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  1. Ive got a new 110v promotec motor... but the caps on the little pcb are buggered... motor runs backwards and stalls etc... im having trouble sourcing new ones... anyone know? Im not getting the 24v upgrade kit so no commets saying get that... this is a cheap fixerupper table.
  2. Further information: Bought this knowing its laser was on its last legs, had occasional mistracking. I had the laser replaced which has 100% fixed the mistracking however there were corrosion issues on the PCB which have rendered the analogue outs useless and this cannot be fixed. The unit can only be used via its digital outs as a transport to an outboard DAC. For this operation it works perfectly with no mistracking. All work was carried out by David at AV Digitech in Brisbane who are accredited Rega authorized repairers. Please see images for a full descripti
  3. Item: 5.1 system Price Range: up to $600 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Full 5.1 system wanted... nothing fancy... fronts, centre, surrounds, sub and AVR... must have hdmi... Brisbane only... cheers
  4. Great thanks ill take it... how should i pay? Deposit or paypal?
  5. Item: Integrated, speakers, cart Price Range: Up to $250 per piece Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Nice entry/mid level stuff... - Integrated amp 30 - 50 watts, must have MM phono - will pay $150 - $250 - 2 way bookshelf speakers, nothing smaller than a 5 inch mid/low driver, preferably 6 or 7 inch - will pay $200 - $300 - Rega Elys 2 or Exact cart Im in Brisbane but if you are willing to post interstate im good with that. Cheers.
  6. Come on guys these dont come around every day especially at this price... i have one and i still wanna buy this... a P8 might be newer but ide wager the build quality is better on a P9... i havnt directly compared a P8 but my P9 eats RP8s for breakfast and really pushed an RP10 before i had to concede and im still using an Apheta 1 (i do have an RB2000 on it though). Still, in my experience only RP10s and P10s top this... and lets be honest P9's look better anyway.
  7. I have this pressing... its the best ive heard Compared to: Mofi, aussie quad, aussie stereo, 2016 remaster
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