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  1. Wimbo

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    I always preferred the sound of the 3240 to the 3140.
  2. Wimbo

    What is worst amp you have had that worked

    Not Semicon? Poor Rolf.☺️
  3. Wimbo

    RPM 5 Carbon

    Seven O'clock, time for bed.
  4. @doogie44 Ring up Len Wallis Audio. Ask them if you could buy a cartridge off them (Say a Garrott Brothers K1) and if they would spend the time to set it up and show you how to do it.
  5. Generally at loud levels, you shouldnt be able to hear the noise. In your case then, the noise is being amplified.And the QED is dry cell powered. It sounds like it is definitely the table.Take the phono lead out of the amp and turn the amp on to see if you get the noise you mentioned when doing this. If you still get it, get an extension lead and see if you can plug the table in to another circuit. Also try replacing the interconnect between the phono stage and amplifier. If none of this helps, grab one of those filters from Jcar and see if that helps. You can always take it back. If you can get rid of this noise, your system will sound cleaner and more dynamic as your dropping the noise floor and the amp has more power as it is not amplifying the noise. See if Andy will come over and have a listen. I hear he enjoys a nice red. Or another SNA'er as two heads are better then one🙄
  6. Yeah. I raced for several decades and did a stint in Holland for a short while back in the early 80's. I remember when we were racing the West Head (Sydney) circuit back then. There was guy with an Apollo 2 and he had no toestraps and cleats. He was an animal. He wore stubbies as well hehe.
  7. Wimbo

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    @perth_artist Did you use many records to come up with this conclusion? Might just be a mono album. I have always found vinyl images better then digital. Also, from memory, you cant adjust the VTA on the Debut.
  8. When you are diagnosing these noises (As soon as the amp comes to life, a light buzz is evident and when the TT motor starts up, a light hum begins.) Where do you hear them from?Equipment also has quiescent noise, which can be the noise the components make in the circuit.You have had problems with the Vincent before. Borrow another phono pre amp and give it a whirl. When your hearing these problems, I assume you are putting your ear to the speaker. Remember to run audio cables at right angles to the power cables, not parallel. Can you hear the noise from your seated position?
  9. Funny that. I dont have a car, just ride☺️
  10. Blood Sweat and Tears bro. This is a very good album as well but not up to the Chicago one IMO.
  11. Yes mate. Its an artwork☺️
  12. I keep away from mirrors mate.
  13. Yeah, favorite girl shows up and she looks...well, different☺️