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  1. Definately not. The best investment in my system was a Nitty Gritty 1.5FI. Sold it thirteen years ago after cleaning all my LP's. Still Clean. Of course, newer ones, not so much. Mind you, I cleaned them with NG's First and second cleaning fluids which you can't get any more.
  2. I've got quite a few Aussie LP's from the 70's. Skinnie's. Some of them are the best sounding LP's I've got.☺️
  3. @Brad24 Lot of good info here mate. Also. Set up a little lamp that can focus across your record to your stylus. You will get a shock.
  4. A lot of good lingo going on here in laymans terms.
  5. Your misunderstanding me. But thats alright. I know power is watts. Basic Ohms law.
  6. Notting Hill/ Portabello Road style, sweet.
  7. See, this is where it gets confusing for me. All the amplifiers with a rated power in RMS. What your saying is this technical measurement is bullshit devised by manufacturers. Yes, its logarithmic if I remember correctly.
  8. If linear gain is 1 volt, then the rms value of that is .707 volt. This is what I mean. Everyone measure an average power output using this formula. What I never see is this formula used for Pure Class A transistor amplifiers. This is where I get confused. Zaph once told me that the rated Class A value is the RMS value. E.G. a 20 watts pure Class A amplifier's RMS value is 20 watts. This is also confusing. 2 amplifiers with the same Class A rating. PM5 and ML2's.
  9. Nice you kept the original Patina.
  10. Or AB with the Base fully on till 25 watts, which is then Class A to 25 watts. A more efficient way of designing with class A. Thing I can't understand, is what is the RMS value of a TRUE Class A amplifier and is the .707 of 1 calculation used?
  11. I'd go a P3 and add the OEM upgrades over a period of time.
  12. It does look very Technicsey.
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