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  1. I saw many users recommended VAS (USA) on VPI users forum, then I have tried to send few MC cartridges for service and inspection, and some needed to replace the susupension / retip / cleaning / adjustment ... the fee is very reasonable and results are very good too https://vasnyinc.com/repair-service/
  2. Item: Pro-Ject Vc-s Vinyl Cleaner Machine Location:NSW 2061 Price: $480 ono Item Condition: Very Good, near mint Reason for selling: Upgraded to Loricraft Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this two years ago, only used for six months (replaced by Loricraft) and stored for a year and half. It comes with a dust cover (i bought it seperatly), rsatzdichtlippen White (1 Pair) and a brush . It is working properly with no issue. I prefer for local pick up Pictures:
  3. Noted, still waiting the response from the first one .. thank
  4. sure, see if the first buyer can pick up, if not then I will contact you , thank you
  5. Item: Loricraft Garrard 401 Plinth Location: NSW 2061 Price: $250 ono Item Condition: Good 6-7/10 Reason for selling: upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:I have upgraded to another plinth with two armboards, this Loricraft one is only for 9inches SME tonearm, it was made in UK. it has dents and marks due to the age, however it is in still in good condition, and clean. It comes with new four squash balls to be placed under the top plate. It is heavy so I prefer for pick up Pictures:
  6. Hi, I have a Dynavector xv-1s, just could not get the azmiuth test L/R close to less than 1 db (in fact it was over 2), the VTA also well above the 5 (minimum passing mark), I was a bit cursious whether the software had an issue, reboot and reinstalled did not help. Then I had a last try of Resonace, suprsingly it was also failed out of the range of 8-12 Hz, finally I sent my Dynavector for inspection, and it turned out the suspension needed to replace.
  7. Thank you for your kin word. It has been a good learning curve to me
  8. I use my old 2009 MacBook Pro but installed window in boot camp
  9. One more point worth to address - the software should able to address whether the cartridge is faulty or not. A faulty cartridge eg a suspension issue , the VTA, Resonance tests would not able to get a pass numbers. I had two preowned cartridges just could not reach a pass number, and finally I sent to VAS NY for inspection and turn out that both suspensions needed to replace or adjustment.
  10. Also I do have a Fozgometer, but it only helps on azimuth, so analomajik is better value in general
  11. I do agree that the software was not cheap, since I have five turntables by using this software does save me time. To be honest, the improvement after the adjustment is not night and day, but still noticeable. I do not have a good pair of ears , it is hard for me just based on ear to adjust. At least this software is more scientific.
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