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  1. I have both but my Duntechs are the Viceroys with the Dynaudio drivers. Love both but I do think the Bass is at a different level with the Duntechs compared to the Yamaha's. Just wished both sets weren't so damned heavy....
  2. Ended up taking the plunge on an integrated EVO 400. And so far about 25 hours in. I have it in a very big open room with no sound treatments but generally pretty nice acoustics. But this room needs a big sound to fill it. My system sits pretty much in the middle of the room as it's pretty much a glass conservatory so no walls to use. I've been alternating between 3 pairs of speakers: Gale 401a Duntech Viceroy Yamaha NS1000m The Duntechs are a clear winner with the great depth and accuracy. Instruments and voices sound like they are in the room with you and you can hear all of the little details in the recording. Pretty much sound great with any type of music and the separation is incredible. The Yamahas sound very sharp and crisp but just lack the soundstage you get from the Duntechs. Still an enjoyable listen. The Gales sound good but are hard to drive, so work the EVO harder than the Duntechs or Yamahas. Mid range is great but just no where near the accuracy of the Duntechs overall. I'm using a low output cartridge(Ortofon Quintet Bronze) ive has to adjust the gain to get reasonable volume without cranking the amp. Currently have it at around 9 o clock and that's with gain set at 70. Overall I'm pretty impressed with how it sounds so far, definitely dont feel as though anything is missing. Cant wait to see what these EL34's sound like with 100 hours under the belt. It's pretty confusing when you look at comments regarding tube rolling. It was suggested when I bought the amp that a good upgrade is the KT88 but I see a lot of people head back to the EL34s and prefer that sound.
  3. Interesting. I just got an integrated evo 400 and my mate down the road has the Golden Ear Reference speakers and we were talking about this very match last week. At some stage in the future we will give it a go but one of the bass units failed in his Golden Ear so its off under Warranty being fixed. I've got to say though I've been pretty impressed with how the EVO has gone with my Duntech Viceroys, certainly not lacking in the bass department and they sound probably the best I've heard them. And my cyrus phono stage plays well with the evo too.....
  4. Thanks crusty. I think most you find for sale will be missing remotes or wont have the phono stage installed.
  5. Further information: Hi, Up for sale is a very nice NAIM Olive series system. The NAC82 includes a high cap and the napsc power supply. It is installed with the MM phono section and includes two RCA to din connectors. It also includes the original NAIM remote in full working order. Also included are two NAIM to RCA cables to allow the connection of other amplifiers with RCA connections. Original boxes are also included. The NAP150 is in great working order as well. And as expected they sound fantastic together. Pretty rare to see a package like this come up. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  6. Lol I just had this image of the speakers vibrating and skating around the floor....never really thought about that. I'm no expert on sound mechanics and I'd love to hear from someone who is but they dont seem to move at all and id assume gravity is a big factor. You have 51kg on the Duntechs and 30 plus kgs on The Yamahas, so they are substantial. Also they are sitting on a 20cm thick polished concrete slab, so there's no vibration passed through the feet into the floor like you would get on floorboards.
  7. Great reading in here. I've had a couple of sets of these and also have been through the love/hate cycle with these. When I got my first set it made me realise how bad my set up was. I honestly thought there was something not quite with the speakers. I finally got them sounding alright by adding stands at the right height (the stands that came with mine were tall stands setting the tweeter way over ear level) and changing out quite a few cables and components but they still didn't sound fantastic. A friend bought over a second set he was selling that had been recapped and the difference was very noticeable. We worked out a deal and I kept the recapped set, major improvement. But the real lightbulb moment with these speakers was when I tried them with a tube amp. Any brittleness and harshness that you can get from the top end disappeared and I started to think these were excellent speakers. Easily worth the money but not for every system........ oh oh and the little trollers on the stands really help with managing placement and swapping speakers in and out.
  8. No, really just due dilligance. For me it's a lot of cash to spend....
  9. Gee, You've got me thinking now, didn't even know there was this type of scam going on. Interestingly everything looks real and I have to say the Kables sound great but how would you really tell? From what I've read the fakes even sound similar to the real thing.
  10. Hi Tobiwan, I just bought some from a seller on gumtree, he has another 3 meter lot but one end is bi-wire. If you search on gumtree you will see it.
  11. I havent used this in a while and is a bit of Perth hifi history. This is basically a clone of a Naim NAP250 amp. It is probably around 30 years old and was made by Klass the tech that used to service Vince Ross Hifi. All hand numbered with a front touch sensor and are very heavy due to the marble box which was meant to help with cooling, resonance and interference....
  12. I know a space where you can store them for free!!!
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