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  1. MM Vs MC

    My Turntable doesnt have a lid so I just put a ruined record on the platter while not using it. Wash the record under the tap regularly..
  2. Classe CAV-180

    You didnt use to own the Gym at Penrith did you? The guy out there used to use Perreaux's. He had a Celestion SL600/6000 based system at home.
  3. Any cyclists here?

    Been there, done that, although mine was a dropkick making a right hand turn in front of me. Broke the ankle in the air and came down on it, turning it 90%.
  4. Any cyclists here?

    God blimey, I'm so out of touch
  5. No format war needs to be started, especially here. I've got 4 cartridges atm, gave the one piece arm thingy away. Good to here digital has improved.
  6. Good to know Dave. As I say, I have nothing against digital in the studio if the recording process is done well.
  7. I see it all the time on here mate. "Ohh, this CD player or DAC has TDA1541's in it". Why are they saying that? Is it because their stupid and don't know what they are talking about. Or is it because they like the sound to the offerings that are put up today. I don't listen to digital, but I see this a lot. Hence, have the digital formats got better. You tell me. You listen to digital Lindsay.
  8. People are chasing 16 bit 4 times oversampling dacs these days as they think they are better then what the market is releasing these days.That being the case, Sad that Digital hasnt gone forwards over the decades. And being that way, my first impressions and my impressions between then and now have not changed. As people politically say, listen to what you want. P.S. I have no problem with Digital Recordings done in the Studio if they are done properly and diligently.
  9. Thats BS. It was the cause of me never getting into digital. MacDonalds SQ. I was selling the players and the discs back in 1983 and It was that bad, when I demo'ed it I made sure I had my plugs in.
  10. I used to have my ESL 63's 2 metres from the rear wall and 2 and a half metres apart from the inside edges with Archici stands on bricks. Rear wall was brick with a double window in the middle and heavy drapes.The soundstage detail was amazing. You could almost walk into it. I use to stand in the same Parallel as the speakers and look into it. This was with a mid 80's LP12/Ittok , DNM series 3 Twin pre and modified Marantz MA6's.
  11. Gonna love reading the reviews and the statements re which show was better etc.Good fun.
  12. Seriously. A 4K 60" for $669, whats there to winge about. Great deal. If someone is trying to compare this to their Panasonic, Loewe or Samsung, tell them their Dreaming.
  13. Powerboard extension lead.

    My 12 man spa adds an extra couple of hundred to the bill every quarter.
  14. Marantz PM-80

    Still got my PM4.