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  1. Wimbo

    Ok. Hit me.

    @Timos I'll be puting up a Technics SL1200 MK2 for around $650-$700 that comes with a Shure SC35C cartridge in the next day or so. Keep an eye out.
  2. One of the reasons I gave up working. I have to answer to know one really except the people that send me the bill's. You live decent and you have no problems with anyone. Only personal ones.
  3. This is now boxed. That was it on the wall. Guy is now getting his dads house painted.
  4. I use to sell 9SE's off a comparetor. Your amp will be fine running them.
  5. Item: SONY - X85F - KD85X8500F - 85" 4K UHD Smart TV Location: Sydney Price: $5200 Item Condition: Excellent. 2 months old Reason for selling: Deceased Estate. Payment Method: Pickup Only - Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: This unit was purchased 2 months ago. Bought from Harvey Norman who say warranty is transferable. Pictures:
  6. Wimbo

    MF Nuvista 600 and B&W 683s2

    Nu vistas have always been good sounding amps but I'm not a fan of the 6 Series B&W's.
  7. Wimbo

    B&W 802N amplifier question

    @amdan The best ever sound I've heard with 802's is with Krell EVo monobloks and I've heard all the 802's quite a lot.
  8. Wimbo

    SOLD: FS: KEF 104.2 speakers.

    Yes, that reminds me of the kit in the link I posted. Thanks for your input Robin.
  9. Wimbo

    SOLD: FS: KEF 104.2 speakers.

    Woofer foams need to be replaced. The surrounds are fine.No idea on the Ferrofluid. Tweeters sound fine. I have down graded item condition to Very Good because of the bass driver dust caps.
  10. Wimbo

    SOLD: FS: KEF 104.2 speakers.

    No mate. I checked the bass surrounds yesterday and they were fine. Played them and they sounded just like I remember them when I sold them. No idea about the Ferrofluid. Ross was pretty keen at keeping things top notch though. I'll nick over tomorrow and check the foams tomorrow. Cheers.
  11. Wimbo

    SOLD: FS: Velodyne DD15 Subwoofer.

    I'm in Mount Colah mate
  12. Item: KEF 104.2 Speakers. Location: Sydney. Price: $900. Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling:Deceased friend. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, or account deposit only. Extra Info: Excellent condition as can be seen by photos, but need new woofer dust caps. Surrounds seem fine. Work for that can be seen here http://www.hifiloudspeakers.info/speakertalk/viewtopic.php?t=1472 Speakers can be heard of course. If I hadnt just bought some Gale 401A's, I would of bought these. Pickup only. Pictures:
  13. Item: Velodyne DD15 Subwoofer. Location: Sydney Price: $1500 Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Deceased friend. Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash or Bank deposit Only. Extra Info: Excellent Condition as you see in pictures. All accessories supplied in original box. Unit will have to be picked up only. Can be heard. Pictures:
  14. Wimbo

    Catman's Analog Musings

    No, he wasnt riding a bike. Had a heart attack home alone.
  15. Wimbo

    Catman's Analog Musings

    You need to get a motorbike or caravan and take off mate. Life's too short, I lost another mate today.