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  1. Such good value I feel like buying just because I’m in ACT. Couldn’t possibly smuggle them into the house. GLWS
  2. Thank you both for this, both correct, my old eyes didn’t see the l r letters on the plugs (duh) and I missed the rib on the left hand plug. What is a bigger giveaway is the volume control is on the left hand lead. thanks so much for both your input.
  3. Hi I’m listening to the TV on Meze headphones and wondering if there’s an easy way To tell which is right and left Chanel. cheers Bruce
  4. I prefer the locking RCA plugs. Really secure and never had issues with them, whereas I have had some intermittent issues with non locking when they’re not a good fit. these look great ... a reason to update.
  5. The USB ports on my TV don’t seem to turn off when the remote turns my TV off. I think that is a product of buying a bottom of the line TV. The Media Light remote works perfectly and I’m ecstatic with the result. I’m wondering if there is reference/method to colour and contrast balance the screen.
  6. TV is a Sony KD 43X 8000G. It’s a 2019 model that cost $850 and it’s a basic led android TV. I have waited a while after turning the TV off, however will try again. You did mention that USB ports in TVs weren’t consistent. I’ll let you know later when I time the length of time it stays on after switch off. That wasn’t a complaint or a deal breaker. Still love it.
  7. The other thing I neglected to mention was that the flex (which is what I purchased works on USB2 ... the others need USB3 of which I only have one on the back of the screen. I’m glad (for reasons unknown to me at present) to have that USB spare, however i discovered that the USB ports don’t turn on and off when I turn the screen on and off so need the media light remote to turn on and off anyway. The lights do memorise the previous setting so that stays constant. this might be obvious to everyone else but it’s a journey of discovery for me.
  8. Maybe if I moved them in a bit it would be a more even glow, however the unevenness doesn’t bother me enough to redo it but next time I’d probably move them in from the edge.
  9. Yes watching a lot more movies was my motivation and media light flex had the effect of upgrading my screen. Will, one day buy an oled screen (which I would do the same bias lighting with) but other priorities at the moment. Thanks Media Light.
  10. Sorry answer was redundant by the time I got there.
  11. Is a 43” screen but only 70mm off the wall. The distance from the wall made me want lights round The perimeter. I have another screen on a stand that will be about 500mm to a meter from a reflective surface so I will use one strip on it.
  12. So the box arrived today (pic 1 below). There is 4 meters of light strip, plug for USB, a dimmer and a remote. I read the instructions found at www.biaslighting.com/install (I usually wait until I break something before I read the instructions). I cleaned the rear of the TV and stuck the light strip as close to the edge as possible while still ensuring the light reflected off the wall (pic 2). I used a little over 3 of the 4 meters that were in the box. I thought I might have to remove the bottom strip as there is a table with stuff on it but the light doesn’t get that far at 10%. It was an easy install and worked first time. Believe me if I can do it anyone can. I found the grey card test screen on YouTube (search “Reference for maximum ambient light” on YouTube) and to my eyes 10% on the bias lights is the level that best matches the grey card brightness on the test screen. The viewing conditions can be seen below before (pic 3) and after (pic 4). The difference is greater in person than on this iPhone and for me it’s a no brainer. Contrast increased more than I could describe. Blacks blacker and whites whiter. All colours more intense. The cheapest and biggest bang for my buck I could get on any TV. Changed my viewing experience so I’m going to get some more for the second TV. Cheers Bruce
  13. Oh and the screen is on a bracket about 70mm off the wall.
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