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  1. Model trains can be more expensive then new price. Rarity. II have just been looking for a couple of two seater recliner leather lounges. Picked up two Nick Scalis for $300 in excellent condition for the Rumpus room. New price was around $1200 each.
  2. The KAV400xi is the best sounding of the cheaper Krell Integrateds, thats for sure.
  3. I've scored Hooker and Heat plus Four Way Street (CSNY) before and both are really well done.
  4. Ahh, remember Woodford well back in the early 60's.👍
  5. @eman I hope the Go Fund Me helped a bit mate.
  6. Just fully refurbished the home. This is the downstairs rumpus room where the HiFi has gone. Starting to sound good, even on Spotify. A touch bright, as you would expect but easy to handle. Good focus to the point where I had to drop the right hand speaker down a mil and a half to solidify centre image as it was firing a touch to high where the seated position is and moving the sound stage over to the left. I also initially used the Monobloks (see sig) but found Mark Houston's Holton build was way better driving the 401's. Room is double brick on a slab with 9 foot ceiling.
  7. I sold the 800 series for 20 years and the 802D's plus Big Krell Monobloks are a match made in heaven. I also owned ESL63's and Maggie 2.5 R's. Both were hard to beat on Jazz and Blues by any Box piston driven speaker.
  8. Len Wallis at the Shore Inn but in the 80's.
  9. Havent heard the Altecs, 4550's or the ATC's
  10. I use an old record. "Best of Bob Seger". It wasnt in that good nick and I have two.
  11. So, what was creating all the crackling Pops?
  12. Good chance its the owner fine tuning. He has more time with the system.
  13. Good one mate. I'm still using your interconnects. No reason to change.
  14. Hmm, good point. I have a heavy cabinet that is quite dense, it makes a noise also when tapped.
  15. Thanks for answering mate. these qre 1200x200.Interesting thing is whether the porcelain stores and dissipates any energy anyway. I saw online a guy get two of the Ikea boards that are routed and he put ball bearings between them and isolated that way. I havent mucked around with this type of thing for decades and was just interested.
  16. Interesting read. I did an order with John that week on the Monday and everything seemed fine. Was a bit of a shock, I can tell you.
  17. I've got some long leftover porcelain floor tiles from our reno and I was thinking of using them underneath the SOTA as I am puting it on some new heavy furniture. Has anyone got any history of doing this before? Feet are Tiptoes. Cheers in advance.
  18. Don't they have output transformers to work that **** out? Or maybe they are coupled series/parallel.
  19. They look like Dunlavy SC5's on the outside on the Monolith's.
  20. A bloke had a pair of these for sale in the Classifieds. I think he dropped down to 75K which would of been a bargain for someone in the market.
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