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  1. Wimbo

    The wonderful NBN.

    Yeah mate. Just signed up to the $119 plan. Ye ha.
  2. Wimbo

    The wonderful NBN.

    Yeah, just went up the grog shop and got a bottle of Fifth Leg.
  3. Wimbo

    The wonderful NBN.

    @Monkeyboi @davewantsmoore As the Shogun in the book said, Kharma neh! We have just been connected. I'm thinking Aussiebroadband is the way to go. Thanks lads once again for your help.😊
  4. Wimbo

    The wonderful NBN.

    Totally accepted mate. I don't know what to say to be honest. Did'nt sleep well that night and had to write it off as one of those things. You and your family have a good year and we will continue to be good Forum friends. Thanks Alan.
  5. I'm amazed at the quality of their recordings. Same with AC/DC. First time I saw CC was at an outdoor concert back in 75 I think it was in Sydney. From memory, someone in the crowd was throwing eggs at Jimmy and he jumped down into the crowd and got stuck in. Was a good fight, no real damage, just fists and feet from what I remember.
  6. Wimbo


    I use to demo these with a pair of bridged NAD 2200's. The bass would flap your trousers 10 metres away.
  7. Can't find any decent info on my Valab, the TF1. I know its older, but thats about it. If anyone has any decent info on it, please post. I have the stuff off Vinyl Engine.
  8. Wimbo

    Different cartridge bayonet mounting

    I've had three Jelcos including the wood and they all fitted. Only problem was tracking angles. But this was on a Tokyo Sound ST14.
  9. That thinking would make many valve amps crap.☺️
  10. Wimbo

    The wonderful NBN.

    I thanked you for your help earlier in this thread. I held out a Laurel Branch and gave you my telephone line number.You misunderstood my statement. And as you say "What goes around, comes around". Not interested any more.
  11. Wimbo

    How quiet is your background?

    You used to hear ants crawl? I havent seen an ant crawl, you mean Snails slime👴
  12. Wimbo

    How quiet is your background?

    And this all goes down the tube if you have mild Tinnitus.
  13. I always loved the intro to Sweet Jane on Rock and Roll Animal.