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  1. Another vote fore the intel NUC here. Get whatever processor you need to run your software of choice and a good fanless case, am very happy with the Akasa Plato I have. I’m firmly in the Linux camp for audio playback, but there are so many options these days ... you can always run a dual boot as others have already suggested. Most Linux distributions run very well of USB sticks if you want to experiment a little, and many are free or free to try at least.
  2. I went from the original Squeezebox to a Touch, then the EDO and modded version of the same. After that came an Allo USBridge (tried both Volumio and DietPi, settled on the latter). The USBridge got an upgrade by running it off one of Clay's PSUs. Currently trying a NUC in a fanless case running AudioLinux and Euphony (switching between the two while testing) with very good results.
  3. These have now been picked-up/paid for. Thanks all for looking.
  4. Paid for and picked-up. Thanks again for all interest and comments.
  5. Thanks for the interest and comments. These are sold pending pick-up and payment tomorrow. I will let the second in line know should anything change and close the thread once sale has been finalised. Cheers, Ralf
  6. Items: Great Desktop/Small System Kingrex Pre-Amp V3 Kingrex T20U Amplifier and USB DAC Kingrex Linear PSU MKII (matching T20U) All original packaging in good condition. Original power supply and cables for T20U are included (although you'd never go back to this after using the PSU). Location: SYD – Hurlstone Park 2193 Item Condition: Excellent Price: $400 obo (original retail for the lot was over $1.6k) Reason for selling: Used to be set up as a desktop system on my wife's desk while she was working from home, we're down to one desk now and unfortunately no room to set this up currently. Payment Method: Cash on pick-up, PayPal (+3% or as friend) Extra Info: I am the original owner of all the Kingrex gear. T20U and PSU were purchased from Coem Audio here in Oz in mid-late 2012. Pre-Amp was purchased from authorised seller in the UK in 2014. This is an amazing and well-reviewed setup for desktop listening. Smooth, detailed, fast and with awesome mids and imaging. The Pre-Amp is a great piece of gear in its own right, and elevates the whole stack to another level. Very sad to see this go, and definitely prefer to sell as a package. Used to run these with various speakers over the years and they are able to drive even mid-efficient speakers to levels you would not expect from the size/specs. Just don’t try anything that dips into the sub-4Ohm region consistently, they’ll be challenged …. 😊 On the desk they were set up with a pair of John Blue JB3s, which was an amazing match for near field listening. Can be inspected/tested at my place in Hurlstone Park, and am happy to post insured at buyer’s cost as all original packaging is available. Can also drop off within Sydney Metro area if paid at or near the asking price prior. 6moons review for PreAmp and T20U with PSU: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/kingrex2/u.html Happy to answer any questions here or shoot me a PM. Cheers, Ralf Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Item: Focal JM Lab Electra 905 Speakers Location: SYD - Hurlstone Park 2193 Price: $400 obo, donation to SNA on sale Item Condition: good for age, functionally/drivers very good, cabs have a few mark, swirls, scratches etc. Grills have no holes or tears, one has been glued on one top corner by a previous owner (one of the pegs came out of the particle board frame). Firm and fine fit for the grills though. Reason for selling: Was holding on to them for a second system, but need to clear space for upcoming house renovations. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal friend Extra Info: Great speakers, well reviewed and regarded. Awesome for this price and are still giving many a current offering in the up to 2k new range a run for their money. Great mids and highs, fantastic tweeters. Good detail and clarity. If you are listening to bass heavy music a sub is needed. These are pick-up only, either from my place at Hurlstone Park (2193) or Lane Cove West or St Mary's on a work day if arranged prior. Happy to drop off within the Sydney Metro area if pre-paid at the asking price. Function test on pick-up is fine, no lengthy auditions at this price point though. Many thanks, Ralf Reviews/Opinions: http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/focal/electra-905.html Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Item: Whatmough Opus 20 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) including grills and terminal jumpers Location: SYD – 2193 Hurlstone Park Price: $180 obo, donation to SNA on sale Item Condition: Used, functionally/drivers very good, cabinets fair for age with a few marks and scratches in the veneer, grills very good with no tears and all pegs still on Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal friend Extra Info: Bought here on SNA some time back, for a mate to use as temp replacements until he settled on some new speakers. That temp stretched for quite some time, as he didn’t appear in a rush to get the Whatmoughs moved on. The time has come though. They are a great little speaker for the money, and an awesome little start/add-on for a second system, etc. Specs (from a review quoted on the Whatmough site): Dimensions: 220 x 830 x 270 Weight: 16kg ea HF: Vifa 25mm fabric dome tweeter LF: 150mm Aerogel w/ forward firing bass port These are pick-up only, either from my place at Hurlstone Park (2193) or Lane Cove West or St Mary’s on a work day if arranged prior. Function test is fine, but no lengthy auditions at this price point please. Cheers, Ralf Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Same for me - don't think I have a noticeable difference day vs. night with what comes out of the system, but ambient noise and other distractions are down significantly. At least this is what I have always attributed the perceived change in the evening to.
  10. Hi Daniel. Might want to ask a mod to move to the classifieds wtb section. All the best with your search.
  11. This is now sold and paid for. Thanks all and I will close the thread. Cheers, Ralf
  12. These have now been paid for/picked up. Thanks everyone for the interest. Cheers, Ralf
  13. As per quoted post - pick-up/payment arranged for after the coming weekend, I will update if this should change. Thanks, Ralf
  14. This has now been sold to woodhead. Thanks for the interest. Cheers, Ralf
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