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  1. Thank you for finding that site. Unfortunately the software developers thought of people using multiple trial versions instead of writing them a cheque, and it won't let you uninstall and successfully reinstall another trial version, even if you use an application such as ccleaner to fully uninstall and clean up the windows registry as best as possible.
  2. What software do you currently recommend for archiving/authoring old vinyl LPs to CD/DVD? I downloaded the trial version of Cirlinca's HD Audio Solo Ultra (www.cirlinca.com) and it does exactly what I want and is really easy to set up and use. Unfortunately the trial has expired and in the meantime Cirlinca has disappeared and its websites and email have been dead since September so I cannot give them $39 in exchange for a key and a lifetime of burning DVD-Audio discs at my leisure. Is there an alternative? Does somebody have copy and/or license key for the Cirlinca software that they don't use anymore? I guess the most sensible thing to do is build a music server and play high-res flac files to a USB/Network DAC. I expect it would be better. But I'm happy with my universal current CD/DVD/SACD/DVD-A player, and don't mind filling bookshelves with physical media.
  3. Another option is to take your speaker cables to the shop (at an agreed "not likely to be very busy" time) and a/b them with the shop cables. The shop ought to have a multi-meter to buzz out your cables if they're paranoid about whether they're safe or not with their demo gear. Kimber cables have a great reputation and in my experience are typically very good, so you don't need to worry about quality. All you need to decide is if the difference you hear (and you will almost certainly hear a difference) is significant and worth the money to you. My only tip would be to try the cables with two systems. The first being the best in the shop - so you have the best chance of hearing everything the Kimber has to offer. The second being something close to your system - so you can assess if it's going to be worth it as soon as you get home rather than only at some point in the future when you've upgraded every other component.
  4. +1 World took several steps backward with nude's departure, nik's retirement, and audiophile becoming a haberdashery
  5. Looks like I might find myself in China and Hong Kong in early March for a week on something of a whirlwind grand tour. Never been there before. If I'm lucky I'll have a few hours free now and again. Seeking all recommendations of hifi stores/factories to visit. In particular I'd like to pick up something like a quad set of matched Shuguang 2a3 tubes as a souvenir (for a 20 year old 2a3 push-pull power amp that currently has Billington Golds in it). Is this likely to be cheaper and/or less prone to counterfeits than just buying on the net?
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