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  1. The mandatory foot photo. ...
  2. When I met you a couple of months ago Mark while I was over in Perth you spoke very highly of Frank and what he had achieved and his business ethic, it was easy to see that you thought much of the man and your well written tribute to him proves that. I am very sorry to hear of the passing of your valued friend and a bloke who very much sounded like one of life’s true gentlemen. .... Terry
  3. As per normal I can't take a decent photo to save myself, Im not sure if this helps or not Raff but anyway here is a pic of the Kraftwerk PSU alongside the Gross. I just picked it up this arvo, so it's brand new and not run in. How would I rate it? Anyone who has a Gross dac and doesn't buy this way to cheap PSU is fair dinkum crazy. To be frank in my system the Gross sounded pretty good but not overwhelmingly so, well now it is. This is easily the best value per dollar improvement I have made in my system. Thank you Clay, I'm a very happy man, my digital system has taken a huge step up. cheers Terry
  4. TerryO

    Bluesound Node 2i

    @jakeyb77 just wondering if you have had a chance to try it without the Klien dac connected? cheers Terry
  5. PM me and I'll give you a direct number of the person who looks after it through Videopro's head office. He got to the bottom of it within a hour. That is providing you also purchased from Videopro through Ebay that is. cheers Terry
  6. TerryO

    No MONO for me thanks.

    depends if it was a water skiing or snow skiing accident I reckon. ... 🤔
  7. Well we are no longer soon to be owners of the 75FX780, TNT managed to damage the box in transit and even though they reckon the TV is ok I don't want to take the risk, plus they did this over a week ago and never bothered to contact us to let us know about it or why they were taking so long to deliver it, in fact they didn't even tell Videopro. So I cancelled the order today and we will get a full refund so I am told by Videopro, TNT actually just left the damaged box sitting in the warehouse. This was not Videopro's fault what happened but very annoying that such a established courier service cant get their **** together. So given the delay now I'll just wait for the post Christmas sales and see what pops up then. cheers Terry
  8. Hi Jon, I'd like the following from your earlier list please. Berstein/Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue/An American In Paris – Barnes & Noble Exclusive 2016 sold out repress (88875112381) As new. $80 cheers Terry
  9. TerryO

    2019 projector releases ?

    Thanks for putting up the comparison images Woofer, the NX9 is definitely a very good thing and beyond a doubt provides a superior picture to the X9900. Still we are rapt in our new run out sale X9900 and the picture it delivers and at roughly a quarter of the cost of the NX9 I can't see me moving any further up the food chain anytime soon. cheers Terry
  10. TerryO

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, I take it from your comments, regarding 'the other end of the spectrum' that you are saying the PL amps are not that good? I don't have a problem if that is what your actually inferring, as I support the ideal that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I'm just seeking clarification about what your trying to say. cheers Terry
  11. TerryO

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    Yes correct, thanks Zaph. cheers Terry
  12. TerryO

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    ... and just when you thought it couldn't get any better here is another clip featuring Kevin Deal and PL amps, this time showing how the auto bias works. I have actually done this playing different tubes in my integrated, reason being when I first purchased KT150's one died within hours so while waiting for a replacement I plugged a KT88 in and it sounded fine, if anything it gave it more bass. I know Mr Deal is a polarising character, but who cares the amps are excellent gear and often at a fraction of the cost of other often compared amps like Audio Research. cheers Terry
  13. TerryO

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    Just for those who love hearing Kevin Deals dulcet tones here is another video of a extremely scientific blind test, this time between PL and AR amps. ...
  14. Ed (Chimchimster) and I had a listening session on Saturday at my place, mainly playing records on the Oracle Delphi, those of you who know the Delphi would know it comes with a screw on clamp from the factory. I forgot to put the clamp on when playing a Depeche Mode record that Ed requested to hear, it sounded ok but I remember the recording being much more dynamic, especially the voicing. So once it finished I put the clamp on and replayed it, the difference was big, the sound came alive and the voicing was much more forward. The difference was that big without knowing better it would be hard to believe it was the same recording being played. Given what was just experienced I'm now considering purchasing an aftermarket clamp for the DP-60L. Anyway I'm just wondering if others have had similar experiences using aftermarket clamps or are improvements more often achieved on turntables that are designed to use them? cheers Terry
  15. TerryO

    Is this a superior Amp design/build?

    Sime if you like the idea of point to point wiring and lots of tubes then here is another option. The Dialogue Premium Hp model can deliver anything from low 40 watts per channel up to mid 90 watts per channel simply by fitting different model tubes and can be switched between Triode and Ultralinear mode simply by pushing a button on the remote. Yes I'm biased, I own two PL and one Weston amp and all three are very good at delivering a stunning sound. cheers Terry