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  1. From memory the LS38 was a quasi 2 way just like the Orpheus Aurora 2. The LS28 was a two way bookshelf.
  2. Agree. I used to sell these and have never seen this one. Looks like a Silver CD80.
  3. Yes. I knew you had the 401 away being upgraded. It will be interesting to listen. Take care mate and the best to the family.
  4. Have you kept your other tables Greg?
  5. Yeah, I tried to find a Phase 3 or similar ☺️
  6. Oops, thought you lot would of seen through that. Meant to be a joke.😬I ride.
  7. My Ute's been playing up. Have to get it to the Ute Doctor.
  8. Thats funny and could go both ways Colin🙄
  9. Snake Oil statements are generally created by people that are blinkered with science. Not all, but this is where it comes from. Hats off to you mate for making the decision and step. Running a separate 30 amp circuit from the DB will help as well.
  10. 100%. The Planar 3 was the table they designed the RB300 tone arm for.One of the Great tonearms of the last century.
  11. Told you I didnt believe it. I did the same thing with mine unfortunately.
  12. I don't believe you sold your Linn to buy the RP2 as an upgrade.If so, there was something seriously wrong in your setup.Old RP2's are good turntables though.
  13. Get the old RP3. Heaps better then any of the new turntables you mentioned.
  14. Bit of assuming here. I was involved with servicing MF back in those days and never came across faulty speakers posts. Also ( other QC issues about 8-10 years ago... ) is random talk.
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