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  1. I have both SoTM SM200 Ultra Neo and ultraRendu ... sound quality are very closed ... however, I prefer Ultrarendu
  2. sorry missed your message .. here is the photo
  3. First of all, please mind my poor English as it is not my mother language. I own a pair of JBL 4315, it has been driving by Luxman or Audio Note amplifier and the sound quality was far from satisfactory till I bought a pair of Jadis JA30. There is a 6 meters distance between JA30 and 4315, therefore I initially tried the Jaycar’s Extra heavy duty OFC speaker cable,then replaced by Denko Blue/White speaker cable (made in Japan). In general I was quite ok with the result, however, the vocal just lacked of body and less musical,therefore, I have been looking for a better speaker cable for quite sometime. Last month I read this interesting post from Bill about his boutique Speaker Cable, I am a person believe in blind test and especially with Bill’s words of “my most critical test is my wife, who can hear differences in cables while cooking up a storm, and will wonder in and tell me yes or no “. The price was quite acceptable and in case I did not like it I could still get the refund, therefore I ordered one for 6 meters。 When first received the cables, which have a typical DIY appearance and I did not like much with the plugs, therefore replaced them with my spared WBT speaker plugs. To be honest, I did not expect much from these cables, but once I turned on my system, the sound came from 4315 was totally astonished, the first thing stood out was the quality of the bass performance, I never heard so much details of the bass from my 4315 before. I did agree with one of the comments of “Deep and tight bass, glorious mids and sparkling highs” Most important, it was very musical with outstanding vocal performance. Before received these cables, I was one stage thinking that I could make a wrong choice between Bill and Kimber, now I must say I did a right decision, and going to buy few interconnected cables from Bill .
  4. Just found one Hugo 1 .. may still looking for Qutest
  5. Item: Chord Qutest Price Range: A$1550 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Prefer Qutest but May consider in Hugo 2 (A$1850) or even Hugo 1 (A$700), please let me know if you have an offer to sell. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. I never believed swapping the fuse would make any change on SQ, till I tried last week a pair of Telos ATOM with my ARC M160 , more dynamic were the two words Today, I tried Furutech (about half of the price of Telos) with my Jadis JA30, and the change is not that obvious as compared to Telos, but more neutral ... good value of money
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