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  1. TerryO

    New Cables from LenehanAudio

    Nope I kept them and will be for a long time, they are excellent cables and I'm rapt to have them in my system.
  2. Hi James, just the two centre gain tubes is all you need to change. cheers Terry
  3. Great pictures of the amp Happy and the city, that looks like a view from Bondi Junction? By the way how does the amp sound? cheers Terry
  4. Forgetting the occasional Chinese bit of gear that sounds like it has not been built to the Australian standards in the first place. Again my question to you is about the comment that Hifi gear sounds better at the whole 240v rather than 235v, which is actually closer to the Australian standard of 230v which manufacturers who build equipment for the Australian market have build their equipment to ideally work at since the turn of the century. My observation is if the comment was about a expensive power cord or conditioner you would critique it but in this case when the higher than ideal voltage is extolled in the same thread you pass it by without a comment. I do acknowledge your comment that 'one size does not fit all'. But that comment does work both ways. By the way I am not one who extolls the virtues of $10,000 power cords, but I will stand up for power regenerators which I now wouldn't be without . But I digress, back to my original question/observation Zaph. cheers Terry
  5. My question to you wasn't about power stability rather the comment that Hifi gear sounds better at 240v.
  6. So @Zaphod Beeblebrox what are your thoughts on this?
  7. @Zaphod Beeblebrox I take it you know the old saying about attracting more bees with honey than vinegar? If your true aim is to save the innocent from wasting their money on expensive unproven (sorry disproven) gear, which is a reasonable objective, then why not use the approach of polite informed debate to present your evidence, that surely will present your arguments in a better light to those seeking information, rather than giving arrogant rude and often quite aggressive comments to those you don't agree with? To me anyway, you often come across as someone looking for an excuse to put other people down in public and show how much of an expert you are. That might not be your goal but that to me is often what it reads like. cheers Terry
  8. TerryO

    SOLD: Parasound A21 and JC2 BP

    The potential problem with such great photo's is it shows up every mark or scratch on the gear, so when I looked at several of your pics and in each one there was a mark on the amp I thought this doesn't look good. Then I realised the mark that I had not noticed before was on my screen, so now for me the problem with such good pics is it shows up marks and defects on my bloody screen. ... 🤔 cheers Terry
  9. TerryO

    Yamaha RX-A3080

    Thanks for the write up, I found with the two 3060's that I purchased that for 2-channel listening that they greatly improved from where they started once they at least 70 plus hours up on them from memory. If the 3080 sounds good from new then hopefully it only gets even better with some hours up on it. cheers Terry
  10. Actualy no I have not but will try it now and see how it goes, thanks for the heads up. cheers Terry
  11. I tried hard not to buy a P10, but wanted to see what all the fuss was about so demoed one, but I seriously hoped it wouldn't make a worthwhile improvement given the financial outlay. While I personally considered it made a real improvement I decided not to trust my ears, actually my upgradeitis brain. So over a period of two weeks when I had a number of friends over who had nothing to do with hifi or had any idea even what a tube amp was let alone a power regenerator I got them all to have a listen. So over four nights with four different people I played them the same music with both the regenerator as the power supply then through the wall socket, I swapped it back and forth a number of times each night. To my financial pain they all said the same thing that when the regenerator was the source the music sounded much better. So now I own a bloody P10. If there is something that is better out there then I'd be interested to hear it. As for them not being able to handle power amps which I have read elsewhere, with the CD player, DAC and PL Premium Dialogue tube amp with 8 x KT150's and six 12au7's all glowing away while providing as high a listening volume that still feels comfortable the P10 tells me it is running at about 25% of capacity. Hardly breaking a sweat it would seam. cheers Terry
  12. TerryO

    Too many? or just enoughTTs

    Didn't Citroen stop making cars after the last Traction Avant left the production line? ...
  13. TerryO

    What is my Oldchen KT88-K3 worth?

    This is very good advice, that is unless you want to sell it to me for sweet bugger all then I would advise you to totally ignore Muon. cheers Terry
  14. If anyone is inclined to try E80CC's in place of 12au7's in the gain stage in their PL Amps I have both the Dutch built Phillips MiniWatt's and the Hungarian made Tungsrams and to my ears in my system the old Eastern block tubes are the go over the much applauded Dutch tubes. But that is in my system others may find the opposite. If it comes down to 12au7's out of the various versions I have had in my system the French made RadioTechnique easily out scored Valvo's, Brimar's, Mullards, Tungsram Haltrons, Hewlett Packard (NEC), PSvane, Phillips Mini-watts and some others I have forgotten. Given how many different NOS 12au7's I had tried before deciding on the early 60's RadioTechnique's I thought the French tubes would be the keepers but then along came the E80CC's which just blew all of the 12au7's out of the water. But then again just to try and put it into perspective what works for me might not work for anyone else. cheers Terry.