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  1. I was using Apple genuine HDMI (high speed), did not expect much with this cable, but the price looked attractive , so I ordered three pieces between my Samsung TV, Apple TV, Foxtel TV Box and Oppo 205 BluRay. When I received them this morning, was a bit disappointed with a label of "Made In China", however, after I connected the cables and turn on my TV, I was totally astonished with the screen's color and sharpness , they really outperformed vs my Apple HDMI. Thank you again for the nice offer.
  2. iTunes handles compilation album as "Various artists" and of course you can uncheck the compilation box ... Missing album less than 5% ... that's why I need Yate to complete it ... you can try .. iTunes (Music) is free. .. make sure you click "keep Music Media Folder organised"
  3. I use iTunes (now called Music) to import all my music files ... then recheck the metadata with an app called "Yate"
  4. Sbooster Output Voltage & Current: 9V - 2.33A, 10V - 1.25A, 10.5V - 1.1A Uptone ER- DC power input range — 7V/1.4A, 9V/1.0A, 12V/0.8A Should be fine
  5. I assume you mean you tried fibre between the 2 ERs, but preferred Cat 6 - YES Fibre can only go Side A to Side A - Yes, but I have friends, they prefer this way Is Mutec clock connected to both ERs - YES
  6. I was already impressed with ER, and tried to charge with Paul Hynes SR4, Farad, and Gieseler, every LPS does make improvement in sound quality over SMPS. Now, I have bought another ER and paired with another one, have tried using SPF (from A to B sides) and CAT6 (connecting with Mutec Ref. 10 master clock), it turned out the CAT6 is way better than SPF. Adding another ER does make a day and night difference, at least to me.
  7. Did you unplug the power cable for let say 15 seconds, then plug in back .. I did have the same experience .. unplug > switch between internal and external > plug in back, works
  8. Since you are using Mac, why now the new Mac Air / Mini with M1 chip. They are much cheaper than intel one ... by the way MacBook Air M1 is fan-less A significant improvement with HQ Player or Roon.
  9. One point to note .. I bought the Chinses OCXO, it worked but dead on the next day. Sent it back for service, I have been told the reason - Australia is 240v and the clock power supply is for 220v. I do not know that's true or not, but the serviced one now is still working after one month (7x24 on)
  10. Does your Chinese clock generate a square wave or sine wave? Mutec seems to believe square wave is better for a signal lock. ---- It can do both ....
  11. Hello, I have two MC3+ USB and have been connecting with Ref 10 for almost two years, lately I upgraded to Ref 10 SE120, and also for fun I purchased an ocxo clock made in China (around A$400), I do not have a good hearing, however, by adding a master clock, it does improve the sound quality and in fact quite noticeable. Since English is not my mother language, I use the numbers to represent how significant of the sound change by adding one of the following master clocks : Let say 0 to 10, 0 = makes no difference, 5 = difference is significant, 10 = very significant
  12. I brought my audiophile equipment from Hong Kong, they are mainly for 220v, and some said range 220-240v. In turn out that 1/3 of equipments creates "Hum" (from the transformer) particularly the Tube amps ... Beside the Hum, after 6 years, none of them are damaged
  13. Thank you. I have two already for two separate systems. Looking to add one for dual switches. Lol
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