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  1. I was just emailing Eric about these. Nice guy. From everything i've read amazing speakers.
  2. Is this ok to use for home use? Ie with pre outs?
  3. Thanks mate. I am running them with an nad 352 and the seem pretty efficient. I saw some previous posts wherepeople ran them with tubes?
  4. A canberra local. Their dad had them storage for a while apparently. Id heard of them before so when i saw them for $45 i jumped on them.
  5. I picked up some axis speakers cheap today. Im wondering if they are the ls38s? Comparing them to my yamaha ns500s they are a slight improvement. Maybe a little boomy. They are sitting flat on hardwood would getting feet help? They are rear ported too.
  6. Greetings from the west of Canberra.
  7. Thread resurrection. ...I have a 5000a with similar issues. Just wondering if the photos of your repair are still around.
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