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  1. Also interested if the sale doesn't go ahead. Cheers!
  2. Item: RTR 280DRs Location: Canberra, ACT Price: 1200 Item Condition: 7/10 - awesome for their age Reason for selling: Dad has upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Hi all, I’m selling these beautiful and rare old RTR 280DRs on behalf of my Dad (not to be confused with the cheap RTRs after BIC bought the company in the 80’s). Matching serial numbers 3838 and 3839. The story goes that as an 18 year old, dad had a choice to make – a new car or a stereo system. Needless to say that he choose correctly and they’ve been in the family since new in 1977. It’s actually quite a sad day for both of us really as these were my first introduction to the glorious world of hifi as well – in fact the couple of dinted dust caps were at my own hands as a 5 year old – apologies! Anyway, here they are in all their Teak clad glory (real Teak, not plastic veneer). They pack in 10 drivers per tower. 5 paper mids/tweeters, a front facing piezo horn, 3 front/side facing 10” woofers and a downward firing 10” woofer. I’ve checked all drivers and they are in good working order. The rear of the crossovers have pots for treble and mid range as well as an protection override reset button. One speaker will on occasion cut out but a reset is all it needs. The switch probably just needs a clean. The cloth grills look loose in the photos, that’s just due to the screws being removed for me to take photos of the drivers. The crossovers have recently been recapped with Jantzen MKTs from Speakerbug.com.au. Dad reckons they now sound exactly like he remembered back in 77’ as they had lost a lot of sparkle and bottom end prior to the recap. Sensitivity wise, I can’t find the original specs but they’re clearly pretty sensitive when compared to my -89dB Martin Logans. Easily over 91-92dB. They’re not in perfect condition being 41 years old but overall present very well. There has been some loose veneer over the years which has been reglued. One tower has a chip to the bottom rear corner. I’ve tried to show all of this in the photos. A few of the tiny dust caps on the paper tweeters have been pushed in but they’re such shallow caps, I hardly noticed until dad pointed them out. I’m not sure what else to say about these but please feel free to ask questions. Dad is asking $1200 for them and I realise that’s on the higher end but given their rarity here is Australia it’s probably a fair price Pictures:
  3. I'd snap these up if they were closer to home. Why's all the good stuff always in WA 🤣 GLWTS
  4. RTR001

    records for sale

    I'll be out of the office today from 4:30pm I'm afraid. I can possibly pickup at lunch time this week if you're home one day? I've sent you personal message to arrange pickup and details.
  5. RTR001

    records for sale

    I'm in Belconnen but work over in Deakin 9:00-5:00pm. I'll PM you
  6. RTR001

    records for sale

    G'day mate, where abouts are you based in Canberra? I'm keen on Bowie Tonight and Fame and Fashion as well as Midnight oil. Cheers, Tim
  7. Item: ELAC BS 52's Location: Canberra Price: $100 ono + shipping if needed Item Condition: Great except one dust cover has a rip top left corner Reason for selling: Not used / not required Payment Method: Cash, Paypal (+3%), Bank transfer Extra Info: Overall nice condition in charcoal/silver. Working perfectly. One dust cover has a small tear in the top left corner and they're missing a couple of the little rubber stick-on feet. Great small bookies and big sound for their size. They have built in hangers for wall mounting as surrounds/height etc. Happy to demo if you're local. I don't have the original box but happy to package securely and ship Australia wide. Courier should only be ~$20. Pictures:
  8. RTR001

    New member from Canberra

    Hahaha sorry Sime, that was directed at @Zeddiculus first post. But fits well with yours too I see lol. I've lived both north and south too. Equally great in my opinion after dealing with Sydney ?
  9. RTR001

    New member from Canberra

    Who sold you all that crap? Was it a dodgy guy over in Belconnen by any chance?? ? Glad you joined up mate! Cheers, Tim
  10. If you login to Netflix on your PC via web browser, you can actually access additional quality/streaming settings that you can't view via their app/interface. It might be worth having a look. They basically set the defaults for your streaming devices.
  11. Thanks guys, I'm tackling the panels separately and have already spoken to Rob and a few others I've also read that aside from the Vishay's using corresponding values ~1% of the main capacitor is an effective bypass. I.e. Running a cheaper 10uF Janzten Z-cap in parallel with a 0.1uf Superior/Silver Z-cap. Not sure how effective that is? Given that the panels are so revealing (when working 100%) I'm keen to get the most out of the crossover within my budget of a couple of hundred dollars.
  12. I recently picked up a nice old pair of Martin Logan Aerius speakers (built May 93) which I’m looking to do a complete rebuild of when I find the courage to do so. I’m looking for some advice as to the best way of tackling the crossovers since the majority of the existing caps are 25 year old electrolytics. Martin Logan sent me the crossover schematic which I’ve included below. Reading this I’m looking at 2 of each of the following caps: For the top end: 10uF, 15uF & 22uF For the woofer: 80uF, 100uF, 470uF The inductors are air core so I’m not going to worry about those or the resistors. I don’t have a small fortune to invest in super high end caps so am considering some bypass options as well as some premium ELKO caps for the bottom end - I may need to combine a few to get the 470uF. I’ve looked into this a little and there is a lot of talk about using the Vishay MKP1837 0.01uF (readily available at Speakerbug) as a tiny bypass cap. At this stage, for the ESL panel capacitors, I’m *thinking* about using a combination of Jantzen Standard Z-caps and Premium Z-caps where my budget will allow and add a bypass to each using the Vishay. I haven’t had any experience with bypassing though so I’m unsure if this is the best approach or even a good one. The speakers which I’ve recapped have always just been like for like values. I would appreciate any suggestions & advice
  13. If the sale falls through, I'll take it.