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  1. XTZ sound

    The more I researched the more I wanted it. There were a few test reviews and comparisons I read but I have to confess I wasnt exactly sure I completely understood what all of the measurements meant, but I got the gist. Looks, as silly as it sounds, played a part too. Once I felt those low frequencies though, it could look like a potato and I'd use it. It actually makes the rest of my gear sound better. I'm crossing at 80hz. The first time I felt the low end I nearly shat myself, I could feel it in my gut. You noticed the wife in the TV reflection? Haha I took the pic and laughed, saying I'm posting anyway. I had to turn the movie off as the Tv was a bit bright to show, and she's scoffs - "oh, what are you doing!?" She doesn't get it.
  2. XTZ sound

    Yeah direct from XTZ sound. Pretty much emailed head office asking where I can get one and they said they don't have distribution here yet but can get one to me. They where great to deal with. It was shipped in and I had to pick it up from the shipping depot in Botany (Sydney). That was a mission though. And expensive but when I was looking at other subs locally the price actually was about the same! The sub is huge physically and in sound. The pic doesn't give it justice. But it's so heavy I'm worried when I need to move it. I have pics somewhere of the guys loading the sub on the Pallate and the sub is almost as big as them. This setup is looking pretty crappy/neglected at the moment for a number of reasons. We are currently renting, and the old TV was a Samsung 60" that was bolted into the bracket and bracket support poles I welded to the current cabinet. But this hisense TV was too big for that so I had to go buy some wood from Bunnings to sit the tv on the stand. First world problems That said, my wife and I are building so this will all go into the media room soon - and it will be properly setup (wall mounted TV, cable management in the walls, bass traps etc) and then expanded. That's why I've been relaxed with current setups looks. I've had the AAD speakers for about 10 years and whilst still sound great, feel I need to upgrade the centre... which prob means upgrade the left/right and surround. I'm think I'm happy to stay with 5.1.
  3. XTZ sound

    Anyone here have XTZ products? I've had the XTZ 3x12 sub for about 10 months now and I have to say that I'm hugely impressed. Was hard to get in the country so assuming not many have tried their products - a search didn't return anything on this forum. https://www.xtzsound.com/product/sub-3x12 I have it running with my old AAD setup and the Hisense 75m7000uwd UHD TV and Denon AVR-x3000 (which is an absolute sh!t of a receiver, will never make that mistake again. Keeps switching off and when the service centre checked it they say it's fine. They did have to fix the back plugs though as they became loose)