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  1. Ahh, think I remember him when I was in the business. He use to import from memory.
  2. Don't have any problems with my equipment mate. Been in the game too long. I strive for presence first.🙂
  3. You beat me. I have only set up systems up to around $500000😢
  4. I'm even fussier then you and not only am I not fooled by the statements here, I also believe Valve preamps can sound better then Solid state. Yes.
  5. I've got a 300 watter driving my Gales. Even makes Spotify sound good.
  6. No Church, Mentals or Tats. Tell em they're DREAMING!!
  7. Send it to Dmitry. He loves working on Dynas. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_forum/viewtopic.php?p=1026376&sid=e4c5d970033ba67068ee0f1a220239b2#p1026376
  8. This is computer based stuff. Its not HiFi. Nowhere near it. I know what you mean though. One Alert. Don't ever get a "Smart" Home. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for something thats extinct 5 years later.
  9. @stevoz I had a special order LP12 back in the 80's and 90's. Just plain good to listen to and if I must add something that I found other turntables didnt do as well in, Dynamics.
  10. 100%. Got mine on at the moment.
  11. The Drummer that toured the States with them, used to work at Len Wallis Audio. He was also the drummer for Taman Shud, Aerial and Spectrum.
  12. Wow mate. Thats unbelievable. Such a rare single. And yes I did. Great band. Saw them at the Rainbow in 78, though, it was his Earth Band then. And I've got 5 Ben Sidran Albums. Great Be Bop and great recordings. My Fave Floyd album is Animals. All three are great Albums though of course.
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