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  1. Purely on looks I don’t know if there’s a better integrated out there than the L-507, sub 10k
  2. I knew this would happen I just purchased a new SACD player as nothing I liked had come up for ages. That is until now !! too late for me but some one is going to get lucky.
  3. Seriously high end ! You’re not using the on board DAC with your steaming?
  4. Don't be discouraged by low ballers ! just simply ignore !
  5. If you go wireless Kef LS50's i believe they are powered so you won't need an amp either! I had a listen to the passive LS50's last weekend with some hi end Marantz gear (amp & SACD player). Very impressed. If i were in the market for stand mounts i would snap these off you.
  6. Moss Vale is an easy drive away !!!! also tempted ! what pre amp did you run ?
  7. Great amp i've had on for over 20yrs wish i had not lost the remote though. GLWTS
  8. Dam i had to arrange shipment from Melbourne to get a pair ! Plus you got the tiger ebony finish I would have preferred . GLWTS.
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