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  1. So you are saying I bought a knife to a gun fight?
  2. Cheers, its all I can afford at the moment. I need to learn a lot more about suitable amplification for the gales.
  3. They are definitely yellow
  4. I have read on another forum that you can bypass the attenuator with a 5k ceramic? I think I looked up the model number and the mids were appropriate. I'll have a look tomorrow. I have read about the power/impedance issues. I tried them with a toa power amp, not much difference to me. I would love to hear them with a suitable amp however.
  5. Picked up some cheap gales a few weeks ago. They are in average shape. The mids on both speakers were out. A bit of digging and research led to a review of the crossover as the culprit. I replaced the resistors, a few caps and disassembled and cleaned the attenuators and replaced a surround.. They sound good now although I must have stuffed up the attenuators as they a bit prickly. Can they be bypassed? I found a schematic for a new crossover which bypasses the fuses so maybe that is in my future. Really nice speakers though. Thudding bass, nicer midrange than my le14a ewaves. I've read a few of the posts on the gales in here, there are some great examples! My nad 352 is going ok with them too which is nice. Overall I'm very impressed with my $200 outlay.
  6. I was just emailing Eric about these. Nice guy. From everything i've read amazing speakers.
  7. Is this ok to use for home use? Ie with pre outs?
  8. Item: after a single jbl 4312 monitor Price Range: 200-300 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: bit of a long shot but im after a single jbl 4312b speaker if anyone has been hanging onto an orphan. Will pay shipping/handling. Location: Canberra
  9. Thanks mate. I am running them with an nad 352 and the seem pretty efficient. I saw some previous posts wherepeople ran them with tubes?
  10. A canberra local. Their dad had them storage for a while apparently. Id heard of them before so when i saw them for $45 i jumped on them.
  11. I picked up some axis speakers cheap today. Im wondering if they are the ls38s? Comparing them to my yamaha ns500s they are a slight improvement. Maybe a little boomy. They are sitting flat on hardwood would getting feet help? They are rear ported too.
  12. Greetings from the west of Canberra.
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