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  1. @Spider27 That amp has a lot of quiescent noise. (High noise floor.) This can be caused by component breakdown or component parameter movement. Old Amp. Replace filter capacitors for a start mate. BTW. Old Exposures were "Musically very good☺️
  2. I've got the first 4 of the 2014 Zep releases. Average at best. I really bought them because of the extra LP's. It seems to me that Page remastered them so that his guitars stood out. Everything else has a Mask over it and is frustrating to listen to. Unless this was done originally, I'd look elsewhere. I have never heard the early releases, or if I have, it must of been 40 years ago.
  3. A Bank add comes on the TV every so often and the music to it is "Its because I love you" Masters Apprentices. Love this track and I have to change channels while its playing. Gutted that it is used for a bloody TV add. I wonder if they are legally allowed to use it.
  4. Dearer then a Sporty. $22,000. Nice look though Pardon @08Boss302 for the
  5. Interest rates are low atm. And they last for ages. My bike isnt even rubber mounted, still going strong and 35 years old.
  6. I'd just use the Oppo mate and put the $1500 as a down payment on a Harley.
  7. A $200 US on the fly VTA 11" tonearm. "Very Interesting"
  8. Yeah mate. Anything that a solid wall connection. Just Google them. Quality of the plug and socket is important. Check RS spares for example.
  9. Run a separate circuit from the DB 30 amp or so. Put good quality GPO's on the wall. Power boards crap on the HiFi end result.
  10. I had a 32.5/250 back in the 80's and loved it. A mate brought a DNM Series 3 Pre around and I brought a pair of Marantz MA6's home from work and listened. Sold the Naim pretty quick. I have not heard the HI End Luxmans, only the old ones and they were just main stream Jap crap.
  11. One of the best albums I have is their double album. I don't play it often. Only on special occasions when I feel really good. It sooooooo Makes me Smile⛑️
  12. Wife? Wife touching the HiFi!! OMG, whats going on there Aussie?
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