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  1. pjohn

    FS: Krell S-300i

    Any other Sydney trips planned
  2. pjohn

    SOLD: FS: Musical Fidelity M6i

    Blimey I check this site every hour and I still missed out 😡
  3. pjohn

    Home made speaker stands

    Well done, nice job ! someone surely will snap them up. I got stands i need to sell also otherwise i'd take them.
  4. Only wish you had the power amp to go with ! GLWTS
  5. This is an awesome TT I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and paid way more! Put a nice cartridge on it and can’t go wrong
  6. I thought this model had a phono stage but don’t see it in the photo ?
  7. pjohn

    How many SS watts for SHL5’s?

    Really interested in what amp you end up with, please PM or post what you decide on. I'm in the same boat and looking to upgrade my amp to drive my HL5+'s,but like yourself don't want to spend a kings ransom. a couple I've considered are I) Roksan K3, ii) Peachtree nova 150 ??
  8. pjohn

    Hey from Wollongong

    Dr Mike be prepared to show restraint there’s a plethora of bargains on this site ! I check in most days very addictive . More Gongsters the better
  9. Hi Just on the off chance was is the pre/power still available? thanks John
  10. pjohn

    SOLD: FS: Pioneer A-400X

    Thats an absolute bargain Mick! GLWTS.
  11. I've got some BIC venturi bookshelf speakers that I've had for 25 yrs and they are remarkably good still going strong. I love the sound and have always been amazed at the Bass quality they produce.
  12. Got to agree with PKay whoever jags these has scored the sale of the year. Especially if they already have a suitable amp to drive them!