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  1. I find the Thumbs up for equipment biased. You can say a products great, but another product that you have had personally bad experiences with, you can't mention it. If you can't go one way, then don't go the other.
  2. TT-PSU 'Upgrade'

    I've never heard of AC power supplies humming, only DC and that why you can buy regulated ones. Learn something on here everyday.
  3. Vintage HiFi

    Hmm, Is that morning sun? Ohh wait, if thats the HB and OH, then it must be Bondi. Didnt know they had that many trees over there.
  4. Vintage HiFi

    Ohh, didnt see that. No wonder they are having all those fires over there, look at all those gums.
  5. Vintage HiFi

    Yeah, great view. Looks to me like West Pymble/ North Ryde.
  6. I'd save up and get it re tipped mate. Meanwhile, get a cheap Audio Technica AT95E to keep you going without ruining your records. They are under $100.
  7. I sat there with some Danish girls and a mate back in 78. WOW, didnt look like that.
  8. Well, I hope you got them cheap enough then. I must admit though, I've always liked the excitement of AT MC's.
  9. http://audio-technica.com.au/products/at50anv/
  10. @Happy Were the cantilevers boron?
  11. Sagans Three Pete.

    That's what I meant. My mistake. The Tour Down Under.
  12. The tone arm is supposed to work in an energy free environment allowing the cartridge to track and retrieve correctly. Storing energy is the last thing you want. Ideally it needs to whisk the energy away into the turntable.