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  1. You pay for the thought. Anyway, I'd hate to think how much all your turntables would cost in a world where there are still people that wont go vinyl because of all the ticks pops and cracks🙂
  2. Your beloved, not mine mate. And the Asterix's were created by the website.
  3. Because of the policies on here, I've said enough👈
  4. Always stayed with vinyl but the ABC can go *** itself.
  5. Congrats Bill. I've been out of the work force for 5 years and loving it. (I do a bit of volunteer work walking elderly people with Dementia). Still using those cables I got off you a couple of years ago. see my Sig. Enjoy the rest of your life mate. A lot to do✌️
  6. Knew Nik from the Industry. Use to sell a bit of his Amber kit from time to time. A real enthusiast, just like Joe. RIP Nik, you will be deeply missed in this community.
  7. This bird makes me want to cut my wrists. Prefer to listen to Tom Waits anytime. Poor little girl.
  8. Have a good break Tony. Will see you in the future sometime.🙂
  9. The Goldring 2100 might be fine, but I personally would not be using the phono stage in the turntable.
  10. Speakers are fine as they are. Steve Lund is a great designer. I'd be auditioning a better quality turntable and phono stage first.
  11. @Panorama Whats a surface Test? Otherwise sounds like a decent system. The Speakers can outperform a lot of kit. They are keepers unless you spend big bucks, but if you do, you would have to do the same with the electronics. Ideally, if the system has a low noise floor, all is good, nothing to touch.
  12. @Hifiplus https://krispyaudio.com.au/ Cam will help you.
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