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  1. Austy

    WTB: jbl 4312 monitor

    Item: after a single jbl 4312 monitor Price Range: 200-300 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: bit of a long shot but im after a single jbl 4312b speaker if anyone has been hanging onto an orphan. Will pay shipping/handling. Location: Canberra
  2. Austy

    Axis ls38?

    Thanks mate. I am running them with an nad 352 and the seem pretty efficient. I saw some previous posts wherepeople ran them with tubes?
  3. Austy

    Axis ls38?

    A canberra local. Their dad had them storage for a while apparently. Id heard of them before so when i saw them for $45 i jumped on them.
  4. Austy

    Axis ls38?

    Cheers ill check.
  5. Austy

    Axis ls38?

    I picked up some axis speakers cheap today. Im wondering if they are the ls38s? Comparing them to my yamaha ns500s they are a slight improvement. Maybe a little boomy. They are sitting flat on hardwood would getting feet help? They are rear ported too.
  6. Austy

    Hello from Canberra

    Greetings from the west of Canberra.
  7. Austy

    Hi-Fi Stereo Forum/Clubs in Canberra

    New novice member in canberra. ?
  8. Thread resurrection. ...I have a 5000a with similar issues. Just wondering if the photos of your repair are still around.