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  1. I have at last count about ten or twelve different pairs of NOS 12au7’s and each one delivers a different sound signature and depending on what music I’m playing I roll in different 12au7’s to compliment each genre and it takes one minute to do. What I do is a bit extreme though and one or two pairs of different NOS 12au7’s are all you need. As for rolling 12au7’s you only change the two centre ones, not all six. The PL integrated is a very versatile amplifier and it is so easy and quick to tube roll that you can completely change the SQ in five minutes by rolling the tubes. Plus if you are into using head phones then you should read about how they have wired up the head phone jack to get the best sq out of it. You will be able to buy some really good pairs of NOS 12.au7’s from $75 to $400 or even much more if you feel so inclined but most of mine have cost between $150 and $300. They are actually so affordable that is why in part I keep buying different ones to try as the change in sonics can be so dramatic from changing two little tubes. Plus if you don’t like them then you advertise them secondhand and often will get most of the money they cost back. I tend to keep them though. Cheers Terry
  2. I to would be interested in hearing a PL Evo 400 in the flesh, so far no one on SNA has said they have heard or own one. So it sounds like we are all guessing at what the sonic improvements are over the existing Dialogue HP, which by the way I have and I can tell you for certain it handles KT150’s with ease.and the KT150’s are my preferred tube in it. If I remember rightly the various PrimaLuna was the first amp manufacturer to offer their amps with KT150’s from the factory. Several months ago before it was made public I was told by someone at the Company that imports PL amps that there was a new range coming and the improvements in SQ were that dramatic that PL believed they would be able to increase the prices as the Amp was in a different league to the existing one. That might explain the price jump and would be a good enough reason to audition one as the existing model with KT150’s and some decent NOS 12au7’s fitted is already a giant killer. As Ittaku said you can buy KT150’s for $150 each, I have haggled on several occasions and paid a reasonable amount less than that. Personally if buying a Evo 400 I would get it with el34’s and then buy aftermarket KT150’s. I would not bother with KT88’s, if offered as a option, as they are very ordinary. But having said that the PL KT120’s you can get as a option do sound good and much nicer than the aftermarket KT120’s. I’m looking forward to hearing a EVO 400 at some time in the future and if I can get a loan of one then l’d like to compare it to my upgraded Dialogue HP in my listening room and if it’s as good as they say then chances are I will get one. Good luck with what ever direction you decide to go in. cheers Terry
  3. These stunning ML5 speakers are way to good to have not already sold, when compared back to back they will make many more well known and far more expensive speakers sound a little ordinary in comparison. blown away they have not sold yet. cheers Terry
  4. Just rolled in two Mullard Box Plate CV4004’s into the PrimaLuna Classic CDP to replace the Tungsol 12ax7’s and the change in dynamics and detail was very noticeable and a big improvement over the standard valves. Very pleased I purchased these truly excellent old valves. The 5AR4’s are next on the list to be replaced.
  5. Just took this screenshot with my iPad and while it looks good it doesn’t do justice to the image on the screen, very happy with our X9900.
  6. While the old Prologue models were very good amps in their price range in their time they are now basically at least three model upgrades old and dramatically different to the new Dialogue HP models. Plus they haven’t been made for a quite a while, to use those old entry level amps measurements when making less than flattering statements as actual gospel on the much later and much higher specification models is at the very least misleading and I’m being kind calling it that. So George those phantom Sophia 3’s and that mystery PL amp that you were listening to for the first time that, what was it you said again? “a tube amp that sounded out of control” was it a ten year old entry level Prologue, a Dialogue, or a Dialogue Premium HP?
  7. Thanks for finding out that George was using the wrong graph from a different amp Kelossus. I’ll answer your question on George behalf, he has previously said different tubes will make no difference to the problems he associates with PL amps from his reading of what now turns out to be the incorrect graph.
  8. Really! ... so George is it correct that you have been using a graph from a different model amplifier as the basis of your argument in this discussion?
  9. Yes really and you know it, as does just about everyone else who has taken the time to read all of this thread.
  10. Come on George you wouldn’t be trying to pull our legs now would you? So, let me get this right, In the last twelve months since you last said you had not heard a PL amp and didn’t need too to know they were wrong you managed to hear one with exactly the same pretty much uncommon speakers that Sterophile did their testing on, is that correct? Bit of a coincidence there but what the heck. Was it a SNA members gear in Sydney where you are? If it was maybe you would like to invite them to offer an opinion? cheers Terry
  11. I have heard these lovely ML5’s and they are simply stunning, I seriously reckon you will regret selling them Darren. Who ever ends up owning these speakers will be very happy and won’t have to wait three months for a new pair to be built for not far off double the asking price. GLWTS, at this price you shouldn’t need it though. cheers Terry
  12. Everyone knows on forums all over the planet that you love trotting out other peoples graphs about PrimaLuna amps George to reinforce your argument based on just that, someone else’s graph. But please tell me this, have you actually bothered to listen to a PrimaLuna yet to judge the amps sound quality by the most important and relevant measuring device known to mankind? ... yes I mean your ears. cheers Terry
  13. Hi BRM, yes that is possible but unlikely, I have previously spoken with Greg regarding options for tube upgrades for the Droplet and he told me he orders all of the Droplets he receives with the highest spec tube upgrade option from the factory. So chances are that both Droplets have the same tubes fitted, especially given it is an arse of a job to change tubes in this CDP and one that usually most people would get a tech to do. cheers Terry
  14. Buy this and do it before someone else does. cheers Terry
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