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  1. Come on guys these dont come around every day especially at this price... i have one and i still wanna buy this... a P8 might be newer but ide wager the build quality is better on a P9... i havnt directly compared a P8 but my P9 eats RP8s for breakfast and really pushed an RP10 before i had to concede and im still using an Apheta 1 (i do have an RB2000 on it though). Still, in my experience only RP10s and P10s top this... and lets be honest P9's look better anyway.
  2. I have this pressing... its the best ive heard Compared to: Mofi, aussie quad, aussie stereo, 2016 remaster
  3. There was a Cursa 3/Maia combo up a few days ago... imo it bests an Elex
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