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  1. No alls good, I'll leave my vote where it is. cheers Terry
  2. Actually the wording for the most popular choice, being number two on the list has been updated, it originally didn't have the section in brackets. With the original wording that most had already voted for prior to the update saying people were happy to live with the gear they already had. The update changed that. cheers Terry
  3. I was in HN today and checked out the various 75" plus Tv's right up to the 86" LG, have to agree it's picture was pretty ordinary compared to the, I think it was 82", Samsung. I came away after checking them all out deciding that from what I saw none of the over 80" Tv's really looked that good even in a shop where they are set up to suit the environment. Shame really as I usually work on the bigger is better principle and we are in the market for a new 75" plus TV, back to the drawing hoard god now. cheers Terry
  4. Dazzle you won't mind if I remind you of these comments in a few weeks time when the next big purchase looms on the horizon? ...
  5. TerryO

    Recommend a first TT for a novice

    Tweaky sorry but your comments are way over the top, the forum doesn't need or deserve this kind of vitriol being placed on it.
  6. I never thought it was your intention, however your poll has revealed some interesting numbers and I reckon chances are it's a bit of an eye opener for most that roughly 70% of voters have said they have little to no intention of upgrading and less than 5% aspire to upgrading to something much better. cheers Terry
  7. TerryO

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Given the massive differences in prices of LP12's from older standard models that so many tend to upgrade right through to $40k specials, out of interest, how does a $40k LP12 turntable measure up against other similar priced high end turntables?
  8. Very interesting poll Audiofeline, though given around 70% of responders so far have said they have no or little intention of upgrading it might be best that the forums advertisers don't take it to seriously. I'm just about at number two, quite satisfied and really enjoying how our main system now sounds. But and there is always a but, next week we move into a new house and that means a new main listening room, which in theory given its design and build should actually improve the sound presentation of our system even more, but only time will tell if that is the case or not. cheers Terry
  9. TerryO

    What 'digital' have you bought today? 

    While I have a Tidal account which delivers 95% of any music I would like to listen to in very high quality with the added convenience of not having to get up out of my chair I'm still buying and collecting CD's. To me CD's are no different to owning and playing records and are a big part of the enjoyment of listening to music. Without wanting to offend others choices to me it feels almost soulless to just play music through a laptop or hard drive. cheers Terry
  10. Have you ever heard of sarcasm? sarcasm A tongue of which the user speaks of something the complete opposite of what the user means. It often has the best comedic value.
  11. TerryO

    Show us your tubes

    Call me odd but I reckon they are gorgeous looking bits of gear. cheers Terry
  12. TerryO

    How many SS watts for SHL5’s?

    Yeh. I say give it a listen with open mind. Yes I would also recommend listening to the Dev with a open mind, just like I did and if possible also try the PL Hp Integrated and see how that to compares as well. cheers Terry
  13. TerryO

    How many SS watts for SHL5’s?

    I am one of the few who are not overly impressed with the Dev, I auditioned a 120 which I found truly disappointing and then the 200 which was more impressive but I still didn't get what all the rave reviews were about. Obviously with all the software upgrades they sound much better, but I have not listened to one since to compare. Another option, if looking for value second hand then throw a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP integrated into the mix. Roll in some KT150's and you have 96w per side. Replace the two centre gain 12au7's with Tungsram e80cc's and the combination sounds truly excellent, really in some ways it's a el34 sound on mega steroids but with a much higher level of detail added. When a Dialogue Premium HP pops up for sale they usually go for around 3.5k. Kellossus sold his recently with upgraded Jupitor Copper foil caps installed for about $4.5k and that was a bargain, the Jupitor cap upgrade really makes the PL sing. If power is what is required with Harbeths there is also the option of buying two Dialogue Premium HP switchable power / mono blocks with a combined RRP cost less than a Dev 200 new, add in KT150's and you have 192w per side of that sound quality that I described earlier. That is what I will be doing next, but even when I do obtain two of the mono blocks I won't sell the HP Integrated, it is way to good to move on, it simply will be switched into my second system. One down side on trying to buy secondhand PL amps, especially the Dialogue Premium HP Integrated version, is they don't pop up very often, usually people who have purchased them keep them, on the other side you often see second hand Dev's for sale. Anyway just thought I would mention the PL option for possible consideration with Harbeths cheers Terry