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  1. Thanks Anandpkumar. I guess what I’m interested in is whether Aries Mini owners see much difference between the digital outputs - USB vs coax for example. Happy to do some experimenting myself but also keen to hear what others have experienced.
  2. Right now my trusty little Aries Mini is connected to a Cambridge Audio SR10 via the RCA outputs. I'm giving some serious thought to stepping up to a Cambridge CXA81 which I understand would give me a few more options for how I output from the Mini (not my reason for upgrading - just something I'm curious about). So here's my question for any other Aries Mini owners - which outputs do you use? I'm not well-versed in the pros and cons of that sort of thing.
  3. Further information: Looking to sell The Nat King Cole Story Vols 1-3 as a set (price is for all three together). These look to be the Canadian pressings. Volume 1 is stereo (SW 1926). Volumes 2 and 3 are mono (W 1927 and W 1928). My father-in-law had graded these as VG+ but I noticed some clicks on 'Non Dimenticar' (Vol 3) when playing this morning (noticeable but nothing that ruined my enjoyment). Price for shipping will be the Australia Post price plus $2 for a mailer. Five dollars from sale to be donated back to Stereonet. .
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