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  1. I am not sure, if you bought that already. i had the P7 for a while. as a "toy" no harm to own one. but the until had quality issue and really bad after care. I bought mind one from ebay. the package come without any power connector. i reported to the buyer. and he refused to post me one and just refund around 10 dollar to tell me buy it locally. well negative feedback to the buyer of course. the until quality also bad. i only use around 10 times the power switch is faulty already (only unplug to turn off). The amp is not powerful as they described. on their spec it said: output impedance 32ohm ~600ohm. nope...i tried on my HD800. listenable volume around 2~3 o'clock on knob. and cant even drive my He1000 at all. well, that only for testing. you wont expect any beautiful sounding from that. if you want to drive an IEM or over ear headphone with low impedance. like JP's still possible. and also that is a tube amp. it can give you warm sound. but in the same time will loss a bit of clearness of the headphone.
  2. i believe their flagship closed back still w5000.
  3. he always is. really taked care of his gear. perfect condition of product i purchased from him eariler.
  4. what a great deal, really nice headphone. GLWS
  5. wow.. really good price GLWS.@Suopermanni if you still hunting.
  6. yes.you can tell from the case. and cable connect point.
  7. i think this sounds better the x. audeze headphone used have issue for their driver. updated driver is even better then new pair.you never know how long the store will keep their stock for, plus vegan pads. i wish i had money for this
  8. man, cant believe you let this baby go..really good price for this. GLWS.
  9. Item: Sennheiser momentum 2.0 over ear - Black (Android) Location: Melbourne Price: $200 Item Condition: As New (5 hours used / 20 hours run in) Reason for selling: Rarely Used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only Extra Info: This headphone is really good for pocketable used, come with original box, all accessories. still have 8 month warranty left, purchase at harvey norman. RRP for $499 it was bought on Nov 2016 for father as surprised gift. he is more into speaker and it end up he never use ever since. so i told it back. The headphone had unbox and run in for 20hrs and around 5 hours used by myself before i gave to him. the headphone had cleared and leather pad polished before i repack. Condition as new without single scratch. Pictures:
  10. i saw that seller have other headphone sell in good price you may consider
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