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  1. If you’re keen to stay with a Rega Cart, Ania all the way. Clearly superior.
  2. Of course, if the chip has to “work”, it produces more noise which can be injected right into system.
  3. 1996 is a long time ago. I know physics hasn’t changed, but hasn’t measurement? Both tools and the idea of what’s important to measure? As for directionality, I know one manufacturer simply marks the direction in which the cable was drawn, and suggests people can make up their own minds as to which way might sound better, if at all. Pragmatic. I hear differences in cables. I think most do. Attaching better/worse labels is probably personal and system dependent. I have heard dramatic difference in cable direction, but I haven’t experimented with digital cable. Perhaps I should. If I can hear a repeatable change, but can’t find a suitable scientific/engineering reason, than that causes me to think we’ve not discovered what to measure in order to explain it. After all, that’s just scientific curiosity. Quite important in the history of the human race, wouldn’t you say?
  4. https://youtu.be/sX4Cr8sfFkg Thoughts?
  5. Ha! Funny ‘cause it’s true.
  6. I did the year and did okay. However, I’ve always felt that it’s in long term listening and lack of fatigue where higher bit rates really win out. I thought for a long time that the big change happens when you go from 44.1 to 48. After that it’s diminishing returns, but still worthwhile. Having said that, it’s still so much down to mastering. Mastered specifically for 320kbps sounds better that a 24/96 file played at 320kbps. Good mastering is priceless! Try taking your highest resolution file and listen to it at progressively lower but rates. When you get to the bottom, go back to the top. No contest.
  7. If you look really carefully through the mesh sheath, you can read some printing underneath on the cable. It tells you direction.
  8. Tortech with zero hum or noise. Super reliable now for three years.
  9. That cartridge is making me VERY nervous about my ability to resist buying one!
  10. That’s also the superseded model. Check out the Twenty5.24 instead.
  11. Thanks to all. Yes, I should explore going bigger. But, if I’m going to move to a floorstander, I’ll look at the .26 as well. However, a sub will give me more flexibility in placement, so I can not have the problem of losing the bass the larger speaker could provide. As for two subs for stereo, I’ve never been sold on it, although I admit it’s been a while since I last heard a set up like that.
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