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  1. TerryO

    Oppo 203 vs 205

    Given my original post was over a year ago it was interesting to reread it and then the above quote by someone at Audioholics. While my terminology more than likely left a little bit to be desired it still isn't that far away from what they found except I am still of the opinion the differences between the two players is large enough that I am of the opinion that the 205 is a much better option for 2-channel. Maybe a 203 with a reasonable DAC fitted inline might see the 203 best the 205, but who knows, not I. cheers Terry
  2. To much beer often ends up with smashed teeth. ...
  3. Hi Boss 302, I have both a 203 and 205 and the 203 is an excellent UHD player that does music pretty good, the 205 is a excellent UHD player and does music just as excellent as well. An option, if you want to do something with your tax return then a more than likely affordable option is sell the 203 and buy a new 205 and you will be very pleased with the upgrade in sq especially if you are playing it through a AVR. The step up from the 203 to the 205 in sq is worth every cent in my opinion and you only have one box instead of two. cheers Terry
  4. Update ... While I would prefer to sell the 3060 I would also consider a swap or part swap for a tube amp or a DAC or anything Hifi that might be interesting. cheers Terry
  5. Thanks guys, the only problem is my reviews would be very short and would be written in the style of someone new to hifi and that would be basically because I am unlike Cafad who knows his stuff ... even if he doesn't like tube amps. ... Having said that I am more than happy to host small gtg's for anyone around the GC who would like to back to back their tube amps with others. cheers Terry
  6. Item: Yamaha RX-A 3060 AVR Location: Gold Coast Price: $1,650 (or might swap) Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: I have two 3060's and now only using one. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only purchaser to pay PayPal fees, or direct deposit. Extra Info: I am considering selling one of our Yamaha RX-A 3060's AVR's that I purchased new about six months ago. This model Yamaha AVR is actually a extremely good 2-channel amp as well as a excellent 11.2 channel AVR. I still have the original box it came in and the unit is in excellent condition having only about one hundred hours up on it at most. It comes with the remote and all other accessories. I can courier interstate if required at purchasers expense. The RX-A model range is the top of the Yamaha AVR ranges and the 3060 was their premier model. *Update ... I would also consider a swap or part swap either way for tube amp or DAC or in fact anything Hifi that might be interesting. Please pm me if you have any questions. ... Cheers Terry Pictures: I'll put up some pics later today.
  7. TerryO

    FS:Records- new and audiophile, CD boxed sets

    I would like to buy the Cohen box set please. cheers Terry
  8. Like others in this thread I also have a DP-60L and think it's an amazing turntable, the person who buys this won't be disappointed especially at this price. cheers Terry
  9. 'Heaven' off of the Eurogliders album you purchased is a great song.
  10. Yes you will find a very good turntable for $4k but does your father need to spend that much? The Denon DP-60L that Greg has advertised in the Classifieds is a excellent turntable and very well priced. Plenty of members on SNA who own one and swear by them, myself included. cheers Terry
  11. I have been looking for a old school record shop storage bin and found this advert on Gumtree for a bloke in Melbourne who makes them. They look fine and not that expensive but for me Melbourne is a bit far away to get one sent up from. Anyway thought I would mention it for anyone down south looking for a record storage bin, if anyone knows of someone up here in South East Queensland who makes something similar please let me know. cheers Terry https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/reservoir/bookcases-shelves/vinyl-record-rack-/1182065648
  12. TerryO

    Musical Fidelity SOLD

    So what would you suggest he should have done given he was retiring?
  13. TerryO

    SOLD: FS: Devialet 200