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  1. Update: added an Isotek Sequel to the Zen 3 a week ago. Really happy with the gains in calmness, dynamic range and soundstage depth. It sounds less congested and as a result you can hear each musician’s contribution much more. It’s more involving to listen to.
  2. Item: Isotek with C7 Price Range: open Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I’m after an EVO3 Premier or higher up the range in a C7 (figure 8) termination. Thanks Mick.
  3. CD ripping is going well, too. Obviously it handled pop and jazz easily, but it’s also dealt perfectly (so far) with multi-disc multi-artist classical recordings. This is in some part thanks to attaching itself to discogs. Editing of metadata is the easiest I’ve encountered.
  4. Hi again everyone My Zen Mk3 is happily ensconced in my temporary listening corner (about to move house). A week in and it’s sounding terrific. The web based access is flawless and intuitive, and iPeng is doing the job until innuOS2.0 is released. I should’ve joined the streaming revolution sooner.
  5. Hi All I’m keen on a Cardas USB. Anyone? Mick
  6. I have these identical speakers (correct about Oak - I bought mine from a retailer in England). They’re magnificent and my experience is that the PMC stands are better than cheaper alternatives. A terrific set up. Speaker and stands together were $6,000 retail new. GLWTS
  7. I’m a big believer in them. I’ll check out ice age, cheers.
  8. Good to know about the burn in needed, thank you. I’ll be ripping my CD collection and I have a NAS drive as well. The laptop won’t get anywhere near my hifi system anymore. An “electrical storm in a box”. Anybody finding value in an aftermarket power cable? All the best Mick
  9. Hi all I’ve purchased a Zen Mk3...what’s the first thing I should do? Put my laptop n the bin? Mick
  10. Hey all! I’m moving house and cleaning out the kit bag. This set up has served as the TV amp and speakers. I use optical from the TV, USB from my laptop and coax from the DVD player when playing CD. NO ANALOGUE INPUTS. Includes: Wadia 151 PowerDAC Mini Mission 781 standmount speakers AudioQuest Pearl toslink optical Transparent loudspeaker cables Transparent digital coax (x2) Transparent interconnect pair (not used in this system, but they have to go. Speaker stands (not sure of the brand) wadia and transparent gear about
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