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  1. Who ever buys these will be very happy indeed, Baby Grands are the sweet spot in the Vienna Acoustic range.
  2. Or you could try one of these. https://www.hifinews.com/content/primaluna-evo-100-tube-dac-usb-tube-dac
  3. Did you say waffles or wafflers? ... 😉
  4. Hi John, yes it is a AVR, more proof that I should not reply on forums in the middle of the night when I should be asleep. ... 😉 Anyway I have a pretty good Yamaha AVR for sale just in case. ... 🙄 cheers, Terry
  5. Hi John, I have a Yamaha Aventage RX-A 3060 that I am looking to move on at some stage soon if you are interested. I purchased it new and it would be lucky to have had all up a thousand hours of use. I have the box so interstate transport will not be a problem. Please PM me if you are interested. cheers, Terry
  6. Hi Kevin, Just wondering, did you ever try a different fuse in your P15? I just fitted. SR Black in mine and the change/ improvement in SQ and dynamics in my opinion is well worth the small investment. cheers, Terry
  7. I put in a order for the new Phoenix Ethernet reclocker today, should be here in roughly a months time. I had been considering going down the path of purchasing a Paul Pang or similar but now will wait for the Innuos. Then will compare to a mates system who has gone down the Paul Pang double switch path, could be interesting. cheers, Terry
  8. Any thoughts on this turntable? This is one turntable that caught my eye in my search and I even considered, but apart from reviews I couldn’t find anything much about the brand or model. It does review well though in several reviews. Here is a link to the Pear Audio Kid Thomas Turntable below. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2020/03/20/pear-audio-blue-kid-thomas-turntable-review/
  9. If it delivers the same level of sq improvement as the Phoenix USB reclocker does then it will be well worth an audition. cheers, Terry
  10. So Ian, are you any the wiser after four pages of comments? ... cheers, Terry
  11. Some before photo's would be a good start, then when Bill's cables turn up some after photo's.
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