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  1. Its with Australia Post? You should get it then by the end of next week😣
  2. Wimbo

    Will Tidal Continue

    I'm a member of Spotify Premium. I use it for background music.I have no problems using it as I buy software as well. I would love the musicians to get together and take the bastards to court that are ripping them off. Just remember, this **** has been going on forever. Musicians being ripped off by managers. Pete Ham and Tom Evans, committing suicide. We saw what the members of the Easybeats ended up with after they split up. Radio stations holding Musos for ransom. And so it goes on.
  3. Ok, I walk Older Dementia patients at Wahroonga in the mornings, so maybe Saturday round Midday?
  4. I'll have to come down and listen to your Stanton soon, maybe with the Valeb
  5. My poor brain would,nt be able to handle the confusion☺️
  6. Wimbo

    Another new TT decision.....

    Hope it was a 2. Hated the RP1's platter. More warped then half the LP's.
  7. Gees Greg, how many phono Pre's do you have?
  8. Wimbo


    Got the Original. I think it was before Nordost started producing it. BiWire that I Stereoed up. Was difficult to do, but its still fine.
  9. Wimbo

    Richter Days

    Use to demo these with Chris Rheas "Road to Hell". Fantastic Ohh, I wonder where you bought them from?
  10. Wimbo

    MM Vs MC

    Had a late night A.
  11. Wimbo

    MM Vs MC

    Description covers both. Not too hard to follow Edited, just in case.😉
  12. Wimbo

    Giro d'Italia 2018

    Was only interested in his cycling exploits and style😉