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  1. Blade74


    Would you go tube?
  2. Blade74

    Speakers for my naim system

    If they sound good to you then go for it.I’m sure they would be well designed and made; being a German company behind it.For that sort of money you could move them on later and not lose a fortune. Part of the enjoyment I think is experimenting with different speakers and working out what you love. Spending year or so with speakers let’s you know what you like and don’t like. I spent a couple of years with some NHT Classic 3’s on stands at a similar value. Great value speaker and reasonably well made. I think I may sell them soon but enjoyed them. Onto some Kef R7’s now. I know at some point I would like to own speakers from the following brands, Devore, Harbeth and audio note. Something just sounds organic, musical and enjoyable when I hear them. I like a speaker to mesmerise you.
  3. Blade74

    Speakers for my naim system

    I would make sure you have a listen to the PMC speakers and see if you like them. I listened to the twenty 5 range and only really liked the Twenty 5 26. I don’t recall what they were paired with but I found them way too bright. I so wanted them to be amazing and suit the sound I like but they just didn’t do it for me. I would love to hear them again paired up to different equipment. Not sure what the general Naim sound is as I’ve had no experience with it. What kind of sound are you searching for?
  4. I really liked the classic twos as well. Great little two way bookshelf. I found my classic threes liked a little bit of power to wake them up. Especially being sealed.
  5. Hey Sime, What differences did you feel the m scaler made?
  6. Blade74

    Show us your tubes

    Loving the new edition. My first tube amp and so happy with it.
  7. Blade74

    A fun YouTube wormhole

    Yeah man. Take from the videos what you want. You can cut it off before the wiki explanations.
  8. Blade74

    A fun YouTube wormhole

    Yeah this guy is a massive fan of soul train and said he grew up on it. Hence calling his YouTube name “Soul Train Bro”.
  9. If you like taking journeys on YouTube and love music. Check out this guy soul train bro. He listens to bandss like led zeppelin and pink Floyd for the first time. And you can tell he really loves and respects musicians. Wuite oong and drawn out videos but enjoyable to see someone experience and appreciate these amazing songs for the first time as a grown adult. Here’s a video to get you started.
  10. Blade74

    Enjoying the new Kef R7’s

    After changing from Kimber 4TC which is a varied multi strand copper cable that’s weaved with a Teflon coating and equivalent to 13 gauge to the Nordost Heimdall 2 which is silver coated copper, made to be suspended as much in air as possible within the Teflon sheath and equivalent to 10 gauge I have found the following in the short time I’ve had to listen. The imaging seemed to get slightly better. Even though plenty of sounds were imaging well before there were some that sounded like they were isolated to the exact location of the speakers. I think and I will check (by changing back to the Kimber soon), but they seem to not be so pinpoint in the exact location of the speakers anymore. That’s a big win so far. More wider and spacious sounding. The cables definitely don’t sound thin. They seem quite well rounded and full sounding.
  11. Blade74

    Enjoying the new Kef R7’s

    Well since then I have added a Valve amp. A Cayin CS100A I feel like they work so well with the valve amp. Detail, imaging and dare I say it more analog/organic/orgasmic. Sounds just seem to float in space and the decay of sounds just seems so smooth. Had a few weeks of listening and really loving the sound. I am also trying out some different speaker cables. Some Nordost Heimdall 2 in 4.0. metres.
  12. Nice, I have some NHT classic 3s that I used for a few years. Great speakers for the money.
  13. Or Devore Orangutan 096, both beautiful speakers.