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  1. I seemed to have sparked an interesting debate here. Makes me wonder - what percentage of high end audio did we used to get out here during the "golden era" (73-83)? Are many audiophiles running step-down transformers so they can use a broader range of gear? Might start another thread: "hands up if you use a step down?"
  2. Thanks to everyone for your replies/advice. I ended up backing out of the purchase. Seemed irrational to spend money on a quality unit and then possibly compromise it. The seller was very accomodating, and the amp is for sale again if anybody is not bothered by the transformer palava. Seemed a good price for the unit: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/273933589479?ViewItem=&item=273933589479
  3. Just bought a Kenwood KA-8100. Apparently it's a USA 120v model and comes with a transformer. But what rating should this transformer be? Having a glance at Jaycar there seems to be a range. Starting to wonder if I just got a bargain, because I'm going to need to shell out a bunch for the transformer. In the product manual it says: "Power consumption......600watts at full power" So what do I need?
  4. Sabotage + Time Fades Away are SOLD (pending payment) Burgers + FREE copy of Man-Child still available!
  5. Item: 2 x Sealed Records + 2 x Freebie Used Records Location: St Kilda, Victoria Price: Various Item Condition: Various Reason for selling: Duplicates etc Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only for now Extra Info: Clearing out a few records... 1.) Hot Tuna - Burgers 2013 Speakers Corner Pressing Sealed, Mint condition Seems to be out of print at the SC Website $30 Pressing details: https://www.discogs.com/Hot-Tuna-Burgers/release/4320035 2.) Black Sabbath - Sabotage 2016 USA Rhino pressing Sealed, Mint Condition These have a decent rep over at Hoffman forum - cut from hi-rez by Sean Magee at Abbey road. $20 Pressing details: https://www.discogs.com/Black-Sabbath-Sabotage/release/10807647 Here are the freebies - These are both a little beat up but play through without skipping. Both have been cleaned. I could list em for 10 bucks but not worth the hassle. So...buy one of the above records and choose one of these for free: 3.) Neil Young - Time Fades Away 1973 UK pressing VG vinyl - nothing deep, just lots of hairlines. Cover is seperating on one side and generally a little rough. Great starter copy. Pressing details: https://www.discogs.com/Neil-Young-Time-Fades-Away/release/1352681 4.) Herbie Hancock - Man-Child 1975 Australia first Pressing Funk fusion classic featuring Wayne Shorter, Bernie Maupin and Stevie Wonder on Harmonica(!) Cover in good shape, vinyl scratchy but music gets above surface noise 90% of time. Great starter copy. Pressing details: https://www.discogs.com/Herbie-Hancock-Man-Child/release/4935315 Pick up only in St Kilda. If no local interest after 2 weeks I will consider posting.... PM me, Cheers, Dan Pictures:
  6. Judging by the feedback and good wishes, I'm on a winner here! Picking her up at the end of the week. Currently running a Kenwood KA - 4006. The Akai will get me another 30w of thrust, and of course...Backlit VU Meters!! It'll be recieving the odd bit of streaming/podcasts, but mostly my ever growing collection of AAA vinyl.
  7. Actually, let's ad Stevie Wonder - Innervisions and Getz/Gilberto to my list too.
  8. Hi Tom, im interested in: Art Blakey - moanin grant green - idle moments horace silver - song for my father herbie Hancock - speak like a child and headhunters coltrane - love supreme pink floyd - dark side and the wall beatles - hard days night and let it be dexter Gordon - go i'd need to know more about which pressings they are though. Do you have more info? If you could send me pics of labels I could probably figure some out. I'd have to get a courier to pick these up - would that be ok? Cheers mate, Dan
  9. Hey mate, I’m interested in the sabbath vinyl. Are these the Rhino Chris Bellman cuts from around 2011? Am fellow St Kilda resident, so pick up no problem. Cheers, Dan
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