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  1. How much will the latest Klein III cost?
  2. 🤣 I tried the angle grinder with diamond blade
  3. What's the best way to clean dust off speakers without getting swirl marks? Also whats the best way for getting dust off tweeters and woofers without risking damage. Also the grills without roughing up the material. Thanks!
  4. VPN.ac They are really good, easy to use app, just click what country/ server you want to be from connected in seconds, can be invoiced monthly too so no automatic payments come out.
  5. Is this the new dac that has it's own thread or is that a new different model altogether?
  6. Haha no offense are you a used car salesman? Man you'd sell snow to an Eskimo. I'm sure the carts nice tho
  7. Is there any reason why it wouldn't work with windows 10?
  8. How many hours would you get out of a cart like this?
  9. Everyone froths over these decks and have for many years. Never heard one myself just curious what makes them so great and appealing
  10. Wtf didn't even know belt CD players existed
  11. How would a VM540ML go on a stock Technics 1200mk2? Any other suggestions? Been using shure m44-7 for years, was thinking of upgrading. Cheers
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