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  1. Can't go wrong with Bill's designs. That reminds me, it's getting close to the 2nd year of his passing. Vale William Richard Phillip Dart (29.07.1954 – 16.02.2018)
  2. Great work Steve. Love the wood theme. If you ever get the opportunity to place them in the corners of a room, I'd be interested in your findings. (RE: changes in resolution, frequency response, imaging, etc)
  3. Champion effort! Not the method I was expecting. Talk about solid. Demo Gtg? (Please give a little notice so I can book tickets)
  4. Great job! How did you manage the curves?
  5. Welcome Andrew, Very modest system you have there indeed. Funnily, I have a co-worker whose name is Andrew and also lives in Torquay. I'm usually in your neighbourhood everyday. Anyway, enjoy your learning experience here on SNA.
  6. You may be able to pick up something decent to tinker with for that price at your local pawn shops. Take someone along that knows their stuff. Bargains to be had sometimes.
  7. You are quite correct. Even professional translation programs still require editing for syntax. Pm me if services are still required.
  8. Let me know if you require a driver if you decide to hire a bus.
  9. Jan Juc is correct. The source code for the page seems to have saved in a corrupted manner. Repost if you can. As for your amp problem, firstly try another pair of speakers (even cheap ones) for the testing exercise to determine which unit is at fault. (No need to have the Bose equaliser either for this test.) I had a NAD amp in for repair that did the same thing. Can't remember what I did to fix it though.
  10. Thanks Doug for reminding me of my childhood. (Yes sarcastic tone) Ordering a whole pig from a farmer, and having to cut it all up by hand. (No machines in those days, and us kids were cheap labor also). Nothing was scrapped. Every little bit used. The variety of products that came out of the shed that weekend was mind-blowing. And no-one got sick either. Between that, making sauce, bread, pasta, pickling vegetables, wine-making, olive pressing, etc, etc, -just another reason to be teased for being a w*g at school.
  11. Love the analogy Brian. I agree, but I think I'll keep my opinions to myself on this one.
  12. Spunky? Sorry, not my type. ***********************8 Fixed one of these last week. Saw the insides.......meh.... Great, now I sound like a gynecologist for electronic gear...YUK.
  13. Simply put, no. Impedance plots give you info about crossover workings and the mechanicals of the enclosure. SPL levels are another ballgame altogether. Lots of things to consider. Hint: don't confuse acoustic dB with electrical dB. (Sorry for the short reply, gotta rush back to do my afternoon school run.)
  14. Was the pre-amp kit also called the "ultra fidelity" pre-amp? If so, I believe I may have a photocopy of those articles in a box somewhere. Will have to have a look when I get home. You are welcome to them as I don't think I will be building any more amps in my lifetime.
  15. Sadly, the only other person that would have had that information passed away last year.
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