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  1. Hey Rob, they are Fyne F704’s, apart from an amazing build quality and finish they sound simply stunning, really hard to go away from that all encompassing dynamic BIG SPEAKER sound once you are used to it I reckon. cheers, Terry
  2. Well @kelossusand @frednork as an option there is always a pair of these stunning beasties …. 😉
  3. GC HiFi GTG What is it! ... Lenehan Audio Speaker & Cable Day Where! ... Arundel Gold Coast When! ... Saturday 12th June 12 noon to 4pm For the first time ever the full range of Lenehan speakers (ML-1 Anniversary, ML-2 Anniversary and ML-5 Reference can be heard together on the same day in our three acoustically treated listening rooms. The full ML range of speakers will be teamed with various amplifiers including PS Audio, Heschl and PrimaLuna, as for sources, I will have the SME 15 turntable spinning some records and the Antipodes K50, Innuos Zenith Mk3 and Auralic
  4. Well I’m still very happy with the Gaia 1’s I have fitted to the 100’s, the improvement in sq and bass was impressive as I explained previously, I am also using the carpet disks, which can be a bit of a pain if you move your speakers on a regular basis, as I do, and you are on your own. But for 99% of cases where speakers are set and forget they are worth the extra hassle and asking price if you have carpet. Ray, if you decide to go down the Gaia path pm me. cheers, Terry
  5. I had read that the K series Antipodes sounded best when using a AES/EBU cable to the Dac, so I decided to give it a try and ordered a couple of the Atlas Mavros AES cables to try out, the real shame is they took a few weeks to arrive and they missed our launch because the difference in sq over a very good aftermarket Ethernet cable has to be heard to be really appreciated. Who would have thought an, often thought, obsolete cable would make such a difference, I guess the thing is Antipodes have said the AES cable is the go and from what I have experienced so far they are so right.
  6. Thanks Lee, I have been considering getting a Kula myself as demo stock to go with the Tambaqui and the Makua pre. The reviews on the Kula which has only recently been released are excellent. cheers, Terry
  7. Some more pictures of the rooms and set ups. First up the Fyne 702’s in the front room connected to the Auralic Aries G2.1 supplying music to the PL Evo 100 DAC and the Evo 400 Integrated. I have recently had the Router, switch and the maze wireless system upgraded. The difference in SQ and picture quality to the projector picture was to say impressive n understatement. The thing that blew me away was now the wireless system is updated the Auralic Aries G2.1 delivers a better sq connected to wireless than to the fixed Ethernet connection. The front room was very ordinary sq wise with
  8. Fair enough, then enjoy debating the never ending debate.
  9. Why even respond to a trolling question that, to me anyway, was meant to stir up various mindsets from pro vinyl to the anti vinyl lobby as well the entry level gear owners versus high end gear owners. Whether the OP purposely wrote the title and original comment with this in mind or not in some ways isn’t important, us taking the bait and continuing the never ending argument never settles anything apart from sowing divide. Surely we are all mature enough to agree to disagree and ignore these types of provocative pointless debates that only ever cause divide and never reach
  10. Seriously thank you Russell and Gloria is chuffed that you are liking the Oat milk. You are more than welcome to visit us anytime you are over here, it was a pleasure to meet you, there are some really good people into this crazy hobby of ours and you are one of those. cheers, G&T
  11. Some happy snaps from the recent launch at our place of GC HiFi,. ... 🙂 The big Fyne 704’s are a stunning speaker not only to look at but to listen too. No other speaker I have or have heard sounds quite like these lovely speakers do. If you ever get a chance to hear a pair in a good room make sure you do. This is where the ATC 100’s live when not in the main listening room, I will have to admit though that the big ATC’s do not spend much time away from the main listening room. I will only ever have one pair of speakers in a listening room at once, b
  12. My intention is to give Qobuz a try in the next few days and compare the two. If it sounds better in my systems then I’ll happily switch over. If it doesn’t then I’ll stay with Tidal. Given the depth of feelings being voiced here against Tidal and MQA I’m not surprised there aren’t to many putting their hand up to say they prefer Tidal. cheers, Terry *There you go while I’m typing up my thoughts Phil comes along and proves me wrong, well kind of anyway, there are now at least two saying they are staying with Tidal,. ... 😉
  13. Well it is good to see my abstract off topic comment was followed by another. cheers, Terry
  14. Well gentlemen, some of you will be pleased to know that we survived last nights huge thunderstorm and deluge and so this morning in celebration I’m going to spin some records. You know those (hopefully) flat black vinyl things with groves in them that we all used to listen to once upon a time, which I freely admit has absolutely nothing to do with either loving or hating MQA or Tidal. cheers, Terry
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