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  1. Item: ELAC BS 52's Location: Canberra Price: $100 ono + shipping if needed Item Condition: Great except one dust cover has a rip top left corner Reason for selling: Not used / not required Payment Method: Cash, Paypal (+3%), Bank transfer Extra Info: Overall nice condition in charcoal/silver. Working perfectly. One dust cover has a small tear in the top left corner and they're missing a couple of the little rubber stick-on feet. Great small bookies and big sound for their size. They have built in hangers for wall mounting as surrounds/height etc. Happy to demo if you're local. I don't have the original box but happy to package securely and ship Australia wide. Courier should only be ~$20. Pictures:
  2. RTR001

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    Hahaha sorry Sime, that was directed at @Zeddiculus first post. But fits well with yours too I see lol. I've lived both north and south too. Equally great in my opinion after dealing with Sydney 🤣
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    New member from Canberra

    Who sold you all that crap? Was it a dodgy guy over in Belconnen by any chance?? 😂 Glad you joined up mate! Cheers, Tim
  4. If you login to Netflix on your PC via web browser, you can actually access additional quality/streaming settings that you can't view via their app/interface. It might be worth having a look. They basically set the defaults for your streaming devices.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm tackling the panels separately and have already spoken to Rob and a few others I've also read that aside from the Vishay's using corresponding values ~1% of the main capacitor is an effective bypass. I.e. Running a cheaper 10uF Janzten Z-cap in parallel with a 0.1uf Superior/Silver Z-cap. Not sure how effective that is? Given that the panels are so revealing (when working 100%) I'm keen to get the most out of the crossover within my budget of a couple of hundred dollars.
  6. I recently picked up a nice old pair of Martin Logan Aerius speakers (built May 93) which I’m looking to do a complete rebuild of when I find the courage to do so. I’m looking for some advice as to the best way of tackling the crossovers since the majority of the existing caps are 25 year old electrolytics. Martin Logan sent me the crossover schematic which I’ve included below. Reading this I’m looking at 2 of each of the following caps: For the top end: 10uF, 15uF & 22uF For the woofer: 80uF, 100uF, 470uF The inductors are air core so I’m not going to worry about those or the resistors. I don’t have a small fortune to invest in super high end caps so am considering some bypass options as well as some premium ELKO caps for the bottom end - I may need to combine a few to get the 470uF. I’ve looked into this a little and there is a lot of talk about using the Vishay MKP1837 0.01uF (readily available at Speakerbug) as a tiny bypass cap. At this stage, for the ESL panel capacitors, I’m *thinking* about using a combination of Jantzen Standard Z-caps and Premium Z-caps where my budget will allow and add a bypass to each using the Vishay. I haven’t had any experience with bypassing though so I’m unsure if this is the best approach or even a good one. The speakers which I’ve recapped have always just been like for like values. I would appreciate any suggestions & advice
  7. If the sale falls through, I'll take it.
  8. Item: Krix Lyrix Gold - Jarrah Location: Canberra, ACT Price: Asking $650 $550 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Not used / surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Lovely set of Krix that are going to waste in my back room. The Jarrah veneer is spotless however there is a small amount of fading visible when the dust covers are removed (see pics). Also missing one brass bi-wire plate but otherwise spotless. Local pickup very much preferred as I don't have the original boxes. Pictures:
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    Amps with 2 outputs

    Right you are! Guess that is not an option then.
  10. RTR001

    Amps with 2 outputs

    This might seem like a crazy idea, but sure why not hook both sets up to A and and B just DON'T run them simultaneously. Listen to your good speakers for the majority of the time and when the old man visits, run speaker B, tell him how much you like them, make him feel good and then switch back to A later on...
  11. I just built some cheap DIY absorbers last night using simple pine frames, 6 or so layers of thick cotton towel from the local op-shop and then plain black fabric covers. I built two 120x50cm panels for roughly $30. They work an absolute treat. I'm tempted to add some more - disguising as art is a great idea.
  12. Righto, probably taboo not to spend a fortune on these things but in a few hours tonight I knocked up some basic absorption panels to wall mount behind the towers. Simple pine frame, 7 layers of thick cotton towels from the op-shop and a fabric cover. Roughly $30 in total. Gotta say, they work a treat. Imaging and clarity has greatly improved and the speakers haven't moved from their sub-optimal position. Happy days!
  13. Unfortunately no, it's 2.5 feet from the closet part of the panel itself. Conveniently, these were supplied with very similar feet to what you've linked to above. I'm on carpet so was actually planning on fitting spikes. I might reevaluate... It's a tricky space to explain. The lounge room is an L shape but open plan joining with the living room which is also an L shape. Unfortunately there is a double sliding door smack in the middle of the two spaces leading into the main entrance and corridor. The right speaker sits next to the door so moving them forward puts a speaker smack in the middle of everything. It's not impossible, it's just impractical. Here is a terrible attempt at a quick diagram. All black lines are solid walls. Speakers are green. Sliding doors are red. Windows at the front are purple. Kitchen is the semi enclosed space at the top/middle. | --------------|-------- | | ____| | | | |______ __ |____| | I knew when I bought them I'd be making some compromises in terms of placement and ultimate sound quality in my space. They already sound better than my old towers, it's just a question of how much more I can get out of them without being too intrusive. I think I'm on the right track now though thanks to everyone's help.