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  1. Item: Elac FS68 Floorstanders (Black) Location: Adelaide, South Australia Price: $1,000 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Caught the upgrade bug Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: Looking to sell my pair of Elac FS68 Floorstanders, total use time about 100 hours so they have been nicely worn in. The condition of them is like brand new, a small ding to the veneer of the corner of the front left speaker, otherwise in immaculate condition. Comes with the speaker grills but not pictured here. Can post at buyers expense as i have packaging and boxes to suit. approx rrp $2,500 Thanks for looking, Josh. Pictures:
  2. Thanks Greg, your a life saver! They quoted me 17 bucks for 2 custom boxes which is very good, now to figure if they can send them interstate.
  3. thanks for the suggestions guys!, where from Greg?
  4. Hi all, I am hunting around for a pair of boxes to suit the dimensions of a pair of Elac 68's, but seem to be having trouble hunting them down. Only option so far is for a company to custom make them which would cost about 100 bucks, trying to avoid this situation. I've called pack and send and they have suggested just to bubble wrap the speakers and place them laying flat on a pallet with a board on top of them so they can place other delivery stuff on top! i obviously want to avoid this situation. Speakers have to be delivered Interstate from close to the Melbourne CBD to Adelaide. Any suggestions out there? Dimensions for each speaker: H x W x D 1080 x 250 x 335 mm Weight 20 kg thankyou in advance.
  5. Hi all, Iam new to this online audio forum thing, in fact this being the first ever time i've posted in an online forum ever. Iam a 28 year old budding hi-fi addict. Ever since i was young listening to the likes of Eric clapton and Pink flloyd as a kid and being passed down my first mcintosh vinyl record player, 5.1 channel Pioneer amp the VSX-D510 and welling century floorstanders, i have been in pursuit of something greater, and soon found out how expensive this road was being a University undergraduate. I've since invested in a sonar essence STX sound card for my computer and a pair of Beyerdynamic T-90 cans. And also something more portable to take to uni with me in the Sony NWZ-A20 walkman and the Sennheiser ie-80 ear monitors. I use these 2 setups pretty much everyday and they afford me the ability to blast music without upsetting the rest of the world around me. I have been granted the privilege of having a second room and been bitten by the audiophile bug. Hopefully going down the right track and making the right purchases i have bought a parasound p5 pre amplifier (at $1300 AUD delivered in mint condition in box with all accessories, which i thought was a bargain) and sometime in the next few months, finances permitting looking at purchasing an Emotiva basx a300 power amplifier. Also tossing up between Elac fs78, Elac 249.3 and Sonus faber charmeleon T's for my first foray into an entry level room setup. All i can ask is please go easy on me!
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