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  1. At the time, the Garrott Decca London Gold was arguably the best sounding cartridge in the world. If you wanted to be entertained and blown off your seat when you played a decent recording, this was the cartridge. The P77 paled into insignificance compared to it. The only problem was its reliability. https://www.kenkessler.com/hi-fi/garrott-decca-cartridge/
  2. Surely you can adjust the VTA on that Project arm. Also, your counter weight seems a long way away from your arm bearing. What gives? Also, your arm looks low at the back.
  3. Don't remember that one from when I was ordering and selling them. Wasnt on the price list. It does look like an early Supex body. They're main claim to fame was the Decca London Gold retipping and of course the Magnets.
  4. "That that, that that boy used was incorrect". Ahhh, the English language.
  5. "You've painted up your lips and rolled and curled your tinted hair. Ruby are you contemplating going out somewhere." R.I.P. Kenny.
  6. I've got a brand new NOS Mk2 Stylus. For entertainment, this cartridge digs it out. Just recently bought the Velvet Underground with Nico album. OMG. All I can say. Problem is I've been busy a lot these last 6 months and really don't have the time to sit and listen. With this cartridge, you can't put a record on and do other stuff while its playing. You MUST sit down.
  7. @floppinabSpeak to Dmitry on Vinyl Engine. He does Dynavectors all the time including one of my Karats that was OC both channels. He goes by Delta667. You can check his work out in the last couple of hundred pages of Forum heading "Cartridge Closeups".
  8. Since my first problem with NBN its been fine. FTTC was in the 90/35's. Now I've got a short in my house cable and I'm now using 5G. Same speed wireless. You guys were very lucky getting the Uncapped cable. Before NBN, I was getting ADSL speeds of 6/.7 .
  9. I use light wood KMart kitchen draw inserts between my stands and the Gales. Brings the stands up to 600 mm. Cheap as chips. I feel they solidify the upper bass and midrange frequencies. Some people say the Gales are Quad 57's on steroids. Maybe, I've heard both. These inserts cost me SFA. But! Do I believe in Snake oil and will I stand up for it? Yes, every time.
  10. Something like these two to start off with. The Paradigms are great speakers for the money and will go loud. (I use to demo and sell them back in the day).Will also work fine with your Yamaha. The NAD's 80 watts rms per channel will be more then enough to drive the speakers loud, plus it has a lot of the Mod cons for the digital future. The speakers look big, but really do not take up much more space then the Bookshelf speakers on stands.
  11. Dont agree IMX. I'm not a surround sound person but I have seen what these amps can do if they are built and designed well. (The pure direct mode does not overcome the issues with music.) This is too vague.(but AVRs, often built to a budget,) So is this. @Lashes If you want to push the Amp a bit more, put a dedicated 30 amp circuit in. Can use it for better amps in the future.
  12. Not using the 9 amps. You are only using the two for the time being.
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