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  1. The man who taught me was Harry Pearson, Editor off the Absolute Sound back in the 70/80's. Unfortunately he's gone and also focused mainly on Hi End audio. Steve Guttenberg and Herby Reichert are entertaining. Never liked Australian HiFi, everything was amazingly good.
  2. As in my sig. It would cost me hundreds of thousands to get the improvement I'd want.
  3. Welcome mate. Two great places. Holland and Portugal.
  4. Having heard and sold both the speakers and older Brio's, this is my opinion only. I have not heard the new Brio's and do not own one as other people on here do. You made comments in regards to brightness and I looked at other areas that might be problematic here. And yes Bandwidth limited can be used in defining a specific problem in a system. A grain of salt is needed with anyone's opinion.
  5. Don't think I'll need it. WiFi and Hardwire at my place on 100/40 connection. FTTC. With 4 people on seperate computers, three gaming.😉 GO RESULTS SETTINGS SHARE 03/02/2021 4:17 PM PING ms 7 DOWNLOAD Mbps 102.43 UPLOAD Mbps 33.33 GO RESULTS SETTINGS SHARE PING ms 6 DOWNLOAD Mbps 94.71 UPLOAD Mbps 34.07
  6. A man with an amazing history. How many stories would this bloke have. Gone too young. RIP Michael.
  7. The 906 and the Rega are bandwidth limited. Not the best combo in my view. Best part of your system is the 906 by far. A nice little valve amp would go well with those. Taking that into account, you could also buy some cables off Bill and maybe swap them if not correct. What he says is pretty correct. Cables are just important in your system as any of the electronics as far as I'm concerned. Doesnt mean you need to spend heaps though.
  8. Still own one of these. Marantz PM4. One of the nicest integrated's I've seen. In this condition too.
  9. Not trying to be a ****head mate, but you had the KSA 80 power amp. One of the nicest sounding they ever made.
  10. I rekon you should all give it away and go play Zep 2.
  11. Can't see what the problem is. If Auto is your gig, go for it. Surely you can pick up something in second hand. Also, Dual make a good table. If that don't work, go Spotify if your not seriously listening at the time.
  12. "Unique American look". Krells American, so was Mark Levinson. Both don't look like Mac.
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