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  1. A bit of a change in direction after playing half a dozen different Bowie albums in a row. .... 😎 Thank you Ed for selling me theses truly excellent copies, this is easily the best Queen Greatest Hits version I have heard by far.
  2. Previous happy snap was side two of Let’s Dance. This is side one and is even more impressive to look at, though watching it go round and round can make you feel giddy pretty quickly. .... 😉
  3. listening to Diamond Dogs for the first time in a very long time and really enjoying it.
  4. Got one of these Les Davis pads yesterday, chances are this has been commented on previously but anyway on my turntable it provided an impressive improvement in sq. cheers, Terry
  5. Does this count? ... it has many colours and it sounds bloody good to me ... 😉
  6. Just received these Bowie Albums that I have lusted after for ages, they are all OBI versions apart from the early German Hunky Dory copy that I’m listening to as I write this and man it sounds so very very good. I was lucky to get the opportunity last night to check over Ed’s (Chimchimster) own private collection that he is now starting to sell off, I reckon he is mad personally, man he has some truly great stuff, including many first pressings and promo versions. cheers Terry
  7. The search is over, I just played this as new condition first pressing OBI version of Yellow Brick Road, and it sounds truly excellent, the other copies of YBR I have will now be relegated to become book ends. cheers, Terry
  8. Ed has an amazing record collection, lots of excellent OBI pressings including many first pressings and promo copies. cheers, Terry
  9. Completely agree with your comments on point 2 and 10 The importance of measurements v listening, for some tech inclined individuals measurements are everything. Often opinions are then offered (good or bad) about a bit of gear based on someone else’s graph without ever hearing the bit of gear in question. I acknowledge that having measurements is a good thing to have when looking at a bit of new gear, but they aren’t everything and that is why in most tests you read measurements are a side bar where as the basis of most any review is based on listening. It always makes me laugh when a measurement guy offers an opinion quoting someone’s else’s graphs and eventually some one asks if they have actually heard the bit of gear they are usually putting down and they admit they have not. However while it amuses me I believe it can be quite negative and misleading to read this graph only based opinion if your a newbie doing research trying to find out more about this hobby. Moving on, I think old mates point 10 while obvious is often neglected by many unfortunately. As for ‘big speakers’ while I prefer big speakers I think it’s more important to have the right sized speaker for your room. cheers, Terry
  10. Man oh man! .... check this out. Dyn C2's $5k https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/st-albans/speakers/dynaudio-confidence-c2-speakers/1239504433 cheers, Terry
  11. I would imagine by now your really confused given so many completely different and strongly held opinions on what direction you should take for what, as I read it, is a relatively straight forward question. my 2 cents worth, as long as you are pretty happy with your speakers then just keep it simple and inexpensive to start off with and buy a relatively inexpensive Topping DAC through Amazon and see how much difference that makes to your systems sq. As someone said if you are not impressed by the results then send it back within 30 days. if that doesn’t work then please come back and ask another similar structured question, given how much it got everyone going I almost can’t wait. cheers, Terry
  12. The old saying of a man who turns his hobby into his job never works another day, or something like that for me is pure BS. I used to ride and race motorcycles for fun, in fact I lived for it, it was my passion, the thing I enjoyed most and got the greatest buzz from doing much more than anything else in life. An opportunity came up to become involved in motorcycle race event promotion. I took that opportunity and my hobby quickly became my business, not a bad business by the way but it meant I had no time for my hobby and I quickly lost the desire to even ride a motorcycle as my life was consumed with actually running race meetings. I got to the point I hated the sight of motorcycles and eventually the last place I wanted to spend time was at a motorcycle race meeting or even riding a motorcycle. So I took up other hobbies to replace motorcycles, first was serious of road 4x4 driving and bush camping, then many years later hi-fi. If the opportunity to get involved in Hi-fi as a business popped up now, given my past experience, I would politely decline, in fact I would run for the hills. cheers, Terry
  13. @Gambit 1870 and @Pegasus in case neither of you knew you two bogan Westies are practically neighbours with you both living near each other out there on the fringe of civilization long with the flies, bulldust and your much preferred loud head banger music. I must admit us coastal sophisticated Jazz, female vocal listening types do wonder on occasion why we associate with the great unwashed basket of deplorables that live out there near the desert sometimes. By the way Jason, that bottle of Jameson's was very enjoyable thank you. ... 😉 cheers, Terry
  14. Some combinations of gear just seam to work and for what ever reason Vienna Acoustic speakers from what I have heard on Occassion match extremely well with Parasound amps, especially if your into head banger music like Jason is, where as us sophisticated Gold Coast types prefer tube amps with our Vienna’s .... 😉 Jason is wanting to try out a second A21 in his system as it would be a very cost affective upgrade if he likes the combination as A21’s do pop up for sale on a regular basis at very reasonable prices. I seriously hope Jason is able to find some kind soul to loan him a second A21 to try out as I’’d love to hear this combination in action, of course I’ll be taking over a bottle of fine Sherry and several Dianna Krall and Nat King Cole CD’s for the Occassion while no doubt he will be swilling some luke warm XXXX while wanting to play some heathen head banger rubbish as he does. The serious compromises both Vienna Acoustic speakers and friends like me do make on occasion should not go unnoticed. .... cheers, Terry
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