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  1. Amazing speakers for the money! I have a pair that were upgraded/custom built by Bob Smith (the original designer) and imaging, detail and dynamics are outstanding. The stacked ply enclosure is rock solid and looks amazing and the external crossover with the speakon connectors lets you run very short speaker cables to the crossover. They love and need some power to sing. GLWS!
  2. No luck so far ... so giving this a little bump 😀
  3. Thanks - will give them a go - just down the road from me.
  4. Yes, probably will be selling the TDAI-2170 - but won't be able to until I find the replacement 😀
  5. Item: Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Amplifier Price Range: reasonable market value - more info below Item Condition: Demo or used Extra Info: Got the little brother (TDAI-2170) and looking to give this one a shot to try the more flexible EQ and for some extra grunt and the handy web-interface. Price depends on age, condition, remaining warranty, optional modules and packaging/accessories included. Ideally somewhere between 5k and 7.5k, but shoot me a PM if you got one for sale regardless, happy to consider all (or haggle 😀).
  6. Pending payment (together with the Ref9 monos also listed). Will update once finalised.
  7. For sale is a NuForce P9 audiophile line stage preamp in fantastic condition, both functionally and cosmetically. I am the original owner of this preamp, purchased as clearance stock from Audio Visual Revolution (AVR) in Sydney a few years ago (2016 or early 2017). Incredible and well-reviewed pre that retailed for $3,500 US originally. Has five unbalanced/RCA inputs (one HT bypass) and RCA and XLR outputs to the power amp (XLR is not a fully balanced connection). No phono. Comes with original full metal hexagonal remote (heavy enough to cause serious damage 😊), umbilical
  8. For sale are two NuForce Ref9 V3 monoblock amplifiers with custom TDSS internal upgrades (cabling, noise reduction and new PSUs). Cosmetically good and functionally excellent condition. I am the second owner of these and purchased them from the original owner in Europe 5 years ago. They were purchased as Ref9 V2 with upgraded (WBT) binding posts, hence the V2 print on the faceplates. I brought them to AU and had them upgraded by Bob Smith at TDSS in the US in 2017. Invoices for the upgrades are shown with the photos (personal details blacked/greyed out) and I will send the uncen
  9. That would be my recommendation too. You spent good cash on a great one box solution, so I would check what memory/SSD etc are installed in the NUC (if any) and then sell it to recover some of the funds you put into the Innuos. NUCs are fun to experiment with and I run a 7i7DNKE in a custom fanless case with Audiolinux and Euphony (still trying to decide what OS to use going forward). But as you have ordered the Innuos I would not go down the NUC path unless you want to experiment with different OS and audio software which can quickly become a time sink and have a steep
  10. Amazing speakers and the photos don't do the finish justice. The dark garnet is stunning, almost black at times and going into garnet/red with ambient light. Had the bookshelf version of these and can only imagine what the grown ups sound like ... GLWS!
  11. Great DAC - I love the vinyl wrap, what an awesome way to overcome the silver vs black dilemma 👍 GLwS!
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