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  1. 100% correct Matthew, as long as your system puts a smile on your face then that is all that matters. I must admit I sometimes look at what I have been doing and think about how easy, affordable and simply fun it all was before getting so drawn into the need to keep building bigger and better. Next time we have a gtg down here you are more than welcome to come along. cheers, Terry
  2. Thank you very much Dean, seriously it was my pleasure to have you visit, it is a good thing to be able to meet face to face other 'SNA members' (meaning hifi nut jobs like me) and be able to discuss the pro's and con's of hifi while enjoying listening to music. cheers, Terry
  3. While I’m sure there are plenty of speakers with ribbon tweeters that sound wonderful, to date I have to admit, I have not heard any that I have really enjoyed or would consider buying. cheers, Terry
  4. Thanks Darren yes there are some lovely speakers around at present for not a lot of money, but for now I am happy with what I have. I came close to buying some C4’s when they were on run out, was given a price of $15k delivered and set up in my room, but while I could buy them I couldn’t hear them first so decided against. I’m looking forward to hearing Cafad’s ML2’s in my room eventually, but must admit I prefer floor mounts to stand mounts. cheers, Terry
  5. Jeff (Cafad) reckon’s he is going to bring his ML2’s down some time for a listen. The reality is I kick myself for not buying your ML5’s when you decided to move them on, just bad timing unfortunately. ... 😞
  6. I was lucky to recently obtain a pair of used VA Haydn 30th Jubilee edition stand mounts, physically they are smaller than the standard Haydn’s and are also rear ported and have different drivers. Given it was a slow day I decided to find out how they sound in the untreated TV room. Interestingly they sound a lot nicer with the PrimaLuna CDP than the Oppo which sounds better with the Baby Grands, go figure!. The Jubilee’s are a truly lovely sounding pair of speakers and it’s hard to believe, unless heard, that you would get such a large dynamic sound from such a small stand mounts. Added to that my old favourite Weston Time Machine is back after a years absence while Mhel tries out the Icon’s at his place, I hate to admit it but I had forgotten just what an excellent amplifier it is. . The Haydn Jubilee’s are noticeably smaller than current model Haydn’s as can be seen. Former member Mark (Scumbag) loaned me a pair of Synergistic Research XOT Transducers to try out and while many call them snake oil I have had impressive results with them in both my systems. Having said that I took them over to a mates place and when we tried them they actually made his system sound not so good. ... Again go figure.
  7. I was very interested in auditioning the Reference a few months ago, couldn’t find a shop up here with any Demo’s but did find one with the new Triton One R which I was told by several shops, was very close to the Reference in SQ, they all said the Reference bettered the One R in Bass, but not much else.The ones I listened to were, by chance, mated to a Evo 400. I had hoped for big things from these speakers, but came away impressed but not nearly enough to seriously consider buying a pair, If I was 80% into HT and 20% in to 2-channel then they would more than likely be the speakers to buy. I personally wouldn’t buy them for just 2-channel listening. But as others have said only you can truly judge for yourself what is right for you.. cheers, Terry
  8. Yes it is and they look pretty good alongside each other.
  9. After an absence of just over a year my favourite 7 watts of amplification is back in the house, for now anyway.
  10. Hi Rodotech, In all seriousness I would listen to what Cafad is advising and use a good quaility step down transformer. Modify the amp and it is not worth as much as a standard one and chances are won’t sound as good. It is your call but Cafad is giving you good advice. cheers, Terry
  11. Will you guys please stop liking my advert or I’ll start to feel like I’m making a mistake selling them! .... 😉
  12. Further information: These rare Icon KT150 ($8500 RRP) tube powered mono blocks are in perfect condition except one of the valve guard pins has lodged into the amp hole, this does not affect the performance of the guard . One valve guard has a slight melt from the large KT150 tubes. Only noticeable when you are very close, Personally I liked the look of the better with the guards off anyway. If you are considering entering the tube world but are concerned by the lack of power provided by most tube amps then these amps may be for you. The Ultralinear setting produces 110 watts of dynamic power. The Triode setting produces 60 watts of deep smooth traditional power. I have original boxes and manual and are prepared to ship at buyers expense and risk. I don't mind admitting these Icon mono blocks in back to back comparisons are superior in many ways to my upgraded PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated also with KT150's, in this case only four in the Icons versus eight in the PL. The Icon's deliver much more powerful and tighter bass for starters and an excellent mid range. It is hard to believe they are rated at only 110w per channel given the power they deliver, for tube amps these English amplifers really do the job and would put plenty of higher rated SS amps to shame, while still delivering that tube sweetness that few SS amps can. The reason I am selling the Icon's and not my PL amp is to my ears the PL matches better with my MF Superchargers than the Icon's do. But back to back without Superchargers the Icon's rule. If you are interested in these hard to find and excellent English tube amplifiers then please PM me. Specification : KT 150 tube design Pure Class A power 110 watts Ultralinear 60 Watts Triode 4 & 8 ohm speaker taps Easy bias system Large power supply Weight 22kg each Size each W:20cm, D:50cm, H: 22cm https://www.decibelhifi.com.au/icon-audio-mb90-mkiim-kt150-version-mono-blocks-pair/ Photos:
  13. I have several Consonance bits of gear, all have proven to be exceptionally good gear for their cost. My favourite Consonance component is their Droplet CDP which is a stunning CDP and very good DAC.
  14. Nearly 200w per channel of PL tube perfection. Theses amps with KT150’s will drive most any hard to drive speaker easily. You can buy with confidence from Alex, one of the best blokes I have met in this crazy expensive hobby we are all into, as others have said a bargain at this price, especially with KT150’s fitted. cheers, Terry
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