/HDDAC1/NA/EN/BONDSYheikthoj.php Thanks
  2. Yet. something like that. but i am more concern about the sound quality.
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. i was try to setup this way. but unfortunately the RCA from the Marantz is not powerful enough. (it must be as use as DAC only). but the unit itself from 6.3mm output is powerful enough to drive (600 ohm headphone) . so am i able to use a 6,3mm to RCA cable to connect each other and become Music source -> Marantz HD-DAC 1 (6.3mm out) -> (RCA in) Energizer -> Headphone ? Thanks
  4. Hi Guys I just bought a Electrostatic headphone unit (home made branding) . it had a set of RCA out put on the energiser. i tried to connect to my marantz HD- DAC 1.(Amp/DAC) but i just noticed the output on HD- DAC 1 is just as DAC not and amp. (not enough power) Just wondering is it possible to connect the energiser to the 6.3mm headphone jack. by using a 6.3mm to RCA cable?
  5. i will give A2A a call see what they can do. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply guys. i am consider to get the wa2. they have free shipping worldwide ATM. its a bit temping. i was try to look for second hand in the forum for a while but dont have the luck. I just wondering if i purchase from the official site and they ship to me. how would GST in get involved the government will send me a letter? or hold up the item in customs? I love to support local businesses. but its really a big difference on the pricing, is like 30% extra
  7. Hi Guys Can i ask about some experience to purchase gear from oversea. when i saw the product on their official website is much cheaper then local store. for example like woo audio wa 2 official site is cost $1299 US ( around $1650) included shipping. but A2A is selling $2100. i mean thats a big difference. is it any hidden cost if purchase from oversea? or do i need to pay tax when the product get in? please give some advise thanks.
  8. for me. th900 (original) is more like a "w" shaped instead of "v" shaped. its the best bass i ever heard. its really punchy and clear but not over like beats. Treble is bright. mid is a bit flat. (mk1 is a bit stepback ) soundstage is really good for a close back HP. i uses mine for pop, k-pop, R&B and Rap. but i dont think this HP is suitable for Jazz or Classical. and its really easy to drive. But that just my experience. i am not sure whats different after mod.
  9. love mine very much. this is absolute bargain. original pad need extra care. i wish can have these pad.
  10. i only using hd dac1 atm. its kind of entry level for dac/amp
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