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  1. Good one mate. I'm still using your interconnects. No reason to change.
  2. Hmm, good point. I have a heavy cabinet that is quite dense, it makes a noise also when tapped.
  3. Thanks for answering mate. these qre 1200x200.Interesting thing is whether the porcelain stores and dissipates any energy anyway. I saw online a guy get two of the Ikea boards that are routed and he put ball bearings between them and isolated that way. I havent mucked around with this type of thing for decades and was just interested.
  4. Interesting read. I did an order with John that week on the Monday and everything seemed fine. Was a bit of a shock, I can tell you.
  5. I've got some long leftover porcelain floor tiles from our reno and I was thinking of using them underneath the SOTA as I am puting it on some new heavy furniture. Has anyone got any history of doing this before? Feet are Tiptoes. Cheers in advance.
  6. Don't they have output transformers to work that **** out? Or maybe they are coupled series/parallel.
  7. They look like Dunlavy SC5's on the outside on the Monolith's.
  8. A bloke had a pair of these for sale in the Classifieds. I think he dropped down to 75K which would of been a bargain for someone in the market.
  9. I knew. Those early machines gave me an ice cream ache just above my nose. In 1985 I compared Spandau Ballet's "True" between a Marantz CD84 and a Rega 2 with an AT110E on it. During the Sax solo, the CD player sounded like a keyboard where the Rega sounded like a Sax. Another turntable left the shop.
  10. Straight from 83. Enjoy, I won't or never will, even though I was in the industry selling that lie at the time.
  11. Pretty mad how many top bands and artists there were back then. My last year of school. 15 in 70, 25 in 80. From memory, a lot of overseas artists were denied airplay on 2SM and 2UW. A lot of Aussie copies back then. Always preferred BJ Thomas's version of Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head to Farnham's for instance.
  12. John Burnett and Rod Eliot. John's the designer and Rod's involved too as far as I know. Been involved together for a long time.
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