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  1. Bout to play. RSD Hooker n Heat. Can't wait. UPDATE. Just played side one. WoW. Really quiet vinyl with strong dynamics and great presence. No vertical movement in the arm, might be the vacuum though, hehe. Worth every cent.
  2. Yes and as you move the tonearm to the centre, does it start to go quieter?
  3. Halfway into playing the record mate.
  4. @Alpine Electrocats Tonearm wiring mate is my guess. Arm going across record is a clue.
  5. The CDC must of been a fantastically wonderful sounding player.Only probs with the 5420 and 5425 was that a ballast resistor would burn out the display light. I had over 50 people confirm how good the 5420 was personally. Talking to the wrong bloke here. Never mind, keep your ideas of NAD's bad quality. No water off my back.
  6. The Internet canned those guys mate. Sold the lot and don't agree. There was a time in the mid 90's (after the "PE" based gear that NAD was crap. 705, 502 etc) but the later gear, c540,306 etc was very good. As well as the earlier gear. For $399, the NAD 5420 was up there and better then some Meridians.
  7. Reading HP's reviews in bed on a cold winter's night have been a highlight of my life. Back then it was the mystery of High End Audio. Something you always lusted after.
  8. @Maynard Sorry for the crap mate. To me its top plate>Subchassis> bass plate. What I can't understand is that the Platter is level and the subplatter isnt. If they were fitted correctly, the platter would follow the same plane as the subplatter.
  9. Nah, just don't like Smack talk. From what I know and just Googled to confirm, the motor is fixed to the bottom plate. The bearing is connected to the top plate.
  10. Take a hike mate. Used to sell and set up Thorens. Oeeee, I forgot. All info helps. Your too much of a smart ass for my liking. I made this comment before photos were shown.
  11. Hmm, tone arm weight? Maybe the springs are incorrect or definitely worn on the tonearm side.
  12. To me, it's got nothing to do with the top plate. From memory, both the pulley and the subplatter are free of the top plate. If the belt is dropping low, the motor position seems like it is too high.
  13. @Maynard The subplatter needs to be adjusted in the vertical plane so that the belt glides around the middle of the pulley or the pulley height needs adjusting.
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