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  1. Never thought you'd sell these. I've heard them 4 metres apart in a big room with no loss in the centre and well focused. GLWTS mate.
  2. Preamp might need a service. Also, are you near the water? Clean your connections, including mains plugs.
  3. /sigh. No more Blankety Blanks, Don Lane Show, Hey, Hey, Its Saturday and Count Down amongst others. Even in Winter, those shows warmed the house.
  4. Xa-1 is the best sounding of the lot. XA-2 isnt bad either. The XA-100 was lacking compared to the other two IMO. Used to demo and sell them
  5. Ahh, ok mate. I havnt heard it like you. But generally, the better the phono stage that suits the cartridge, the better the sound IMO.
  6. 881S mate. I heard Gregs WOS this arvo. Also, a coil phono stage needs quite a lot more gain then a magnet stage. You know this of course. So, a little lost on that statement, unless the Ania is high output.
  7. Never been a big fan of Rega Magnets. So the Ania for me as long as the Phono stage is up to the job. Too many of them let the Coil down. That said, my Stanton is up to the job in taking on and beating a lot of Coils for sheer entertainment value. It has the "WOW" factor.
  8. Great cartridge.I've got two versions. GLWTS
  9. @Grizzly Also, talk to Greg on Sunday mate. He's got a couple o Pickerings and also Stantons.
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