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  1. I don’t mind admitting the Trilogy 907 is one phono stage that I would love to hear in my system even though I have a RCM Sensor Prelude, which has easily been the best phono stage I have had to date. Cheers Terry
  2. TerryO

    Supercar racing

    A little bit of trivia, the Camaro is actually built on a modified VE Commodore platform, for several years before it was released you could go to Winton Raceway mid week and you would see the then only seen in pics Camaro cutting laps around the circuit, there was usually two of them on track on the days they were there. They reason they were at Winton was that was the track GM and the tyre company used to tune the suspension for the final production car. So the Camaro is closer to a Australian based production car than most would imagine. cheers Terry
  3. TerryO

    Supercar racing

    You are not far off of the mark about where it is heading Tony, the same company that owns the V8 Supercar series purchased 50% of the company that owns the 12 hour Bathurst race a year or two back as they could see the writing on the wall for the V8 series and they decided to have a each way bet. How things change, Initially when the 12 hour started they tried to hamstring it because they saw it as a threat to the V8’s but the Council were focused on having more big events on the Mountain so kept it going. Now the future for the V8 Supercars is not bright, once they no longer truly represented cars people could buy the series future was always in serious trouble. cheers Terry
  4. TerryO

    Supercar racing

    I agree that looks nothing like a Mustang, sad really. What was once a truly great improved production series has become a empty shadow of its self. How many more years can they race pretend Commodores that no longer exist against pretend Falcons that also no longer exist and unconvincing looking Mustangs and non existent in the real world Nissan V8’s? Depending on who in the Motorsport industry you speak to most will tell you the series is for sale for between $10M and $30M, which means they can’t wait to get rid of it. Once the TV money runs out or is greatly reduced at contract time because of plummeting viewer numbers it will be hard to see this series continuing. cheers Terry
  5. TerryO

    SOLD: FS: Musical Fidelity M6i

    Agreed this is an excellent amp and great bang for the asking dollar, it took a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated for me to sell off my M6i, up until then it beat off all comers. cheers Terry
  6. Hello all, As I have said previously on the forum my main listening room in the house we just moved into sounds pretty bad, so I was wondering if there is anyone at or around the Gold Coast who has some room acoustic measuring software and gear that would be interested in measuring my listening rooms frequencies and reflection times etc? The room is very bright and has a lot of high frequency reflections that make the room ring like a bell almost. After reading what I have just written chances are anyone who knows about room acoustics has figured out I actually know nothing about it. Anyway if there is someone local who would be interested I'd like to have a chat with you if convenient. cheers Terry
  7. My bet is while it may be a PL amp it won't be the PL you are thinking of. ... cheers Terry
  8. TerryO

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Being a tightarse I waited until Bohemian Rapsody became available as a rental this week, same goes for ‘A Star Is Born’. So I just watched them both on consecutive nights and my pick was the Queen story by far. For me one was entertainment with great singers and very well made, the other was a small look into the life of some incredible people who changed music and what we think of it for ever. cheers Terry
  9. TerryO

    My System this morning

    Simply stunning Stump, you have a magic looking system and I bet it sounds as good as it looks. cheers Terry
  10. TerryO

    EOI: Weston Time Machine 2a3 PP

    Hi Cam, sorry no I do not have the box it originally came in. But as others have said Pack & Send do a pretty good job. cheers Terry
  11. Item: EOI: Gieseler GroB DAC with Kraftwerk PS upgrade Location: Gold Coast Price: $2,150 (plus postage) Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: possible change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD, Direct Deposit. Extra Info: And the madness continues, at this stage this is a expression of interest advert only. I am looking at a possible change of direction in my system so I’m even considering selling my GroB DAC and the excellent DC Kraftwerk PS that has taken the highly acclaimed GroB to a whole new level. The GroB was a recent purchase from Lenehan Audio late last year and has the latest firmware update installed. This is the three input version. Most everyone who is a regular here on SNA knows how good Clay’s DAC’s are and the GroB with the new Kraftwerk DC power supply is easily his best and top of the range model that he makes and sells. Please PM me with any enquires. *Thank you everybody who PMed me, the GroB is now sold pending payment. cheers Terry Pictures:
  12. When I took that pic we had just moved into the house late last year and the previous owners had removed the TV and all the brackets when they moved out, there is a new shiny Pana 75” coving up most of those holes now. Anyway back to the sale of the PrimaLuna. cheers Terry
  13. No problem at all Wimbo, I don’t mind you asking. ... cheers Terry
  14. Hi Irek, I am a huge PL fan, and while I’m looking at selling the power amp I’m definitely keeping the upgraded PL Integrated, love the integrated. cheers Terry
  15. Item: Lehman Black Cube SE ll Phono Stage Location: Gold Coast Price: $750 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: have upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Direct Deposit Extra Info: I purchased this Black Cube SE ll from another SNA member (David) when he advertised it in 2017. it is an excellent phono stage and I had to step up to a much more expensive one to get something appreciably better. The Black Cube SE ll is known as an excellent phono stage that has a lot of adjustability for both MM/MC carts. They do not come up for sale that often. I have not used it now for nearly 12 months now so decided it's about time to move it on along with some of the other gear I have advertised today. My apologies I don't have any pics of it with me so please see the original advert from when I purchased it. It is in the same condition as then. cheers Terry Pictures: