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  1. It makes sense mate. Green = Go, Red = Stop.
  2. Looks like it does all the most common ones except KT150??
  3. Try google translate. You can just put your camera over the top of the writing.
  4. I’m running a pair of KEF R7s off one now and so impressed. I moved from a Cary 250w per channel solid state amp and I’m so happy with the tube amp. Plenty of power I think and it seems to be fuller sounding with way more air and presence.
  5. Check out the Cayin CS100A. Can run 8 ohms or 4 ohms. Can swap out with more powerful tubes too. Not too expensive.
  6. Not necessarily high resistance/impedance it may have been the opposite and a very very low impedance.
  7. I haven’t had headphones for quite a while but normally a good DJ headphone is loud and good at blocking background sounds. Something in the HD range from Senheisser is always good.
  8. I was hoping you were in metro Sydney. There may be someone nearby that could lend you a phono stage to test the subsonic filter.
  9. Where do you live Stephenfabre? I have a Project phono stage with selectable filter on and off you could try.
  10. Would you consider isolating your speakers from the floor better? Isoacoustics Gaia feet or similar?
  11. You may need a subsonic/rumble filter. What phono stage do you have or is it in the EC1? Or try isolating your turntable more.
  12. Haven’t had anything to do with them but seen so many good reviews on them.
  13. Thanks. Yeah they are rear ported with two port. They are about 300mm off the wall. I have absorbers behind them. The left one may intrude too far into a walk way if I bring it out too far. I want to get an absorber for the right speaker on the first reflection of the side wall.
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