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  1. looks like they are using the same cabs for both productsm even down to the plinth struts on the bottom
  2. maybe piano repair places would have a better idea, in any case i just purchased a pair of 249s secondhand with good cabinets, considering doing a transplant and having these cabs repaired
  3. is the damage repairable? do you know what the black finish is made of, is it a lacquer?
  4. have a pair of black elac fs68's for $900 if interested
  5. yeah thats right, except the a12bf has dynamic filtering, im not sure if the board your showing has an isolated non filtered socket, also i think the a12bf is their most recent board
  6. Item: Thor Technologies A12BF Smartboard 8 Location: Adelaide, South Autralia Price: $180 Item Condition: Brand New in box Reason for selling: Realised didn't need one after finding out there was a adequate board behind tv unit Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE CHEAPER AND OLDER THOR B8F, WHICH DOESN'T HAVE AN ISOLATED SOCKET FOR AMPS. This unit has 8 Australian sockets with 1 isolated unfiltered bank only with power protection for power amps, and 2 separate power banks both with filtering and power protection, one with 4 socket
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