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  1. Personally I prefer three way speakers, however there are some exemptions to that rule, if you have heard Mike Lenehan’s ML5’s then you have heard 2-way speakers that have no need of subs. Mike’s speakers deliver massive and well controlled bass like few other speakers out there of any design. Mike’s ML5’s are no one trick pony either, they do everything else exceptionally good as well. cheers, Terry
  2. Well yes I do, but I didn’t want to put the Sansui through something quite so undignified. ... 😉
  3. Unfortunately I have to give back the Vitus in another week or two. ... :-( I think it is a fun thing to try out occasionally if I had a spare amp, which presently I don't. Still the sound this set up delivers is freaking amazing, so who knows. cheers, Terry
  4. I may of unintentionally yesterday committed a Hi-Fi sin of sorts, anyway it managed to drop everyone's jaw when I started playing a song without knowing what I had done, mine included. I decided to warm up the PrimaLuna so we could easily swap between the Vitus and my PL / Supercharger amp set, but because the PL needs a good 30 plus minutes to sound it’s best I decided to have it just sitting there turned on warming up. So as not to cause any issues I had the Superchargers that the PL feeds plugged into the VA Haydn Jubilees that I often swap between and the VA Beethoven Conce
  5. Cafad has done quite an extensive write up on the Vitus, Heshl and TB comparo in another section, it is well worth a read. I will put up some comments myself a bit later. cheers, Terry
  6. Another interesting weekend of comparing amplifiers for Cafad and myself. Rather than just write up about how the Vitus Rl 101 sounded in my system Jeff decided to come down from up in the mountains with several amps to compare. So lots of listening and comparing to get through before giving our impressions. Anyway this is turning out to be a interesting weekend of listening. The Integrated Amp’s being compared, Vitus Rl-101 Heschl HAL-350 Technical Brain TB-0 ... and lastly my resident combo of the PrimaLuna Dialogue HP / Music Fidelity 550k Supercharger
  7. My apologies in advance to those of you who do not have Facebook, here is a link to a interesting video clip about vibration. https://www.facebook.com/tzaahir/videos/10224002320396221
  8. If anything 2020 has been one of those years that reminds us that life is short and to make the most of it while you can. ... must be time for some new HiFi gear I reckon. RIP Art.
  9. Has anyone else calibrated their X9900 and if so where did you get the instructions, thanks for any assistance with this. cheers, Terry
  10. A mate yesterday loaned me for a couple of weeks his Vitus Rl 101 Integrated to try out. I plugged it in this morning and will be giving it a while to warm up properly before having a decent listening session, first impressions is this is a very accurate sounding amp that delivers lots of dynamic power. Still early days so will give it a day or two to settle in. Given time it will be very interesting to hear how it compares to the PL and Superchargers in my system. cheers, Terry .
  11. Actually I now prefer mini series to movies, that way you get to enjoy several nights of excellent entertainment rather than just 2 hours. Anyway it was a top story and excellent acting. cheers, Terry
  12. Hi Kevin, regarding line level versus speaker level, I have tried both and to my ears I very much prefer speaker level. When using the Superchargers as true mono-blocks to my ears they just sounded like another ok amplifier, all be it a fairly powerful one. Add a source amplifier that you truly enjoy listening to but that is maybe a bit lacking and then the Superchargers do their thing as the promotional garb says they do. I often say to people when they ask about them that with them I have a 550 watt PrimaLuna, in fact it is a 750 watt PrimaLuna as my speakers are rated at 4o
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