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  1. Passive Crossover Help Please

    Hi VanArn, thanks for the reply, i appreciate it I do have a rackmount Biema 2 x 500watt amplifier already and would like to make use of that if i can and i also have another rackmount Biema 2 x 250watt amp for a second set of speakers, ideally for the Eurolives to fill in the mid to highs i have used a rackmount behringer 3 way stereo crossover for many years but didnt like the sound it reproduced, it didnt actually sound like stereo, if that makes sense. my horn subs are great but i feel im not using them to their full potential your plate amplifier idea sound good, i found these from a local supplier, any good ? https://www.vfmaudio.com.au/22485/SL-Audio-Sub-Woofer-Digital-Plate-Amplifier-Module-1200-Watt/?gclid=CNG66qDTw9ICFQF5vQodtI4Drg Im happy to build up a 1st or second order crossover if need be just a little help in the design is needed cheers Pete
  2. Hi, i would like some help please, would like to buy an off the shelf 2 way crossover to fit into my home made subs, i currently have a Paudio P18N and 2 x Powerline series piezo horns in each sub, datasheets attached can someone please help me with crossover points. Or ill just ditch the horns altogether in the subs and run a separate set of behringer eurolive b1520's from another amplifier, the b1520's single connection mode has a crossover point of 1.8khz any suggestions please, im happy to make a crossover to if thats a better way thanks Pete P-18N.pdf KSN-1140A-1142A-Datasheet.pdf temp8061a5ca5f97e60b08974c4d3e911e25.pdf