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  1. Time for Ultravox to get a spin, my favourite band of the early 80’s.
  2. The Superchargers are definitely one of the best components I have ever owned and I don’t see me ever selling them. Given their price secondhand They are easily the best bang for buck HiFi purchase I have made. They just work so well with Tube amplifiers, they have given me a 500w PrimaLuna and when I mean a 500w PrimaLuna I mean it, they don’t take anything away from the PL sound, they just add more of everything, while they sound great wound up, their real strength is how much body and bass they add at quite to normal listening levels, don’t get me wrong they also add body evenly to the top end as well as the Bass. I always thought I needed Sub’s with my Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grands, add Superchargers and the VA’s produce excellent bass. I power mine and the PL integrated through a PS Audio P10 power regen and the improvement in SQ is even more impressive. Do they benefit every underpowered amp? No, they don’t, I have paired them with maybe twenty SS amps in my system (thanks Cafad) with about a 60% success rate. With the Tube amps they are just bloody excellent and that is their strength. As crazy as this sounds adding Superchargers to my tube amps has made the VA’s sound like speakers that are three times more expensive. Yes I know that is a big statement. cheers, Terry
  3. Excellent album, mine has seen much better days unfortunately.
  4. Going for a trip this morning without leaving the house. ... 😉
  5. Interesting article about the rise and eventual fall of singer song writers in the 60’s and how it changed the music scene. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-29/bob-dylan-and-johnny-cash-singer-songwriter-rock-star/12091824
  6. Still in the mood for some more Cohen.
  7. I have a copy of this Cohen double album and while it isn’t Mofi it is a very good quality recording.
  8. Not the best Cohen album ever, but still a good listen.
  9. Thanks for that, I’ll head down to JB tomorrow, hopefully they have Crime of the Century as well. cheers, Terry
  10. Has been a busy arvo, decided to clean some old records and came across three Supertramp albums I had bought over with me from NZ in the early 80’s. I had not played any of these records for decades and remembered them to be in pretty poor condition, anyway after a long clean it was great to be able play all three again and thankfully they now sound that good to be able to be put back into the playing cycle. They are surprisingly good for NZ pressings.
  11. This is a excellent record. cheers, Terry
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