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  1. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Nice selections.
  2. This could be my chance. Messaged.
  3. Damn it. Try me if sale falls through.
  4. Newbie in town.

    Thanks for the welcome. ...Yeah that's why I'm totally suspicious of all you guys.
  5. Newbie in town.

    That's a good idea. Not a lot of friends have top end gear though.
  6. Newbie in town.

    Oh, there sure is.
  7. Why do people keep telling me to try tubes?

    I think my tone might be being lost here
  8. Newbie in town.

    Thanks guys. I'll check out the sub-forum for sure, thanks Monty. My listening includes all of the above - vinyl, CD, bluetooth, streaming. To be honest though, most of it is done in headphones while commuting. At home it's a mix. For an amp, I'll need the Phono of course. And then another input for CD and at least a third for the bluetooth. I'm borrowing a Rega Brio-R at the moment, which I'm enjoying. But for budget I'd probably like to be a starter at $500 but could be convinced to go to $2000 for the right thing.
  9. Why do people keep telling me to try tubes?

    Those are just the rules.
  10. Why do people keep telling me to try tubes?

    The tubes make it a rig, of course.
  11. Newbie in town.

    Hi again, just to back up the music glutton thing, here's the list I put together every year of what I've listened to: http://workingclassdan.tumblr.com/post/155007419419/massive-music-post-for-2016 210 new albums last year. Doesn't include re-listens or back catalogue. My hi-fi setup has been fairly basic for these parts, Sony receiver with JBL 3-ways for almost the past 20 years. So I'm opening Pandora's box by hanging out here, and I'm ready to start buying (not selling) a few bits and pieces as soon as the mods see fit to let me loose on the classifieds I'm probably going to be a bit quiet while I read loads of info on here and go down the rabbit hole and learn a lot. Not even particularly many questions yet about hifi but I do have plenty of valve guitar amp experience and deacdes of close analytical listening to bring over to this game.
  12. Why do people keep telling me to try tubes?

    Love this topic. Why not just have a SS system and a tube rig?
  13. Newbie in town.

    Hi all, I'm in Melbourne and I've just joined on the recommendation of a friend. I'm a total music glutton and have worn out my old receiver finally (or more likely it got damaged while moving house), so I'm using it as a good excuse to upgrade. So on the lookout for a new integrated amp/receiver. This looks like a good forum to get deeper into gear that I shouldn't really look at in case I'm forced to sell my children to afford stuff. Cheers and see you on the boards. - dan