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  3. Awesome show we watch it all the time, that the office (us version) can't get enough.
  4. Item: iPad Air 2 space grey 128gb WiFi + Cellular Location: NSW Price: 00 Item Condition: Used/good condition Reason for selling: upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: SOLD ELSEWHERE. Pictures:
  5. Nothing wrong with led, watching a sony 55” right now, was gonna buy the smsung qled q9fn but after seeing the lg c8 in store side by side it was an easy win to lg for such gob smacking image quality like I personally had never seen before, so grabbed the ebay deal. I enjoy peace of mind as well that’s what home and content insurance is for 😉
  6. Ok, So this entire thread is meaningless now? Because I thought we were talking about image retention and burn in on oleds. We had a good thing going you and I, you would post incorrect information, I and others would correct it and now all our work here is over because it’s about the short fall of technology? Got it. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ Listen I’m not trying to be rude, I think you’re a great person and I love a good debate and other stuff you post on the forum is good and informative, but the reality is if you’re going to make a thread like this trying to call out what can appear to some as fact and even influance purchase decissions you have to do it right, bring facts to back it up otherwise it’s just noise. i don’t doubt you for a second that burn in doesn’t exist because it does in extreemly rare and extreme test bed scenarios as we’ve covered here, but no one ever gonna do that (anyone reading can see my previous posts in this thread not gonna re hash it here) but the reality is you’re correct, no doubt. The problem is you making it out like it’s a major issue, like lets say the samsung note 7 battery I think it was? Anyway it’s not a major flaw or issue for 99.999% of consumers its the 1% the stress testers determined to break it, heck I break my tv right now I’ve had for 5 years and burn it in and totally destroy it, but I’m not stress tester so no worry for me or anyone else that purchases oled, lastly we’re not retail outlets we’re renters, home owners have full time jobs and pretty clued up we’re not gonna run the tv 24 hours a day in store display mode and then turn it off at the power at night, we’re gonna put it to sleep and let the screen wipe do its thing. So in summary you are right burn does exist, it’s not a thing, its not note 7 battery bad, chances of it happening to us consumers is so slim you would fall into a minority of the 1% bad luckers. And if it happens to me when I get it I’ll make sure I post it here for all to see, but I don’t think I’ll ever have to 😀
  7. You just posted before, again misinformation about how someone else posted “why samsung pulled out of oled” then it’s like you’re trying to point this out as a truth based fact “to give consumers choice” but samsung never had any skin in the game because they’re not allowed due to all the patents lg own on oled. Now you’re asking what does patent have to do with image retention, let me ask you, why dig you hole any deeper? It’s like you just love to throw up baseless information that isn’t even correct and expect people to belive it. You’ve been called out here, I’m happy to discuss but come prepared with facts if you’re going to make statements seem truth, because people in the know will call you out.
  8. Samsung never pulled out of oled, THEY DON'T OWN THE PATENT FOR TV PANELS LG DOES. Samsung isn't allowed to make oled TV, LG owns the patents to the technology for tv sets, even Sony buys the oled from LG. Why you think Samsung come up with QLED? And are currently working on micro led. Come on man do the research before you post.
  9. So you rest your case with a test done, designed and published by samsung... Points for effort, but fail for logic. I say again anyone that takes what you have put up so far as fact is going to be missing out. Everything you have shared is complete misinformation, and the best you can do to try and prove your point is a test run by a competitor to help Samsung sell more product? Lol. Starting to feel like you either work for Samsung or you hate LG, either way we get it, you hate oled. Huge fail, sorry.
  10. And here lies the problem with your thought process, I feel like you have a bugbear against oled and spreading a heap of misinformation. You even state “I won’t go all out and spend big on technology that will degrade in less than 12 months” so essentially everything in your home is useless? Because this happens with EVERYTHING regardless of what you spend. Then you state “My reason in Spending as little as possible is that this segment of the market is changing every 6-9 months” yeh like everything, so what? What’s your point? It’s happened since the dawn of time. then you go on about 8k saying it’s around the corner, it’s not around the corner it’s already here. But it won’t be ready for years and years for the general consumer at home use, 4k is still trying to catch up, infact the best PC running the highest spec nvidia gpu can barely produce games at 60fps in 4k and the 4k technology in itself is still advancing, hence - oled, unlike samsung qled which good at everything and master at none, it’s just a very expensive LCD panel whith terrible viewing angles with an ok picture quality compared with oled. If you’re waiting for 8k to become relevent to the general masses before you upgrade you may as well get used to not watching a tv for years because if something happened to your current tv it’s going to be AGES before we even see it in stores let alone even have any 8k content to watch. “I have a Samsung 2015 LED that I bought cheaply and really don’t give a crap! “ “I think people who drive for ultimate correct colour in watching movies are just being silly” And this is the biggest issue, you’ve gone to all this trouble to put this thread together on some crusade to burn the very thought of anyone even considering buying oled to the ground, you’ve gone to all these extremes with your photos and rtings test links etc, but you, don’t give a crap and think people that enjoy the av hobby and getting the best picture etc are silly? So why the heck are you going to all this trouble? Trying to point out minority issues in scenarios that no one in there right mind would ever do to a tv of this caliber? When most of us - vast majority buy, watch a new tv what the heck you think we do? Ofcourse we are comparing to what went before, calibrate it for a few moments during setup to get the best picture etc how is that silly? Anyway, I personally feel anyone that reads your comments should be taken with the smallest grain of salt in relation to this subject, you just seem far to invested for some reason for someone that “doesn’t give a crap” and based on some of your previous comments and a heap of misinformation compared to my own findings that are readily available on av forums and internet in general.
  11. The more I research this and the more I read and talk to people that actually own these tv’s and a couple of people I know of personally in the industry they have none of these issues in “real world use case scenarios” I wasn’t born yesterday and I do know it is possible but the likelyhood of it happening you either have to be very very unlucky like the minority screaming the loudest on youtube (I could only find 3 videos about it) or you would have to run it at its retina sizzling max, un callibrated settings in a loop 24 hours a day and switch it off at the power like these shopping center display ones so the in built screen wipe never occurs ever in it’s life cycle. As far as rtings is concerened this is extreemly rare exeedingly high abnormal use case stress testing no one in their right mind would ever do, certainly not me or anyone I personally know as we all work and come home watch tv for a few hours, movies on the weekends with some gaming and what not and actually take care of of our stuff. The rest is a bunch of bullsh*t internet trolls and probably paid shills trying to fear monger the ever living ghost out of the rest of us into not buying oled and when pushed can never ever provide any proof in any way shape or form, I know guys with last years model that game and watch fox sports and cnn with bright red static logos that have these running at work all the time and at home and never had any burn in or picture retention and have put 1000’s of hours on them. The other issue is when lg have turned up to check some of these “burn ins” they found there was actually an issue with the screen wipe refresh (can’t remember the exact name) they replaced the component not the whole panel and the panel works perfectly again no issues for over a year so far. I just pulled the trigger on one of these yesterday, and man I scarambeled to research because of the ebay deal and made phone calls, read the av forums asked a ton of questions and drove down to to my local good guys who have 3 on display which had been sitting on display since the beginning of this year when they launched, I had them do the burn in test thing you can do to check for burn ins by dropping the different static colurs on screen and none, not one had burn in of any kind after months on the loop. Sorry for the sa but I kinda felt the need to right it, it may help people who are acrually on the fence like I was and fear mongered buy threads like this that represent extreme use cases or very unlucky minorites like you get with ANY tv or electrical component. TLDR: Burn in = very rare, really bad luck, small minority and threads like this showing 24 hour extreme use case designed to blow the tv internals would never be a normal humans use case.
  12. Did you pull the trigger yet? There were 7 left last I checked after I bought mine, they sold over 70 of them all ready.
  13. Here's the link https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LG-65-OLED65C8PTA-OLED-Smart-TV/222982646720?epid=27018140496&hash=item33eacd2bc0:g:8y4AAOSwIntbvTSM Just add it to your cart, go to check out and put in code PEARTREE I think it is. It will show the correct discount code on the link though just below the price I think. Drop to 3k? Have no clue, cheapest I've seen was in good guys today for $3995, was buying a new microwave at the time and the and thought I'd see if they would price match, best they'd offer is $3669. It might go to 3k but that would be a fair ways off maybe 2 years of so. For the sake 400$ I couldn't care less. I'm still on full hd sony 55" from 5 years ago and when I saw this LG in store (no burn in by the way I asked them to to do the burn in test 🤣) it blew my socks off, looked like I could reach in and grab what was on screen, very surreal. Oh and edit: the good guys price goes back up to $4599 Monday or Thursday next week, I can't remember the exact day but it's next week, he showed me the promo end date in his computer to prove he wasn't pulling a swift one, keep in mind LG lists retail at $6199, so being the average price is 4500 or so not on special and 3995 when on special I don't see these going to 3k for ages.
  14. Decided I'm just gonna buy it, after further research (the whole day 🤣) Think I'm just gonna risk it, the reality is I got home and content insurance anyway, on top of this apparently after speaking to few people with one and others that lets say work in the industry it's apparently very rare to burn in and from what I been reading it's just a very unlucky minority who are screaming the loudest as you would expect. And yes I saw those photos videos posted by another member here who seems intent on burning oled to the ground of the LG oled in shopping centres etc and the burn in tests done under extreme use cases and the reality is we don't watch TV at it's eye bleeding brightest settings 24 hours a day and mainly stick to Netflix and apple tv with occasional news station going on and some gaming. The rest of the stuff we do is on iPads. So worst case I call in my home and content insurance premium, best case I get an awesome tv at substantial discount.
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