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  1. Brilliant work Alan!! Good to see another fine Altec brought back to life. Lucky cccrchairman, you are stoked to own these I bet. Happy listening times ahead.
  2. Hi Leinster Lad, It's good to hear from you again and getting back onto this project. I noticed that the boards are not drilled so I figured that one could use one of the old boards as a template and drill through that to keep it as accurate as the original. The soldering of the tracks would be a thing to sort out and would be open to suggestions. I'll PM you about these magnificent boards shortly. Keep up the good work!! MarcAL.
  3. The good thing with tape is that it will remove magnetic debris as well as dirt. I also use bluetack to remove any magnetic particles attached to the outside of drivers.
  4. Hi Benny, Yes, I have an orphan Altec Lansing 805 in my possession. What is the year of the horn that you have? Is it tar filled? Are you after one or are you prepared to sell the one that you have? I too live in Sydney. Kind Regards, MarcAl.
  5. It may be obvious but do clean the magnetic gap very well. I used masking tape folded with the sticky side out to get in and remove any debris.
  6. I also used a razor blade to shave off the rust on the occasional driver. Less abrasive.
  7. Excellent, a going over with stainless steel cleaner adds a little bit of protection also to the bare metal surfaces.
  8. The easiest form of paint on insulation for lead wires on voice coils is the wife's nail polish. I use clear nail lacquer for voice coils and brown nail polish for the lead wires on the older 800 series diaphragms. You have to be very careful with the repair on the voice coil so that it does not rub inside of the magnetic gap so check this before you paint. If you find that the voice coil is in contact with the magnetic structure then redo your solder job otherwise you will surely damage your amp sooner than later.
  9. Further information: These are the OEM version of the Altec Lansing 808-8B small format 1" compression drivers. The Alnico magnets have been recently re-gaussed here in Sydney and have been fitted with 8 ohm Symbiotic diaphragms. These have the orange Tangerine phase plug installed which was used in many of the newer Altec compression drivers. The 808-8B is structurally very similar to the 802-8G model which was used in many legendary Altec speakers including the famous Model 19. Frequency response is from 500Hz to 20,000Hz and rated power up to 30W. For more technical information visit: http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/altec/specs/components/808b.htm I can arrange shipping within Australia at no extra cost to the buyer. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. You could probably take them to Speaker Hospital for repair perhaps.
  11. Yes all of the time at work. It is due to the fact that the adhesive dries out over time. I would not recommend using them for any thing that has a substantial current flowing through it and definitely not on mains devices or in the vicinity there of.
  12. Save me from explaining what can be looked up on the web and just Google "AV Glue" perhaps and you will find some links such as this one. http://www.cpsupplies.com.au/AV515300/Bostik-AV515-Polyurethane-Adhesive-300ml/pd.php
  13. With minor gaps that size just use AV glue and be done with, it won't fall apart or vibrate. If that is too expensive or too hard to get hold of just use liquid nails or some other expandable glue. Alternatively you could read up on all types of glue and then decide what is best for you and your budget... perhaps.
  14. Yes, if they are of good quality and are looked after (not bunched up) they will be safer, have less chances of getting breaks in the wire and insulation and will hopefully last you a long trouble free time. I treat all of my test equipment as if it is audio equipment, especially leads.
  15. The chances are that you would not be able to see inside the box if you spray paint the area behind the port matte black. Also the longer the port the less likely that you will see inside. If you go larger than the minimum diameter of your port say the next size up you may not have any problems with any port turbulence noises. Flaring is not absolutely necessary if you you go with a larger diameter. Keep the distance from the rear wall (including any bracing) to the end of your port within the correct limits as it should not be too close. If your port is too long you can always bend your port inside the box. To test your port you can have it protruding your cabinet then fix it permanently once you have the correct length. The port is critical for cabinet tuning so have patience and it will pay off.
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