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  1. Considering it is a 1994 build this great looking Sansui 907 Limited is one very nice sounding amplifier that easily drives my VA Concert Grands, at a recent gtg it didn’t embarrass it self against a trio of $20k plus amps.
  2. These Icon MB90 MK2’s that I recently purchased from another SNA member are stunning amplifiers in every way, they really need to be heard to be appreciated how good they are. cheers Terry
  3. Why not ask Cafad if he would sell you his and save yourself a small fortune, actually on second thoughts a huge fortune! cheers Terry
  4. Always a bit of a problem to own a brand that few people know about, like with these excellent speakers which I have heard and to my ears sound much better than any other speaker I have listened to anywhere near this asking price. Personally I reckon who ever buys them will be getting a seriously huge bargain and will be more than happy, They are worth the gamble for those who have not heard them. Cheers Terry
  5. Sorry this will only work for those with Facebook, here is a link to a video of the Heschl supplied with music through a laptop. Man in real life this sounded very very good to my ears, dare I say it without getting banished from the analogue section, even better than my favourite usual medium vinyl. The depth and amazing decay let alone the detail that was almost sweet sounding rather than usual digital harshness was very impressive. Once I heard this amp with a laptop plugged into it as the source then it became clear why the amp had been designed this way with only one pair of RCA and a Coax connection apart from the USB because Rod the designer and builder basically designed this amp to play music through a laptop where it sounds bloody excellent. I know the video doesn’t do justice. cheers Terry
  6. Nice write up Jeff, I hope to put something up in the next day or two. cheers Terry
  7. I just got home from work and I’m completely knackered (brain dead) so maybe the other SNA members in attendance would like to comment on Saturdays comparo between three very impressive integrated amplifiers, being the Heshl HAL350, the Technical Brain TB-Zero and the Grandinote Sinai. @BAM @Pegasus I’ll write my thoughts and impressions when I get some spare time and spare brain cells to devote to the task, which at this stage more than likely will be mid week. cheers Terry
  8. Now this is a very nice bit of gear, congrats on jumping on it when it popped up.
  9. Jeff (Cafad) and I are having a amplifier comparison session next Saturday at my place in Arundel, the amps already in attendance will be the new Heschl HAL350 Integrated, Technical Brain TB-Zero Integrated, Grandinote Tube integrated. The reason for this post is to see if any other QAC members have a top end integrated that they would also like to bring along for the comparo. If anyone is interested please PM me. cheers Terry
  10. You could do a lot worse than this TT for the new asking price of just $3k.
  11. There is quite a reasonable market here on SNA for quality 12au7’s , Mark Scumbag has sold a couple of dozen different pairs in recent months and nearly all at decent price. The other option is loan them to me and I’ll look after them for you. .... ... By the way congrats on jumping on the LM amp I bet you will be very pleased with it. cheers Terry
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