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  1. If it is a bother to you, stop trying to "help". Don't worry, the world still turns without you.
  2. We are talking about an impulse spike without ringing or reverberation, correct? If so, does that put this debate in a different frame of reference? ie, does the speed of attack (akin to slew rate) sit in the pass band of VLF, LF, MF, or HF??
  3. I began typing the previous post with regards to long wavelengths causing havoc that can sometimes be unsolvable unless you have a stopwatch, but ended up with some generic text. You got the gist anyway. Sounds like you've gone as far as you can on this gestation. You've confirmed one of my arguments that LFE speakers should not be used for properly recorded music programs, but for material containing synthetic bass only. Whatever you decide, know that the work you have undertaken here is vast and done to a high professional standard. For your contributions alone
  4. This may have already been mentioned or carried out Brian. If so, please ignore. Low frequency phase/reflection interaction is a more difficult thing to comprehend just because its effects can be so noticable, IMO. Sometimes all the math at your disposal cannot beat a manual test procedure. If I was going through this exercise, in order to minimise part of the unknowns causing the acoustic nulls, I would employ LFE electronics with the ability to vary the phase from 0 to 180 degrees. An acceptable balance may be achieved. You may also find that, say, the left chann
  5. He's going to need a bigger forklift! I wish I could report the SQ on these (http://diyaudioprojects.com/Drivers/CSS-FR125SR/), unfortunately they remain untouched in their original cardboard boxes. Hopefully one day soon...
  6. *Not sure if this is the correct category for this. Moderators please move to more appropriate section. "Jim Steinman, the mastermind behind some of pop music’s most epic ballads of the past 40 years, has passed away at 73. The Grammy-winning hitmaker who collaborated on chart toppers for Meat Loaf, Céline Dion, Bonnie Tyler, Barbra Streisand, Def Leppard and more, died Monday in Connecticut. His death comes after an undisclosed medical emergency occurred at 3:30 a.m. Sunday, according to the state medical examiner. Steinman’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” and other
  7. This thread has been rather educational. To discover that one persons' ugly is another persons' gorgeous, even between inanimate objects. e.g. I hold these to be the pinnacle of loudspeaker design. In as much as they follow the visual cues of mother nature, where there are no straight lines. (Shame about the granite plinth) Ultimately, I respect the fact that we differ in opinion, and that an opinion is still allowed to be debated here on SNA.
  8. This early power amp was designed by Mr. Nakamichi himself, and has an interesting topology. Incorporates a servo-bias circuit.( ie. no pot to give issues) Has a very "sweet" sound for a solid state item.
  9. Seems like a fair price too (for a change).
  10. Tubes are so vintage, they are in fashion again. You are also correct on the other fact that shirley is definitely vintage and has tasted a few vintages over that period.
  11. Miniturised Japanese version....
  12. Tuned length pipes only play motoring songs well. Catalytic converters are required for acid country. Don't forget full service every thousand hours.
  13. Been holding my tongue on this one. But since it involves mains electricity, I'll add my 2 cents worth. I'm with Alan on this. The schematic (as drawn) is NQR for a proper dc blocking arrangement. Power up at your own risk, but don't expect the function to be up to par with other units, even with the up-rated components. You may also find that those caps may not last the distance either because of their placement in the circuit. Good luck Leinster Lad.
  14. What a brilliant idea! Integrate a bluetooth speaker that plays certain tracks depending on your coffee order. Can be a concealed jukebox the rest of the time. On that note, why not start a thread on repurposed audio gear. So long as it is not ugly like this one:-
  15. A bit of help to start you off with the tricky part.... http://mh-audio.nl/Calculators/PassiveRadiator.html
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