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  1. Further information: Selling Hegel H190 integrated amplifier in great condition. It has strong punchy bass and detailed, airy sound without fatiguing trebles. With damping factor of 4000+ it will drive difficult speakers with tight bass control. I have paired with Chord Qutest DAC and Spendor D7 speaker for great result. It brought most bass out Spendor D7 in my set up to date, and has brought out additional level of details / edge definition that allow listener to separate out layers of sound. Only selling as I slightly preferred the smooth (warm) sounding
  2. Further information: Up for sale is Bill's boutique pure silver RCA cable with locking termination (1m pair). I got the cable recently from another SNAer, and it impressed me so much that I went and bought Western Electric vintage RCA cable with locking plugs directly from Bill, which i prefer slightly more in my system. Cable in great condition - I don't have box but will package safely. Photos:
  3. Further information: Up for sale is Chord 2Qute with MCRU linear power supply. I bought it from another SNAer few months ago. It has engaging and dynamic sound with soundstage that envelops you. MCRU linear power supply (over $350 RRP converting from pound to AUD excluding delivery) to my ears made further improvements especially at bass and dynamics. It's in great condition, with only blemish being tiny nick/scratch at top edge at front (only really visible if inspecting closely) as shown in the photo 5 and 6 (bit hard to see!). I have been very happy with the sound and only
  4. Further information: Up for sale is used Chord 2Qute Dac (silver). It is in very good condition - has couple of very minor nicks on top (refer last photo). It was used as main DAC for hifi setup, and I preferred it over Topping Dacs (DX7 pro, D70) and Denafrips Ares II in my set up. It has a very dynamic / punchy sound with excellent details and soundstage that envelops listener. I ended up getting another Chord 2Qute DAC in black to suit rest of my gears, and thus it's no longer required. Pick up is fine, but audition is not possible. Don't have origi
  5. Still available for sale. For anyone that maybe interested in using this for Headphone set up : I have paired this DAC with Burson CV2+ headphone amplifier and Hifiman Sundara, and had a great result - airy, 3d soundstage with great dynamic and impact, without being harsh at top end.
  6. This is great all in one unit with excellent discrete class A headphone amplifier and is a bargain at this price. I have silver version, and to my ears it produces dynamic sound with wide soundstage, without being harsh as recent opamp based amplifiers can be. There is reason why people like discrete class A amplifier! GLWTS - shame I got one already, otherwise I would jumped at this.
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