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  1. Hey mate ill take Venom black metal Judas Priest rocka rolla Funkadelic maggot brain Led Zeppelin celebration day Will pm... cheers
  2. You have to pack everything yourself with Northline but their prices are gold. I should say too the pack n send quote of 1k was not incl any packing on their part.
  3. I agree this is the ultimate in price vs performance for rock and metal... but really anything with guitar, bass, drums
  4. Love these... and in the veneered finish to... glorious!
  5. Item: Rega RS5 Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: $1000 Item Condition: 9.5/10 would suit new buyer Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Perfect cosmetic and operational condition only 9.5/10 as i am the 2nd owner. Happy to courier at buyers cost as i have the original packaging and all spikes, manuals and documentation. Courier costs are not as bad as you might think. As an example using E-Go couriers depot to depot option (you collect from the depot) to Sydney CBD depot would cost about $70. Very regretful sale despite new speakers. Audition welcome. Cheers. Pictures:
  6. Info for prospective interstate buyers... look into "Northline" for freight... i just shipped a pair of speakers the size of vaf i93s weighing 70kg each from Darwin to Brisbane for $410... box on a pallet was 1800 x 1000 x 700... pack n send was over $1000.
  7. Very lightly used... OP has only been using them as 5.1 surrounds... jks Endgame speakers at a very affordable price.
  8. Yea i was going to go Opticon 8s before i bought the Jim Holtz Statements... i think the d'appolito arrangement really works for metal and just heavy impactful music in general (doof doof rubbish too)... metal needs either dual 4 or 5 inch mid range drivers or a single 6.5/7 inch driver as its the impact and thickness of the lower mids and upper bass that is the most critical. Its in this region where the leading edge of the lower bass notes are. If this initial bass attack is woofy, flubby, too thin or right at the cross over point then even if you add subs you wont get the tight impactful start stop bass you want, you need that hard leading edge before subs or large bass woofers can do their thing. If you went with a 2 way bookshelf make sure its got at least a 7 inch mid/woofer pref 8 inch. With 3 way or 2.5 way you need a minimum of... 6.5/7 mid... dual 6.5/7 or a single 8. A 300-400 hz mid to woofer crossover point is good too, 500 is too high 250 is the absolute lowest ide go. The Concept 10 ticks all those boxes except has a 600hz crossover point which is quite high for 10 inch woofers, ide be confident Dali knew what they were doint here, the speaker has fairly good sensitivity so the 10 inches probably have enough snap at the top of their response.
  9. Ide say the concept 10s are the cheapest way to get that sound... better than going bookshelf and sub or dual sub... you can never get the integration just right for metal... you can if just adding low end extension but if you are looking for extra impact and powerful midbass then the integration is very tough especially with bookshelf speakers. The concept 10 with a 2 or 300 watt rack mount pro amp (yamaha or biema etc) will absolutely slay heavy music and still be decent enough for other guitar and drum genres. Ive just gone from smallish floorstanders and dual sealed subs to giant WMTMW 3 way speakers (see earlier post in this thread) and the difference is incredible... the sound is just all there top to bottom its seamless, thicker, heavier, harder, more impact, enveloping. With the smaller floorstanders and subs they covered mostly the same freq range and while very good the sound was just smaller and less dynamic. My recent experience says theres no substitute for cabinet and driver size especially for metal as other genres had a far less noticeable quality gulf. The concepts are the biggest around that 1k ish price range used and still offer excellent quality and resolution.
  10. @A9X Thanks for the info and yes you are right graphs would be easier than me explaining my numbers. I think the UM18 might be a bit overkill for me. I really want dual subs (just sold my 2x Rel T5) so if i go the DIY route i will most likely do 2x12 Dayton Ref series (matches woofers in my speakers). I get what you are saying with the plate amps and ive definitely ruled out the Dayton SPA250. Im still leaning toward the SPA500 though as it has enough EQ features to achieve 20hz in WinISD and despite DSP leading the way especially with subs i would prefer to be stubborn do it the old fashioned way. I also dont really have space for extra boxes in the rack as much as i would prefer to do it that way. Its all very interesting the DIY options and flexibility however after seeing the recent classified add for the Rel Britannia B1 this week i think i may just hold for a while and see if any more pop up over the next few months. Its basically what i was looking to build, similar dimensions, driver size, better extension, 500 watt amp, i like the speakon connection (for simultaneous HT and stereo connection) and despite not being sealed i trust that coming from Rel its not bloated and boomy plus i want a nice wood grain veneer.
  11. @Tony ray Did you build the centre speaker or buy from someone? Do you have Statements fronts aswell?
  12. Ive just bought these from the classifieds here which im thinking will be great for metal given dual 8 inch woofers crossed over at 350hz in a 100 litre enclosure with a downfiring port. Dual 4 inch midrange drivers crossover at 3700 hz to a ribbon tweeter should give razor sharp upper midrange attack and very extended yet natural highs. All remains to be seen If the OP hasnt bought speakers yet my current Dali Zensor 7's are for sale and are great for metal, 2.5 way with 7 inch woofers, plenty of impact. Im also selling Rega RS5 speakers which are more accurate, open and clear sounding and have higher quality faster bass, by themselves not as good for metal but paired with a good sub or 2 they are very impressive in all genres.
  13. Yes looking further at it if i used the dayton 500 watt amp with an eq... i could boost +6 at 20hz... and get a near flat response to 34hz and a -3 of 21.3hz in a 100 litre sealed box... basically perfect... 150 litres and its flat to 32hz and -3 at 20hz... cheers guys i now understand
  14. Messing around with the numbers again... if i add a 6db boost at 35 hz which the dayton amp can do... i get a +2.7 db bump at 37 hz and a -3 of 26hz... -6 of 22.5hz... -8.25 db at 20hz... its much better but i think i need to use an amp with a variable EQ not just a 6db boost switch.
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