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  1. Hi I'm using a Hagerman tube headphone amp....... Keeps me listening to music......
  2. Further information: if i remember correctly ..... were removed from some DIY corner enclosures I have some Wharfedale bass drivers that came from the same enclosures will be listed later along with lots of other stuff to clear out.. i havent tried them or measured them recently meaning since sometime in the 80's I likely did check them then? I kept them for curiosity. They have been wrapped and packed since then and i unwrapped one for photo with the other exposing the label hope the photos are helpful can provide more if required if they have some real value will sell them otherwise will just keep. can pack and post at buyers cost Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. can't offer any advice.... but equally keen to find out.... my sentiment exactly..... quite a cost for the antipodes combo but cheap compared to some analogue systems..... however being dependent on software support to keep a product operating is my worry ...... to be clear..... everything I've read indicates excellent support from antipodes....
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