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  1. Hi Guys, just an old member touching base with the forum, after a 75" TV with a budget of about 3.5k, what are my options? TIA
  2. Thanks for your input everyone, much appreciated. I've decided on a cable from Aurealis Audio here in Oz (Thanks Jebediah). Geoff Maloney very generously sent me four cables to audition: a solid core copper, a litz/copper, a solid core silver, and a silver/litz. The silver/litz worked exceptionally well, allowing my LP12/Ittok/Karma to show off their ability, i.e. great, entrancing musical flow, huge 3D soundstage & detail, and that boogie factor. I was expecting it to sound too bright from what I've read about silver, but this was not the case for me. Thanks again to Geoff Maloney, nice to see dealers who trust their customers like this.
  3. Good point, Topshelf, but doesn't fully explain why the Cambridge Audio cable sounds so damn good in the bass department.
  4. Phono pre is Jasmine 2.0, Preamp is Roksan Caspian, front end is LP12, Ittok, Linn Karma.
  5. Thanks, Duc. The Cambridge Audio are already only 0.5m. Don't know how I would find out the capacitance of a cable. Most cable manufacturers have 1m as their shortest length.
  6. I have been using Chord Crimson as an interconnect between phono amp and preamp for some time, but have become frustrated with relatively insipid bass compared to other sources. Did some cable swapping, eventually turning to an ancient pair of Cambridge Audio Reference. Revelation! Bass solid, strong, meaty fast and textured. Very coarse, however, higher up the frequency scale, with not much air and limited image width. Any suggestions for reasonable cost cable which might give me the combined qualities of the CA and the Chord?
  7. I have an 83 in the cupboard for what is worth????
  8. Thanks Gary, this one has been listed on ebay for a few months, the dude runs some sort of shop and I have some doubts regarding its condition. [quote name= ' timestamp='1332463992' post='1790673] Doesnt say if A version I can confirm it's not the A model as I contacted the seller sometime ago. Thanks for keeping a lookout fellas
  9. Dissociative, I've sent you a couple of PM's 10th March and 19th March, if you are having trouble getting them, message me. Regards Phil
  10. Not sure what is going on with messages, sent you a pm last week?
  11. Hi D, tried to drop you a PM but forum settings won't permit me ("The member Dissociative cannot receive any new messages"). Maybe drop me a PM? Regards
  12. Thanks for the info I have been looking around for quite a while for one of these units but they appear to be pretty thin on the ground lately. Any ideas on the sort of price I should be expecting for a tidy unit?
  13. I'm after one of these units as well. A question to owners or exowners of the 4308. How do you tell if the unit is the audyssey upgraded A version? Thanks
  14. The Cambridge 551r looks like an interesting beast but only boasts 4 x HDMI inputs which means I'm already out of room to move. Definitely heading in the right direction.
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