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  1. Sale Pending thank you everyone for the interest shown. cheers Terry
  2. Yes I often wondered that myself, your Weston set up easily blew all other Weston combinations I have ever seen out of the water by a country mile. I’m sure Ed will be very happy with this lovely amplifier and I can’t wait to hear it. cheers Terry
  3. Thanks John, I still have the box and packing it came in from Japan so should be no problem, I will pack it to the best of my ability but Couriering is at the purchasers risk. Must admit I’m already missing it and it has not gone anywhere yet. I am also thinking of selling either my RCM Sensor 1 or the Tron SEVEN MC phono stage once the Denon moves on. cheers Terry
  4. Item: Tron SEVEN MC Phono Stage Location: Gold Coast Price: EOI $2150 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: EOI Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Direct Deposit Extra Info: would be able to ship at purchasers expense and risk. Given I am selling my Denon TT then I have no need for two very good phono stages which both sound excellent in my system so I am considering selling one of them. First up for EOI is my TRON SEVEN MC phono stage that I purchased from Misterioso last year. The words in the linked advert below more than explain everything about the TRON, it’s specs and its history etc. The other phono stage is a RCM Sensor 1 which I will also list as EOI shortly. Please PM me if you have any questions. ... cheers Terry
  5. Totally agree, and if Dazzle wants to try it out I’ll even loan him some ABBA records. ...
  6. I agree with Nigel, try moving around in the room back and forth from your usual seating position and you might get a pleasant surprise, if it doesn’t help no biggie, at least it didn’t cost you anything to try. cheers Terry
  7. Item: Denon DP-60L & 100v Step down transformer Location: Gold Coast Price: $1,450 Item Condition: exceptional for age Reason for selling: moment of madness Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I have the box and packing it was transported in from Japan two years ago, so can ship, but at buyers risk and expense. This is a complete package, one of the best vintage Denon direct drive model turntables ever made with an excellent condition dust cover, step down transformer and cartridge plus cork mat , so just plug in and play. The cartridge is the top end Hanna SH model which has about 150 hours on it. I had the turntable serviced by Chris Kimmel in Sydney who also supplied and fitted new cables as can be seen in the pics. This turntable is a giant killer for the money and while it’s for sale I won’t shed a tear if I end up keeping it. Whom ever buys it will be pleasantly surprised at how good it is. Please pm me, if you have any questions. ... cheers Terry *SALE PENDING* Photos:
  8. Item: Mystere CA21 Pre Amp & PA21 Power Amp Location: Gold Coast Price: $3,500 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Time for a change. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit, COD Only Extra Info: I have the original boxing so can ship at purchasers expense. This Mystere combination knocked off my much loved Weston Time Machine when I auditioned them side by side at my place, so the Mystere’s stayed and the Weston went. The finish on these quality components is exceptional and the SQ they deliver proves why a very good tube amp is hard to beat. The Mystere’s were the high end of the PrimaLuna model range and come with the same excellent auto bias system as the PL amps. At this price point I don’t know of a better option, in keeping with the high end quality of the Mystere’s the pre has a quality stepped attenuator, so no remote. The power amp comes with Mystere KT88’s fitted. More than happy for anyone to come around and listen to them playing.. no low ball offers thanks as I’m happy to keep them if they don’t sell. While I would prefer to sell, if you have some thing else in the HiFi component range, be it speakers or anything else that might prove interesting and tempting then I’m also open to considering a swap plus either way if it’s something interesting. ... cheers Terry MYSTERE CA21 Specifications Design: Stereo Tube Preamplifier Maximum Output: 19 Volts RMS Tube Compliment: Four 6SN7, One 5AR4 MFR: 8 Hz – 200 kHz THD+N: 0.12% at 1 Volt Output Input Impedance: 150 kOhms Output Impedance: 592 Ohms Inputs: Four RCA Pairs Outputs: One RCA Pair Dimensions: 7.9″ H x 16.9″ W x 16.4″ D Weight: 45 PoundS MYSTERE PA21 STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER The pa21 maximizes all our efforts with more power, more dynamics and greater flexibility. The full-sized chassis allows us to use larger transformers and bigger caps and resistors, delivering greater control and detail. The result is 55 watts of pure pentode output per channel, and improved stability throughout the amplifier. We do implement a very modest amount of global negative feedback to make the amp rock solid. With more room at their disposal, our engineers continued to search for improvements, such optimal efficiency, the lowest signal degradation and the greatest immunity from noise and hum. They accomplished just that, with carefully separated and laid-out signal ground, power supply ground and chassis ground schematics. We’ve also advanced our proprietary Adaptive AutoBias board with a special circuit that re-calibrates it for EL34s or KT88s. One flick of a switch allows you to run either tube at its optimal level. And as always, the board continuously monitors each tube, tweaking it to its sweet spot. There’s no biasing, no need for matched tubes, no worries. Owner's Manual Specifications Power: 55Watts x 2 @ 8Ohm 1%thd Freq. Response: 9hz-52khz +/- 1db @ 40w Noise: < -90db A-weighted Gain: 26dB (20x) at max volume Distortion: 0.2% @ 1W, 1% @ full power Inputs: 1 pair RCA Outputs: 4 & 8 Ohm 5-way speaker terminals Tube Compliment: 4 - 6SN7 & 4 - KT88 Power Consumption: 230w max Weight: 60 lb (27 kg) Dimensions: 16.9" x 7.9" x 16.4" (wxhxd) Please pm if you have any questions. .... cheers Terry Photos:
  9. I know what you mean, we also started to run a bit low of new good stuff to watch on Netflix as well after binge watching almost nothing else most every night over a period of three plus years.
  10. I know I’m a bit late but if still available I would like the following collections please; Mr Knopfler Mr Cash Various ... The Boss. Various ... CSN Various ... Jazz, Funk Simon & Garfunkel and what’s left of Mr Getz and the Girl From Ipanema cheers Terry post to Qld 4025 or pick up if you are near Barbagallo Raceway In a couple of weeks time.
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