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About Me

The insanity of it all starts here ...


Main System: Oracle Delphi Mk IV TT, SME V arm, Kiseki Blue Cart, RCM Sensor Prelude phono stage, Consonance Droplet 5.0 CDP, PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated, KT150's, NOS 12au7's,  Jupiter Copper Foil Cap upgrade, Music Fidelity 550k Superchargers, Cullen Interconnects, Aurealis AQG2 Speaker Cables, Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand SE speakers, PS Audio Perfectwave P10 Power Plant, Les Davis 3D(2)


TV Room System: PrimaLuna Prologue Classic CDP NOS Tubes, Oppo UDP-205,  Mystere CA21 Pre-amp, Icon MB90 Mk2 Mono Blocks, Sansui Alpha 907 Limited,  Bluesound Node2, Atlas interconnects, Cullen speaker cables, Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grand SE speakers. Les Davis 3D(2) 


Most important part in all of this is an understanding wife who also enjoys Hi-fi.





*Updated 29/01/2020

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