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  1. Had one back in the 80's with an LVX on it.
  2. Plinth looks great mate. Unfortunately I feel that the turntable is what it is. I'd keep the plinth obviously and get another turntable.
  3. My copies mint and sounds great but it an Australian 80's pressing.
  4. Whats my wife doing with the Gales. Sheesh, better get home quik.
  5. Worth keeping mate when set up properly
  6. At the moment I'm using a 300w @8ohms/ 500w @4ohms. Drives them better then my 100w Monobloks.
  7. The NAD is out of its depth.
  8. Both these are not very good amps IMO. Are you only playing two channel? Otherwise, the main criteria here from what I can see is a built in CD player and blue tooth. If that is what you need? stay with what you have. P.S. Specs re this type of gear is totally irrelevant as marketing is the only spec that is used here. Even with very good gear, specs can be missleading.
  9. @Juddy79 I have sold both the A1 and A100 FWIW. The A1 was more unreliable. Both these amps are close to or at least 30 years old. Be careful. Might end up costing you more then you think. Other then that, the A100 would be a decent choice. Just so you can get a reference. My Epos ES 14's back in the 80's were run by a DNM Series 3 Twin driving Marantz MA6 monobloks. Front end was a Linn LP12/Ittok. They are that good.
  10. @Mpr_65 Talk to @mwhouston. IMO he makes excellent Valve Preamplifiers.
  11. I had a Nitty Gritty 1.5FI back in the 80's/90's and it only cleaned one at a time. Didnt phase me. And all the records I cleaned are still in great playback condition.
  12. Do you have a Black Shadow Luc? Original or Egli?
  13. That meter reminds me of ................😎
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