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  1. They sold for below $16,000 in the end believe it or not.
  2. It's easy to right off car stereo systems but there are some really good ones out there. Not saying it's the best there is but we have a couple of LR Disco's and both came standard with the Harmon Kardon Logic7 system fitted which has 13 speakers and a fairly powerful good quality sounding amp. In all seriousness that HK sound system in the fairly large and boxy Disco body sounds extremely good and better than some reasonable two way systems I have heard. cheers Terry
  3. In my humble opinion the Post Office is actually selling this style of basic record cleaner for what they should sell for given how inexpensive these types of cleaners would be to manufacture. At $40 the Post Office version makes the similar $140 Spin Clean version look way to expensive, which in fact it always was. Still I bet if someone marketed a similar design spin clean version but said it had rare high altitude albino virgin Yak fur infused brushes some in this hobby would be mug enough to pay $500 for one. cheers Terry
  4. Speaker Cables

    I have to agree with Daz on this, on the day Mikes new ribbon cables outshone the Valhalla's when compared back to back fitted to the new ML5 Reference speakers that Daz was picking up. Very impressive to say the least and at a fraction of the cost. Anybody looking for some top end speakers cables should check out Mike's new ribbon cables. cheers Terry
  5. My System this morning

    I hear your anguish Alf, I used to be a one eyed Open Baffle man myself and like you I initially swapped between Boxers and jocks but I then I made the hard decision and swapped completely over to jocks and that made all the difference to the problems I was having. ... By the way you have a nice looking system there. ...cheers
  6. Yes they are very good. By the way it was great to finally catch up yesterday Daz, Jason (Gambit) and I today discussed taking a road trip down to visit you soon. So might be best to hide your best Scotch before I get there, re Jason my advice would be to hide your cat, those country lads have some rather strange habits. ... cheers Terry
  7. Any Martin Logan's in Brisbane?

    Time will tell Greg, maybe the Baby Grands you might, I don't mind admitting I still really enjoy the Beethoven Concert Grands which especially for the money I preferred to the four times more expensive The Music's. I intend to spend some more time listening to the ML13a's next time I'm in Sydney before making any decisions. . ... cheers Terry
  8. Any Martin Logan's in Brisbane?

    Hi @Sparkle I was lucky enough to listen to a new pair of updated ML5's yesterday that Darren69 was picking up from Mike. I was very impressed with them, to date I have not heard a better box speaker at even double the ML5's asking price. The other thing that I was more than impressed with was Mikes own top end ribbon speaker cables, he back to backed them several times with a set of Nordost Valhalla's and his cables were easily superior and at a fraction of the cost. So yes I agree they are well worth checking out, I had previously heard the hype about them, but unless one actually takes the time to listen to them then it's easy to be skeptical about how good a locally built speaker can be. cheers Terry
  9. Any Martin Logan's in Brisbane?

    I personally would be happy to pay an extra $5k to get the 13a's, that is no reflection on the Summit-X because up until the new model came out they were right up there and if I had not heard the 13a's then chances are I would have considered the like new Summit-X's that are for sale in Tassie. But I have heard the 13a's so for me the previous model is no longer a option. cheers Terry
  10. Wharfedale Mach 9's

    I actually also have a pair of Mach 9's that I purchased new in 85 from memory. I tried them about six months ago for the first time in well over a decade and unfortunately unlike some decent red wines they had not improved with age. If you take the front speaker panel off there is actually quite a lot of wiring inside, what most of it does I'm not sure, nor did I ever work out what the small dials on the top front did. cheers Terry
  11. Any Martin Logan's in Brisbane?

    That Is interesting Citroen, if you take away the NZ GST from their discounted asking price and add $1500 in freight charges then add the Aus GST and take into account the exchange rate then landed here less insurance would be approx $14,000 au for the 13a's versus $24,950 RRP here. Of course one can get a reasonable discount here for the same speakers but so far I have not been able to haggle one like that. cheers Terry
  12. Thanks for the feedback George, I guess the proof of how good they really are or aren't would be in the listening and comparing, so far in my short HiFi journey I have not heard a nicer speaker for anywhere near the dollar these sell for, unfortunately for existing ML owners they really do make the Summit-X sound a bit average. cheers Terry
  13. https://www.dagogo.com/martinlogan-expression-esl-13a-hybrid-electrostatic-speaker-review/ cheers Terry
  14. Very nice George, an impressive system to say the least, while not in the same league as your ESL's I was very impressed with the 13a's that I had the opportunity to listen to last week. cheers Terry
  15. Interesting responce, good luck finding the right table for your room. cheers Terry