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  1. Yes a quick google reveals these are a bargain at $750.
  2. Thanks. Not quite right for my speakers. Cheers Bruce
  3. Hi What are the dimensions of the top and bottom plates?
  4. Yep yet another totally independent opinion that they’re great cables and you won’t buy better.
  5. Just saw this and had same issue through Bluos so cancelled Tidal as I wasn’t prepared to upgrade streamer yet. Seems like it is a Tidal issue. Tidal claimed it was a BluOS issue. Got bored chasing my tail. Life can’t be that hard.
  6. Yes it’s worth putting a toe in this pond.
  7. Item: Klein DAC Location: CANBERRA Price: $250 inclusive of SNA donation plus freight if required. Item Condition: Good, working perfectly, no physical blemishes. Reason for selling: moved on in the never ending search. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal plus fees. Extra Info: I have owned this for about 2 years and rotated it with other DACs, currently settled on a chord which will be making way soon.
  8. There is someone on Gumtree with a wanted to buy a pair of these. He lives in Canberra so freight shouldn’t be too bad.
  9. I’d like to buy this and have sent PM.
  10. And when Andrew says excellent unblemished condition performing flawlessly it will be just that.
  11. Great little speakers. Used to sell these in the 80s and they along with a Sansui AU 417 formed the basis of my system They’re very discrete physically with a big sound. Great to see some are still around.
  12. Looks spectacular! Can’t imagine the sound. Best with it.
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