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  1. Yes, reading all this definitely does bring a tear to one’s eye. Keep up the great work and support guys.
  2. Do you have much noise? Sometimes by fixing one problem it can fix another at the same time.
  3. Hopefully correcting the star point should get rid of some unwanted noise. What happens if you change R8 from 10K to 22K?
  4. That makes sense. You will have to wait till they warm up and then hopefully they will remain stable. With a bit of tweaking you may get a much lower DC offset. Mine are between -20mVDC and -24mVDC.
  5. That is a fair bit of difference. If you can rustle up a matched pair from your stock that may help. You sound like your on the right path.
  6. For some reason mine are 22K but I can't remember why that was changed from 10K. The BC550's in the differential pair will make a difference from memory.
  7. Yes that is the go with the input shorted. You will need to identify and document over time both mVAC and mVDC at the output terminals to be able to pin point the problem. I would not change any parts at this stage including capacitors. Have a good look at the wiring runs throughout the amp first and take a picture if you find anything suspect or out of the ordinary. When I rebuilt mine several times over the years cable runs made a big difference with noise. I am not a fan of 240V mains wiring running around any circuit boards so that is why I decided on the very mini
  8. Those speaker protection units look quite serious. Some real nice and quality parts used. MarcAL.
  9. Looks like you have been very busy and may be finished well before Christmas.😁 Great idea with the solid aluminium bar in the corners. No more hassles with fiddly nuts and washers etc. Keep up the excellent work.
  10. The cost difference of components between RS, Element14 or any other supplier is not a concern to me today. Back in the day as a kit builder on an apprentice wage it may have been. MarcAL.
  11. When I solder polystyrene capacitors in place I always measure them before and after soldering and use a temperature controlled soldering iron. The polystyrene capacitors that I have used came from Element14 and other sources not RS. I have used these polystyrene capacitors for about 25 years in this amplifier. The cost of parts is not an issue as the performance out weighs the cost and to me that more important as the amplifier was purchased for around $300 back in the day. If you are overly concerned about heat and placement issues measure them with an infrared temperatur
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