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  1. Hi I am interested in the Glanz. I would like to put a hold on it and know how much to send to Aldinga Beach SA 5173. If in fully working condition. Cheers & kindest regards Mark.
  2. Item: Isophon Orchester 2000 Location:Southern flureau Price: $1200 firm Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: Help me I'm drowning in audio! Got to clear my lounge. Moving sale Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Bank transfer pickup preferred. Extra Info: These are rare even in Germany and Usually sell for much more like the asking price in euros. Built in crossover. 4 Ohm 93 dB efficient @ will handle 50 wrms all day. They are easy to set up. Just put em in a 60 litre sealed enclosure. They IMHO sound better than Vintage Tannoys I should know since I have owned both. My last pair of modded Chevoits are earning their keep in a mastering studio in QLD. These sound better & my Chevoits sold for the hands down bargain price of $2500. But I have to clear stuff to make some room that I'm fast running out of. Offering them to stereo net members @ a significant discount. Please contact me for shipping quotes and any questions. Pictures:
  3. Item: Brand New AB1 subwoofer XO kit Location:Southern flureau Price: 260 Item Condition: new 9/10 Reason for selling: other priorities in my life ATM Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD BankTransfer Pickup preferred. Extra Info: Skimp on the quality of the components in the bass section of your passive crossover and overall sound quality will be compromised as all other signals will be filtered by the quality of passing through these components. That is the simple inconvenient truth that many loudspeaker manufacturers like to avoid confronting. This is the Achilles heel of the standard kits and Rogers AB1 bass enhancement module as I like to call it. It really doesn't go low enough to qualify as a subwoofer. The kit consists of X 2 Erse 17 MH .5 Ohm DCR 500 watt rms inductors and X 4 Cross Cap Jantzen 100 uF 400 V polypropylene that are more than a fist full each. Check out the price of these things add postage and know you are getting a bargain that will enhance the performance of your AB1. Pictures:
  4. Item: 2 Kef B110 matched pair Location: Sothern Flureau Price: 160 firm no offers Item Condition Excellent 8.5/10 Reason for selling: surplus to requirements + need the cash & other projects have priority. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD BankTransfer Pickup preferred. Extra Info: These are not your average epay flogged out has beens. They are off a deceased estate and were stored since the early 80's where some genius at a party pushed in one of the T27 tweeters on the Concertos they were pulled from and they remained in storage until they passed from father to son & then me so unused for 33+ years. DCR is 7.1 & 7.0 Ohms.The photos form part of the description. The pictured Neodymium magnets are not included but can be for $45 for all 6 Yes they will enhance performance significantly but alter the TS perameters so only go there if you know what you are doing. If you are interstate contact me for a postal quote. Cheers & thanks for looking. Will also donate $10 from the sale to this website. Important note to those who know. These are the ultra rare in this condition circa 1976 pre-fire retardant bexetrene additive version. The one that doesn't sound like crap due to the fire retardant added to the Bextrene cone coating. Pictures:
  5. Will trade hfi for beer. I LOVE IT! If I were in Sydney I would drop you a carton for the coolness of the ad. Whoever takes this offer make it something decent like Cooper's Vintage Ale @danter
  6. Actually No runs in as is and is good for around 6-8 hours of listening before I break out the ctek charger. Its been shelved ATM for a later active horn system. Where I intend it to run a high efficiency tweeter. I want to find the safe Voltage limit per rail and feed each with it's own battery bank. For a 116dB horn 2 watts is what I want to squeeze out of it. The cleanliness of this power supply is very evident in country SA as I unfortunately still rent and have no aux solar connection. Bizzare is measurement wise it didn't measure all that well but sure sounds cleaner than a lot that do measure well. Just like a good SE valve triode amp. Cheers Oh and because if its SE design 8 ohms is pretty much it although it will do 6-10 without too much fuss.
  7. 5 Mobile Phone relay station backup Batteries in parallel. The 12V-13 rating does limit OP to the fleawatt level. 1.5 wrms but boy does it sound good.
  8. LOL love it. Speaking of Single ended transformer coupled Class A Say hello to my little friend. Big Red. 23 kg of battery powered flea watt transformer OP madness. 1.5 wrms ch of siliconey goodness. Mmmmmm. BTW I spun the image upside down because the right way up it loads upside down. Loaded from upside down it loads guess what that's right upside down. lf stereonet doesn't care about this issue well then neither do I. Just adds more madness to an already sanity challenged world. Put that fire out with gasoline WooHoo!
  9. My suggestion is join a turntable online community like the analog dept.Ask questions and learn as much as you can. Wait, save a few more sheckles then take a weeks holiday in Sydney or Melbourne. Audition audition audition. Listen to some high end gear above your budget so when you find something that hints or reminds you of that high end gear you know you are onto a winner. Quite a few manufacturers like Rega Thorens & Clearaudio offer package deals @ significantly reduced prices. S/H can be both a goldmine and a nightmare. If you know to avoid the pitfalls it can pay off handsomely in far higher performance for your dollar. The simplest solution may be upgrade to Ortofon M series cart as your current cart is the weakest link in your system (like the bronze & you can fit a black replacement stylus as an upgrade when it wears out.) Then find someone competent to add a headphone jack to your Electro pre. Simples! Cheers
  10. Cheers Mike for sharing Continually while reading that Iink I kept saying YES YES and YES! That's exactly what I think! Great stuff, he tells it like it is. Refreshingly honest and down to earth audio veteran. Refreshing compared to the hyped up garbage spouted by lesser wannabe purveyors of inferior plastic toys disguised as "high end audio"
  11. Clearaudio Arum Beta The company bought the old Audio Technica MM dies mounted that pressed steel cheapness on a tiny chunk of wood and with the aid of some audio temple prostitutes woops!... SO sorry paid reviewers (because anyone calling this puke puddle decent was either delusional, insane or a paid prostitute sorry ,sorry reveiwer) Worst money I ever spent on a phono cartrdge stylus EVER! Overpriced underperforming puddle of puke. Thankfully the needle broke off and put it out of its own misery. Or perhaps the shame of sounding so bad for that outrageous amount of money caused it to spontaneously commit sepico. And my sincerest apologies to all self respecting puke puddles everywhere for sullying your reputation.
  12. Yup left out the extra F out of respect for Mr Pratt, mr Karloff's real name. Cheers for the welcome all. And yes especially down here in the Southern Flureau where fresh lightning abounds late at night on the full moon. I dance about like a demented mad scientist with my new speakers crying to the sky It's ALIVE Its ALIVE Its ALIIIIVE WooHaHaHaAgggggh
  13. Item: pair of new unused 830667 8inch loudspeaker drivers. Location: Sothern Flureau Price: $150 Item Condition: new 9/10 Reason for selling: surplus to requirements Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Bank Transfer. Extra Info:These are excellent loudspeaker drivers that are easy to use requiring only a sealed 30 litre cabinet. Add a bandpass on top of that sealed cab & you get extension to 30 Hz and contolled rolloff @ 90 Hz . Will endure gobs of watts. Suitable for automotive applications as well. Pictures:
  14. Item: Richard Allen HP5B Location: southern flureau Price: 150 firm no offers Item Condition: NOS 8/10 due to age Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup preferred - Cash, COD bank transfer. Extra Info:These were intended for my "what if the BBC actually designed the LS35A to sound musically alive" digital streaming monitor. But commitments to more pressing projects have taken priority. So needless to mention how super rare these are in box and never used. Advertised elsewhere but offered to SNA members @ a discount. Will also donate $10 to this site as a goodwill gesture. For some bizarre reason the pics load upside down. Oh well Pictures:
  15. Did you demo wth the Densen with your Pro Ac's? I would be more inclined to go the Gryphon. That is my personal bias as I like em. Depends on how well do you know /trust the seller. Both Danish Both good but me thinks buying a S/H Atilla is if it is in excellent condition & working order a savvy investment in HQ amplification. Your Pro Acs will thank you for it.
  16. BTW SETSergio Do you intend building corner horns for your Crites woofers? I know I should PM you or try another speaker thread but I'm lazy. Cheers
  17. Grrrr Grrrr Meow? Guess It's time for some nice warm milk instead of bloodied Buffalo carcass.
  18. Indeed as you say "Those amps are VERY rare and highly sought after" 850's tend to be snapped up as soon as they are put up for sale so unless you get lucky unobtainium. Also I know of a few that were on slave duty in busy recording studos and never switched off. Me thinks they would need a once over right now.! Presumption of domestic average usage is a dangerous thing if you don't know a products use history . Most I see for sale are pre 2000 models. If you want to argue trite pedantics and loose I can do this for ENDLESS DECADES. Bring it on!
  19. Dear Zaphod I'm simply talking raw & unserviced S/H + I agree with all of your suggestions If competently restored/serviced aside from Accuphase 303x which I have owned fully and competently restored/serviced and it still sucked ....... with all but Pro Ac for some bizarre reason. To deny the old ME isn't getting on is like denying the universe is big, really really big. Fully serviced, sure they can still go toe to toe with any high end around today. I'm not biased as I've owned and enjoyed ME too.
  20. Soundlabs offers some great kits for these. Cashstrapped otherwise I would grab em. Cheers
  21. I have a frend who repairs a LOT of top end gear. I have seen many of them naked. (With the lid off & guts exposed) Krell simply isn't what it used to be. New ME is apparently pretty good but the old is getting on. My suggestion is S/H Gryphon top model or go quasi active running the bass with 2 Hypex NC 400's mini DSP XO to as big a pure class A that you can lay your hands on for the money to run the mids & tweeters. Keep the passive xo for that & eliminate it all together for the bass & use the DSP You will then have the bottom end unconditionally stable power with class A upper glory. Your price point is in the realm of much diminished returns for outlay. Amen peace out.
  22. If you want the full 70's experience try irreparable brain damge from illicit drug abuse, alimony payments from divorce proceedings and uti damge from STD's JUST KIDDING! Go some bigger is best Sansui speakers with the wood lattice grilles. Some fullrange Philips 12 inch drivers. Kenwood, Sony or Technics multi ways if you can have a listen. Seas coaxials or fullrangers from this era are real sweet. Even some of the early Marantz weren't half bad depending on who Marantz got to build em. Lots to choose from, enjoy the journey.
  23. Cheers Owen. In the end its all subjective to personal taste. What floats my boat might not do anything for someone else. But I generally find more concensus than divergence. What surprised me with the console circuit pre amp was how audible and significant the differences were. That was totally the opposite of what I expected. The tube circuits sounded best rich & lush in a very good way if a bit looser in the bass. The Neve had better, tighter more articulate bass & was the most "musical" sand pre's to my ears. Had a friend randomly switch from one circuit to another. Could always pick the ECC33 but was less accurate in picking which of the others was playing. Cheers
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