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  1. I got a pair in cherry but love that tiger ebony finish ! Those tubular stands are great ,I think they benefit from an open base stand.
  2. I’ve recently discovered that my Mac book Pro has digital out via the head phone Jack. Using a 3.5 to toslink cable I now go from laptop to DAC in my CD player . I find the sound superior to the phone doc set up I had run previously.
  3. Wow this is a great buy ! I have the MF A5 integrated which is the older version of M6si . Anyone want my A5 and i'll upgrade to this !
  4. An excellent Amp, i've had it for years , drives my 6 Ohm Quad mini floor standers with ease.
  5. I was eyeing off the Tannoy Precision 6.2 a few years back. Never got to listen to them though . Does anyone have any experience with them ? They were a great looking speaker that still intrigue me. thanks
  6. Thanks for reply Luciano , i will now consider some different DAC's given the opportunity.
  7. I have an Arcam Doc which accepts an i phone or ipad via lightning connection. It has its own Dac but has RCA , digital and coaxial out. I use the coaxial out to the better DAC in my CD player to play Spotify Premium and am pleased with the results. Given that Spotify premium is 320 KBPS i'm not sure that upgrading to another DAC would yield any better results.
  8. I would snap these in an instant if I didn’t already have a pair. Great opportunity to get into the Harbeth sound !
  9. Oh so false advertising and inconvenience to the customer is Ok with you? No it’s not so straight forward!
  10. Recently purchased what was described as a gold plated SACD from Kogan pty Ltd for $30 incl delivery which I thought was a good deal! Only to receive a regular red book quality CD . Buyer Beware
  11. Agree with Hydrology, a fine player for CD and SACD ,its a pity it doesn't support Spotify connect or even Airplay . I have the Arcam r Doc it has a lightning connection for i phone or ipad. I plug the r Doc via coaxial into the CD 50 to stream Spotify or anything else on my device. The Spotify sounds great never drops out unlike with airplay. Ultimately id like a device with Spotify connect with no DAC that i could connect to the CD 50 DAC and have the i pad or i phone free instead of connected to a Doc.
  12. I have an Arcam r doc . It accepts the lightning connection on the i phone and has its own DAC . I by pass it's DAC via coaxial out into my CD player's DAC. I regularly run Spotify and sounds great through my home system. With the versatility and range Spotify offers its hard to find the time to dig into my CD collection!
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